Tis the season for gifting! Holiday Gift Guide

T8 Fitness 2017 Holiday Gift Guide

Top Affordable Holiday Gifts For Fitness Enthusiasts


Tis the season for gifting! Finding an affordable holiday gift for the fitness enthusiasts in your life can be tricky. Luckily T8 Fitness is here– making it easy for you to find the perfect gift, at amazing prices and offering you convenient ways to shop! Avoid the insane holiday rush by shopping at T8Fitness.com where you can choose delivery or opt for pickup at 3 convenient locations– our office in Discovery Bay, Iso Fit in Central or our warehouse in Kwai Hing.

Here are some of our recommended holiday gifts that will not only improve your loved ones workout experience but will also invite them to maintain a healthy lifestyle.


Top Affordable Holiday Gifts For Fitness Enthusiasts

utime Fitness Studios Protein Supplements for Ultimate Fitness

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Supplements should never replace proper nutrition, but by including them, along with a regular training regime at utime Fitness Studios, you’ll hit your fitness goals much faster! In this article we will cover Protein supplements, for additional information please stop by utime Fitness Studios in Kennedy Town and speak with our friendly staff. Our staff are very knowledgeable about all things gym fitness and can assist you anytime during staffed hours. For just HK$599 per month, you’ll get 24 hour access to utime Fitness Studios in Kennedy Town. You are never locked in, no contracts- ever!


Adding supplements to your diet helps to cover nutrient gaps, ensuring that your body has what it needs for peak performance and ultimate fitness. Whatever your training goals may be, adding the right supplements improves your health, performance and physique. Protein is every bodybuilder’s favorite macronutrient and for good reason.

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Lafayette Wedding


Your wedding is one of the most important times of your life– it’s the moment you have been waiting for and of course you want everything to go smoothly.  Lafayette Wedding is the professional wedding team you need, providing the perfect all-inclusive wedding package that makes your special day stress-free and stunning. From special wedding rooms to brilliant and dazzling bouquets, Lafayette is here to help you celebrate the birth of a perfect marriage!

Life Fitness: High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

How to Do It Right


Life Fitness Hong Kong helps people live healthier lives. Every day, millions of exercisers, from elite athletes to those just starting a workout routine, benefit from using Life Fitness home gym exercise equipment. If you are a fitness fan, you must have heard of HIIT– high intensity interval training, right? But do you really know what HIIT is? Simply put, HIIT is a cardio workout that incorporates short bursts of very hard work. But there really is a lot more to HIIT than that, you may think you’re currently practising a HIIT workout, when in reality, you’ve missed your target and won’t see the shredded results you’re looking for. So ask yourself “am I practicing HIIT as recommended?”. When practiced correctly HIIT can be an incredibly effective way to work out and see the body composition and fitness results you want, but you need to do it right. Here’s how:


High Intensity is Key

You really have to work HARD. The whole idea behind HIIT is short bursts of very hard cardio work. You need to go all out! That’s why they are short bursts, because you need to push yourself to the max, these bursts are very short– anywhere from 20 to 90 seconds, typically.


Rest Breaks are a Must

Many people don’t think of rest when talking about their HIIT workout, but rest periods are an essential part of the workout. If you’re not taking a proper rest, you aren’t doing HIIT properly!

Why is rest important? Forcing your body to rapidly adjust between High Intensity and Rest delivers excellent cardio conditioning.


Participate in a Variety of Fitness Activities

HIIT is a great workout out, but try not to overdo it. There is such a thing as too much of a good thing. Try scheduling your HIIT workout for 2-3 days per week, mixed on with another 2 days of moderate cardio. Remember, due to the intensity level HIIT involves you should always speak with your doctor before starting HIIT, same as with other exercise programs.


Life Fitness has been dedicated to creating fitness solutions for over 45 years. We deliver fitness success, whether you own a Life Fitness treadmill or home gym, or visit a health center, hotel gym or many other facilities that use Life Fitness Gym Equipment. Please visit our website(https://lifefitness.com.hk/) to learn more about the Life Fitness mission and our state of the art fitness equipment.


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