Pink Season HK 2017, Asia’s Premier LGBT+ Festival Returns!

October 1, 2017



Hong Kong is taking on a fresh, rosy glow as Pink Season HK, Asia’s premier LGBT+ festival returns! Running from 30 September – 4 November, 2017, this year’s event is bigger than ever with 24 events around the city planned over five fun-filled weeks. As a sporting and cultural festival promoting diversity, inclusion and tolerance, Gay Games Hong Kong 2022 is proud to support this Pink Season HK, which celebrates self-­acceptance, inclusion, and awareness through an exciting programme of arts, education, entertainment, sports and adventure. Sound familiar?! That’s because the aim of Pink Season HK is vastly similar to the Gay Games goals and motto! Everyone, regardless of race, gender, or sexual orientation, just wants to be included and accepted, right?


Let’s review some of the upcoming Pink Season HK activities:

Pink Season HK is completely non-profit and the hard work of a completely volunteer team from Hong Kong-registered charity, Pink Alliance. A few of the major upcoming events are mentioned below, but be sure to check out the whole lineup. You can view it on here on Facebook or here on Eventbrite.


Pink Season HK 8th Anniversary Celebration Launch Party

Saturday, 30 September starting at 9pm.

Join us at the grand launch of Pink Season 2017. This will be a night to remember with fun, games, entertainment, prizes and much much more!


Art Tuesday – Opening Night Queer Art

Tuesday, 3 October starting at 7:30pm

Imagine what it would be like to be denied the freedom to express. Supported by HSBC, and PLUG Magazine, this curated group show features Hong Kong artists creating artwork that explores what it means to be queer and express your true identity. As a contemporary art mixed-media show, it highlights the need for freedom of expression – whether that is through artwork or orientation. Visitors will be given the opportunity to express their own creativity by adding to a large-scale collaborative live installation piece.


Between A Frock And A Hard Place

Wednesday, 4 October starting at 7pm

The Australian Consular is proud to show the fascinating 20th anniversary documentary about Priscilla Queen of the Desert. Find out the true story about the movie and have your chance to meet Stephan Elliott, the writer of the famous film and stage show.

The Gay Games include much more than sporting events — local culture and art are also highly emphasized. To that end Gay Games Hong Kong 2022 is planning to showcase unique local artistic traditions like calligraphy, Cantonese Opera, and martial arts displays. Alongside contemporary programmes that will display the region’s diversity through both historical material and cutting-edge works by established and emerging local artists. Hosting the Gay Games in Hong Kong is estimated to bring in one billion Hong Kong dollars spent on transport, accommodation, food, and beverages as well as shopping.


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Your Data is Extremely Valuable for Marketing

October 1, 2017



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Data is important in all aspects of our lives — your personal data is estimated to be worth over US$2,000 year. It’s time to start owning it with Datum! Datum is a global data marketplace that allows you to make money from your own data. From science and technology to artificial intelligence, and even marketing, data is the main driver. In essence, we are not able to make meaningful conclusions or decisions without using data. Our computers use algorithms to compute the data we input so as to give us options. So how is data meaningful in marketing? Read on!


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Customer Behaviour

To understand customer behaviour, we need customer data. Pertinent data could include Google searches, browsing history, and how a customer filters sorts online shopping (e.g. price range). There are many ways to learn what your user is searching for, social media likes and dislikes, and whether your user has a large budget or a small one. Therefore, marketing data informs us on how to better attract our target consumers, as well as how to produce high customer satisfaction ratings.


Improve Marketing Campaigns by Enhancing Relevance

In digital marketing, the campaigns we create target the advertising message directly to the potential consumer. To target effectively, your digital marketing strategy should be based on facts. These facts are formed using collected data, such as demographics and what internet users are looking for. Thus the marketing algorithm can deliver the advertisement to the most relevant and targeted audience.


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Helps Control Marketing Cost

Not everyone is looking for your product. Imagine how much it would cost if everyone who is browsing clicked on your advertisement? The cost would be huge, greatly affecting your ROI and quite possibly producing a massive loss. As discussed above, by narrowing in and delivering your advertisement to a select, relevant audience, the costs of advertisement greatly decreases. Through the data collected, we are able to show advertisements to the relevant audience who has high buying potential.


Now is the time to protect your data with Datum. Datum technology allows you to backup your structured data in a secure, private, and anonymous manner, then choose who you want to share it with — or sell it to! Investing in Datum is the smart choice. So, Save the Date: Oct 17th, 2017 is when the ICO Main Event Sale begins. It’s time to #TakeBackYourData


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Credit: Prosperity Research Digital Agency (PRDA) provides branded content catered to your business, in English, and Traditional or Simplified Chinese.