Craft Beer in Hong Kong: Lucky Dawg



The popularity of craft beer in Hong Kong has led to the establishment of Beertopia- which is on it’s 6th year! Beertopia 2017 will be held from 22-23 September at the Central Harbourfront and is being participated by more than 500 brands all over the world including Lucky Dawg Brewery. Be sure to stop by booth #F5 and try one of our signature Pale Ales.


Today, the brewery industry in Hong Kong has made the busy city one of the most sought after locations for craft beer in the pan-Asian region. With no shortage of bars opening in the next year, there is absolutely no stopping the popularity of the craft beer!

Lucky Dawg: Fuelled with the Authentic Passion for Craft Beer

The Lucky Dawg Brewery is nestled at the centre of the city. Their craft beer has that distinct aromatic flavour that has that velvety and chocolaty taste which reflects the unique taste of the Asian region.


Craft beer is an amazing and thrilling industry; the beer is manufactured in smaller quantities that allow the brewing company to pay a great deal of attention to their quality. If you have only experience the taste of the commercially produce beer, the taste of the craft beer will surely surprise and satisfy your palate. This is like an artisan food that has been crafted using excellent skills and passion with only the high-quality ingredients by the people that are truly passionate in doing the things that they love.

Those who adore the taste of the craft beer should definitely check Lucky Dawg’s Beer. They have numerous online reviews and feedbacks from their past customers. They also provide a complete guide on their various styles. Check out some of these Hong Kong Beer bars where you can experience the amazing taste of the Lucky Dawg products.


The Globe

  • The Globe, The leading beer bar in Hong Kong that has a huge selection of Belgian and British Beer provides an intimate and spacious setting. Make sure to call ahead of time since their draught selection runs out quickly. Check availability before visiting the beer bar.


The Beer Bay

  • For those on a budget who want to have a glimpse of the amazing craft beer industry, we encourage you to head to the Beer Bay. They have a wide collection of bottled brews apart from the craft beers that include Lucky Dawg.


Connect with Lucky Dawg Beer

Visit: 499 King’s Road, North Point, Hong Kong





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