PRDA: Evaluating Social Media Platforms for Your Business

Setting up your online business presence? First, evaluate what social media platforms best benefit your brand.  The expert consultants at Prosperity Research Digital Agency(PRDA), Asia’s leading social media agency, can evaluate and help you decide what social media platforms are best for your business and brand.) In order to choose the best social media sites that you will use to interact with your prospective clients, you need to first be familiar with the different channels. Learn how each platform functions and the typical demographics that are utilizing each channel.


Below we will cover Facebook, Twitter, Sina Weibo and Instagram



Facebook remains as the largest social media platform, in terms of online presence, authority, and the number of active users. It has at least 2 billion users of all demographics that make it one of the most powerful mediums that you can use to engage with your customers. From a simple site that aimed to connect college students, Facebook has grown into a platform that nearly every business can use to achieve growth. Website Links, Video’s, Images, Blog Posts- every type of post has a function on the ever versatile Facebook platform.



Twitter has at least 340 million active users, and its reach can make it an effective part of your social media marketing and customer service. If you are offering a product or service in the United States, or worldwide, this is an excellent platform to use however it currently lacks reach in Asia and may not be the best choice for a strictly Asia-based business.

Sina Weibo

In China, WeChat and Weibo are quite the favorite social media platforms amongst the general population. You might be surprised to know that Sina Weibo recently surpassed its American competitor (Twitter) in number of daily active users. The demographics of Weibo are extremely diverse– and again, quite similar to Twitter.

There are 2 types of accounts, personal and business. A personal account is quite easy to obtain(just register), but a business account is an important part of your business and marketing strategy in China. Obtaining this can be a complicated process, and it’s best to have an expert assist you with this step.



Because Instagram is such a visual platform, it is best suited to brands that have a clear understanding of the aesthetics of the content that succeeds on the platform. The ability to create eye-catching, appealing visual content is absolutely critical for success with Instagram advertising. Also note that this platform is almost entirely mobile– you can’t take photos or create new posts on your desktop. Artistic niches tend to excel on Instagram


Prosperity Research Digital Agency(PRDA) provides your complete solution for Social Media Management, including Digital Audits, Content strategy, Inbound marketing, Account creation, Branded content, Publishing, Engagement, Lead generation, Risk management, Social CRM, SEO/SEM, Analytics and Competitor analysis. Our proven 5 step data driven process delivers predictable results driven by organic (real people) action. Contact us today for all your social media needs!


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