Lucky Dawgs Brewing: Build Your Beer Knowledge

Beer tastes great. At Lucky Dawgs Brewing, we know our beer, and the exciting thing about beer (beyond drinking it) is that there is so much to enjoy about it!  Lucky Dawgs Brewing is a brewery located in the heart of Hong Kong, with strong US roots. Lucky Dawg carries brews such as “White Guy Wheat Ale” that has bold aromas of ginger and lemongrass, mingled with sweet yeast generated phenolics and “Espresso Assassin Porter” which is a deliciously dark coffee beer that will delight your taste buds. (Click here to see more crafted beer flavours)


And of course, it all starts and ends with flavor, but beer lovers have extended their interests to learning about the people who create it, brewing history, and beer festivals. Beers are analyzed and debated on, celebrated with, we collect Beer artwork and t-shirts.


Here are a few tips on how to sound like a beer expert:

What is Beer?

A beer is any fermented drink that has been derived from grains. The two most common beer families are lagers and ales, distinguished by the type of yeast and the temperature of fermentation. Lagers are fermented at cooler temperatures by bottom fermenting yeast and are conditioned aka “lagered” somewhere cool for a number of weeks before they are ready to drink. Ales are fermented at warmer temperature by top-fermenting yeast strains and are ready to drink much sooner.


How do I taste and analyze Beer like an expert?

Simple: Sniff, stare, sip, savor, swallow.


  • Sniff: The aroma of the beer is enough to tell you whether you are having a good beer or not. What you’re looking for are the dominant aromas of the beer. Is it sweet, sour, roasty, earthy, herbal, flowery, citrus or any one of a number of other aromas?


  • Stare: Once you are pleased with the aroma, look at the appearance of the beer. Most beers are filtered and should be clear, not cloudy.  What color is the beer? Does the beer have a nice foamy head and good head retention? These are a few things to note.


  • Sip: What do you taste? Is the main flavor what you sniffed in the first step (sweet, sour, roasty, earthy, herbal, flowery, citrus, etc)  How do the flavors play off each other?  And how is the mouth-feel? Beer can range from thin and watery to full and chewy.


In order to become a beer expert, you will have to know beer. And that means tasting and trying as many as possible! (A hard task, we know 😉 ) Be sure to try one of our new crowlers! Available for takeaway, just email to arrange pickup. Also, tag #luckydawgsbeer on Instagram for a chance to be featured on our feed!


Connect with Lucky Dawg Beer

Visit: 499 King’s Road, North Point, Hong Kong





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