Asian Youth Orchestra – The Yardstick of Fine Arts



Whether you are a staunch classical music lover or not, getting to listen to the talented youth from the Asian Youth Orchestra play will definitely move your soul. The Asian Youth Orchestra, popularly referred to as #AYOHK on social media, comprises of approximately 100 young musicians aged between 17-27, from across Asia, who train hard to make sure that they keep the standards that the Orchestra has been known for almost three decades.


The History of Asian Youth Orchestra

The team of 109, well seasoned, extremely talented young musicians has been known for creating some of the best, moving music in history. AYO was started back in 1990 with the goal of perfection, and to date, three decades later, they still make sure that they strive to maintain that kind of quality music.


Since its start, the band has auditioned well over 20,000 fine musicians whose goal is to perform with AYOHK. In total, the orchestra has performed an amazing 395 concerts altogether and in different continents including Asia, Australia, Europe and the United States of America.


They have been featured in giant television networks such as CNN, NHK and Radio, CNBC and television Hong Kong among others. Some of their most notable performances include their performances in the White House, The Hollywood Bowl, Berlin’s Schauspielhaus, The Sydney Opera House and many others.


As a result of their hard work, the group has managed to attract quite an enviable number of accolades including 2015 Nikkei Asia prize for culture among other grants. In August 2017, AYOHK performed one of Beethoven’s most popular compositions, Piano Concerto No. 4. This popular Beethoven composition was composed in 1805-1806. With three movements including Allegro Moderato, Andante Con Moto and Rondo (Vivace), expect nothing but the best.


And as usual, The Asian Youth Orchestra has been giving nothing but their very best on their current world tour; ending Sept 6th, 2017. They have some of the best conductors and musicians always gearing up to give one of the most unforgettable shows- every performance.


Connect with the Asian Youth Orchestra




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