Manifest Manufacturing – Get Quality and Smart Manufacturing Solutions

September 10, 2010

Manifest Manufacturing, which is based in Hong Kong, is one of the leading professional manufacturers in the manufacturing industry. They have smart manufacturing solutions to every item ordered, making them as the top choice manufacturer even across Europe and America.

Looking for a smart and cost-effective way to manufacture your products? Then Manifest Manufacturing is a great solution for your problem. It is a company dedicated in expert manufacturing where quality is always the first priority. Even though the company is based in Asia, specifically in Hong Kong, it is still considered as a smart choice among European and American companies seeking for a trusted manufacturer of their products. Know more about Manifest Manufacturing with their following trademarks in the manufacturing industry:

Best Communication

Some European and American companies are in doubt of seeking manufacturing companies from Asia because of language barrier, cultural misunderstandings and time differences. But with Manifest Manufacturing, all of these problems are eliminated. They have staffs that can speak fluent English, available 24 hours per day so you don’t have to wait for their regular office hours. You can reach them through landline phones, mobile phones, email, fax etc, and you can expect the fastest response from them.

Low Minimum Order Quantity

Manifest Manufacturing has a low minimum order quantity of 500 pieces, depending on the product’s complexity of design. With this low minimum order quantity, quality is still ensured among the products manufactured.

Get the Best Quality in Manufacturing

During the manufacturing process, clients can opt for the latest technology and concepts for the production of their items like inclusion of bio-friendly materials and integrated circuits. All estimated cost in manufacturing is included in the quote, but when a certain material becomes obsolete Manifest Manufacturing will immediately provide the best possible replacement options for the client to choose. Their facility is also 100% ROHS or lead-free, so clients will feel safe with their products.

With Manifest Manufacturing, your items are in the safe hands. Quality control along the manufacturing process is guaranteed in the factory site. Upon production, intellectual property protection is also secured. Truly, Manifest Manufacturing can bring the best in manufacturing your items!

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Manifest Marketing Asia presents: Personal Role Radio by Selex

September 1, 2010

The Personal Role Radio (PRR) from Selex Communications has been very useful in areas where immediate and clear communication is highly important. Distributed by Manifest Marketing especially across Asia, it is mostly the chosen brand by professional security forces and government police during operations.


Selex Communications is the one behind Personal Role Radio, the key in a clear and fast communication between soldiers especially in battlefields. Its lightweight and compact design makes it easy to carry during operations. It uses 50mW transmit power under 2.4GHz spread spectrum technology and capable in an operating open terrain range of 500m even within three floors of a building. It is also equipped with a total of 256 channels where 16 are directly available to the user. Manifest Marketing of Hong Kong now distributes it especially among buyers in Asia and the listed details below are more of its remarkable features:

Press to Talk (PTT)

Personal Role Radio has a wireless PTT function. This feature allows the user to change PTT setting without losing focus and control to his weapon.  The wireless PTT function is useful even within 2m range.

Interchangeable Switch Pack

Personal Role Radio can be easily configured with its interchangeable switch packs. It can be changed into two roles: the Single PTT Switch Pack suitable for users operating PRR singly and the Dual PTT Switch Pack where connection to the PRR and the Combat Net radio is possible. When switching to Dual Switch Interface, the audio from the Combat Net Radio and PRR are heard on the same microphone but not all at the same time as PRR has a call waiting tone for incoming signals.


Audio Ancillaries

PRR comes with audio ancillaries suitable for combat usage. This includes headsets equipped with different features and modes such as high noise, in-the-ear, active noise reduction, low profile, discreet, lightweight, waterproof communication solution and covert tactical speaker-microphone. Included as well is a fully integrated intercom system that is made to fit different range of users.

Re-Broadcast Unit

The re-broadcast unit is capable of doubling the range of scope for PRR signals. This makes it useful for other PRR users deployed outside the range normally covered by PRR. The device also works when there’s little signal clarity during heavy fogs.

With these great features, Personal Role Radio can indeed fit the needs of different users needing radios especially during combats and operations. Fortunately, Manifest Marketing of Hong Kong now distributes this innovative product from Selex Communications so it can be obtained easier especially in Asia. With PRR, expect that communication clarity even under harsh deployments is always possible!

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