Motivation to Get to the Gym: utime Fitness



Many people find it difficult get up and go to the gym on regular basis. utime Fitness is here to help keep you motivated! utime fitness boasts the friendliest gym membership in Hong Kong, with simple and flexible terms. Not only is utime fitness open 24/7, so there are no excuses for missing time at the gym- there are No Contracts either! Stop by their Kennedy Town location and discover state-of-the-art equipment from industry leading brands in cardio, strength, free weight & functional training.


Just like with any other habit, you have to stick with it in order to become a necessary part of your life. Once you achieve this, you will never abandon your gym membership ever again.

Hato who? utime fitness members still enjoyed 24 hour access during Typhoon Hato! Weather, traffic, and procrastination are some of the excuses made in order to avoid going to the gym. Getting to the gym is often the hardest obstacle that you need to overcome. Once you get there and get started- you will feel so amazingly accomplished after your workout!


Workout Buddy

A gym buddy not only makes the workouts more fun, but also keeps you accountable. Take your best buddy and  push each other to workout hard! Stay focused on your goals and time will pass easier with your buddy next to you at the gym.


Track Your Progress


Take before and after pictures frequently. SEE and FEEL the difference a month at utime fitness gives you. You can take measurements as well, seeing how many cm you lose in your waist or gain in your muscular arms. We don’t recommend weighing yourself frequently as the muscle you gain can make the scale seem confusing- photo’s and measurements are much more accurate to portray your results.

Short on time and want results fast? Talk to utime personal trainers Charles Cheung and Paulina Gama! They have the training and experience necessary to design a personalised training program just for you! No matter if your goal is bulking up, losing weight or recovery from an injury or illness. So, what are you waiting for? Get 24/7 access to a utime Fitness Studios near you for just $599 per month. Join today and you’ll also get a free consultation with one of our highly qualified personal trainers. And as always No Contracts!


Connect with utime Fitness

Visit: Shop F, G/F Wah Po Building, No.1 New Praya, Kennedy Town






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