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Artists and writers have many different options when it comes to the pens that they will use. One of the best innovative writing brands used by successful writers, artists and professionals is Schneider Pens. You can find them in Hong Kong at Planethome (Bed & Bath) Ltd in Tsim Sha Tsui or you can always visit Le Luxury’s online eBay shops to buy these professional, high-quality pens at very affordable prices.


The tip of these pens are made using fibre which allows the ink to flow with ease- forget to put the cap back on? No problem! The does not run dry even if the cap is removed for 2-3 days! Using fibre-tip pens can significantly improve the penmanship of the individuals using them. This is due to the fact that the user has more control compared to the plastic-tip or ballpoint. In addition, it has also been proven to dry much quicker which prevents smudges or smears.

The Line-Up Fineliners

The range of fineliners manufactured by Line-up consists of more than 30 shades, available in an average pen length and a triangular rubberised barrel that enhances your grip. It also highlights a tip that measures 0.4mm that allows you to shade even the most intricate art or illustration. They are two pens combined in one; the aforementioned 0.4mm tip and the 1mm tip for colouring a larger illustration.


The 30 shades of Line-up fineliners all have distinct names that you will surely adore, including Apricot, Coral, Alaska Blue and Nautic Green. The wide selection gives you flexibility and the ability to choose the more appropriate colour for your illustration. With the smooth tip, you will be really impressed on how well they perform. They will smoothly glide across the paper and produce a consistent level of ink. Switching from the 1mm to 0.4mm tip is also very convenient which is all thanks to the unique layout of the barrel.

The Link-it Fibre Pens

Link-it pens are connected with a modular, simple click system which securely attaches the two pens together. It comes with a durable and ergonomic barrel that perfectly fits. With a simple click, you can instantly detach them and link the ends together. There are almost 500 combinations to choose from. The barrel is also rubberised that provides you an amazing grip which adds a comforting and relaxing sensation when you are writing. It also has that triangular shape that will prevent your pen from rolling.


The Link-it Fibre pens are available in 16 colours, including  Mineral Blue, Daytona Violet, Nautic Green, Lapis Blue and other unique colours that you can only get with Schneider. You may browse the huge collection of Schneider pens at Le Luxury.


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