Hong Kong is Enjoying the Amazing Taste of Napue Gin : Foodlinkers



The Napue Gin that was hailed in 2015 as the ‘Best Gin for Gin and Tonic’ at the renowned IWSC has invaded Hong Kong! Foodlinkers, a company that is known for introducing European food and beverages to the Asian community made this a reality. Asia can now enjoy the full-bodied spirit and aromatic scent of Napue Gin crafted in Finland. It was originally distilled Isokyro Finland before it conquer the whole Europe and attain the highest achievement that a spirit can accomplish.


What Makes the Napue Gin The Best Tonic? Read on…

The rural community of Isokyro in Finland where the Napue Gin originated is focused on distilling whole-grain rye. The process of distillery in that region is closely tied with Finland’s history, fauna, and nature. Isokyro which literally translates to ‘great fire’ has an intriguing history. It has managed to survive the Cudgel War which is known as the great uprising of the peasants against the country of Sweden. It also endured the destruction of the Great Northern War where the Finnish fought valiantly against the Russian Army during the Battle of Napue. This level of resiliency is evident on the monument and the medieval church that tells the story of the past. It also adds a certain charm to the world renowned Napue Gin.


The distillation process of the whole-grain rye is not easy, but the entire process is worth it due to the results- the unique spice and subtle warmth. Using only the freshest ingredients, it has managed to produce a combination of scent and flavours of the classic Finnish tropical forest. The length of the day during the summer season matched with the low sun creates an intensity of texture and flavour of the natural Finnish environment.

It is an incredible gin with a dominant flavour of the wild herb that is perfectly balanced on your palate. Add a dash of cranberry-rosemary syrup which can provide a hint of tartness on your spirit. There is this explosion of flavour which makes it one of the best gins that you will ever taste. And with the help of Foodlinkers, Asia is now enjoying the amazing taste of Napue Gin in bars and liquor stores across Hong Kong.


Connect with Food Linkers

Website: http://www.foodlinkers.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FoodLinkers


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