Asian Youth Orchestra: The Benefits of Music Education

The Asian Youth Orchestra was designed to celebrate the excellence of local, young musicians and encourage new generations of talented individuals, offering opportunities for Asia’s brightest young musicians for advanced study and performance in an international environment. Whether your child loves to perform or prefers singing in the shower, he or she can score some big benefits from music education.

Music education at an early age will help children in many ways. Therefore, not only the children who are preparing for a music career should be introduced to music. So, why exactly is music education important, especially for children? Read on…

Learning how to create music involves so much more than the voice or fingers playing an instrument. Music is a a very integrating, stimulating pastime or activity that can enhance concentration levels, ability to make logical decisions, and memory. Children who study music also tend to have larger vocabularies, advanced reading skills and are better able to work together as a team. Teamwork is very important as your musical skill progresses!


Daily music practice cultivates patience and discipline, as the student learns to set and follow schedules, meet deadlines, and is consistently practicing for better results. For children, these traits can assist them in becoming successful later in life– whether pursuing a musical career or not. Another, often desired, trait that children pick up during music lessons is calmness. The learned patience and discipline helps to maintain and improve the ability to stay calm and composed in social settings.


Musical training is associated with an increased in imagination and creativity. These creative individuals utilize their creativity in every part of their lives, whether it’s their job or a recreational activity.


The Asian Youth Orchestra 2018 Auditions are now open for registration. Aspiring musicians do not miss this exciting opportunity to join #AYOHK in their annual three-week international concert tour with celebrated conductors and solo artists! Click here for details.


Connect with the Asian Youth Orchestra




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