The ASA Group is Asia’s Bespoke Air Charter Provider

Whether you need a quick flight to Melbourne or the flexibility to stop at multiple cities across Asia, The ASA Group offers unparalleled luxury and service. Leave the stress of commercial air travel behind as you step onto a premier charter jet, VIP airliner or helicopter. Wherever you decide to travel, we have you covered world-wide– just let us know where you want to go and we’ll take you there! Simply sit back, relax, and leave the rest to  ASA Air Charter as we whisk you to your destination– creating a seamless experience for each and every trip.


By booking a private charter with The ASA Group you can save both time and money– and become more productive! Corporate travelers are no longer limited to visiting one location per day, able to travel safely and easily between multiple cities– which is a game changer in terms of revenue and productivity. Business aviation, in most locations, allows you to arrive only 30 minutes before take off to the airport nearest to you, and then touch down at the airport closest to your final destination– all the while giving you time to work or hold a business meeting in complete privacy onboard. After all, when time is money, every second counts! Book one of our private jets and see the difference for yourself.

Our team is dedicated to ensuring your travel experience is top-notch, giving every client the highest level of individual attention, focus, and attention to detail. Whether you’d like a special menu item onboard, extra security and discretion, or that dream luxury experience or truly unique holiday you’ve always deserved, ASA Air Charter ensures that every detail will be carried out to perfection.


Contact The ASA Group today and let your dedicated Charter Specialist draw up a no obligation itinerary and quotation.


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