Wheel2Wheel founder finishes amazing 125-day adventure

July 14, 2011

Morgan Parker, founder of non profit organization Wheel2Wheel, has come home…and he even arrived in style. Arriving on the 4th July at around noon, he was welcomed by friends, family, local motorbike riders as well as supporters. He led a pack of people mighty proud of his achievement. After all, how long has it been since a Brisbane, Australia native finished some 25,000 kilometers through Hong Kong, China, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Timor-Leste and finally in his native Australia? We may be wrong but we have a feeling that no other Australian has done something like this…and all for charity!

Truly, what Morgan Parker did was an amazing feat. His transcontinental charitable motorcycle expedition took him 125 days on the road but in all these 10 countries, he was able to raise awareness and even provide financial assistance to 10 brilliant yet under-recognized charitable organizations throughout Asia and Australia. To say that what Morgan Parker did was truly inspirational may even still be an understatement.

The Wheel2Wheel founder rode his trusty BMW F800GS motorbike through some of the region’s most beautiful and challenging terrain. He has truly shown persistence, will, dedication and passion for the under-privileged. His feat has become a reminder for those who have lost hope. His feat also serves as an inspiration for those who want to become heroes in their own right. Nothing is impossible. One can start small and one can also start with a big bang. What’s important is that one DOES something.

Morgan Parker’s feat is a great example of someone out there who is willing to cross borders, if only to help some people in need.

Wheel2Wheel is an innovative independent non-profit organisation created to raise awareness and provide financial assistance to brilliant yet under-recognised charitable organisations throughout Australasia. Wheel2Wheel is carbon neutral and entirely self-funded.

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Wheel2Wheel: Vietnam and Animals Asia

December 23, 2010

On 1 March 2011 Morgan Parker and Simon Lock set off from Hong Kong on a 20,000 km, 100 day, 10 country enduro adventure, Wheel2Wheel.  Wheel2Wheel‘s purpose is to raise money and awareness for charitiable organisations across Asia and Australia.  Wheel2Wheel also aims to inspire others to step out of their comfort zone and do more to help others. The 10 country motorbike journey will take them from Hong Kong to Brisbane.  After passing through China, Wheel2Wheel will traverse Vietnam putting the spotlight on animal cruelty and the illegal poaching of moon bears for bile extraction in support of Animals Asia.


After crossing the China-Vietnam border, Morgan and Simon will tackle a dangerous 200km ride along the picturesque northern Vietnamese coastline to the beautiful Halong Bay.  Here theWheel2Wheel Team will witness at close range thousands of amazing limestone pinnaclesprotruding from the waters at Vietnam’s most famous World Heritage site.

Halong Bay

Cruising down a highway for 150km, the Wheel2Wheel team heads to the charming and historical city of Hanoi. As Wheel2Wheel continues their journey west, the Team will cross thelower ranges of the Tonkinese Alps down into beautiful valleys of classic Vietnamese rice fields.


The wild forests of Vietnam once provided the most nurturing habitats for both the Malayan sun bear and the Asiatic black bear (or moon bear). However, illegal poaching of bears has caused the numbers of both species to decline dramatically.  Asiatic black bears and sun bears are now facing total decimation in the wild as a result of the establishment of hundreds of illegal facilities, which keep bears for the extraction of bile.

Founded by Jill Robinson, Animals Asia team have been investigating bear farming in Vietnam since 1999. Today there are 3,410 farmed bears in Vietnam with another 602 captive bears used for display purposes.  Animals Asia is in need of help to raise funds for the Moon Bear Rescue Centre in Tam Dao National Park. They are now in the middle of building Phase Two which comprising dens, semi-natural enclosures, and rehabilitation areas for severely disabled bears. They also employ a veterinary team on site, bear managers and local workers – a team of people who will be there to care for the bears for their lifespan of 25 years or more. To stay tuned on all the wonderful things Animals Asia are doing, join their Facebook Page:http://www.facebook.com/AnimalsAsia

About Wheel2Wheel:

Wheel2Wheel is an independent non-profit organisation created by Morgan Parker to raise awareness and provide financial assistance to brilliant yet under-recognised charitable organisations throughout Australasia.  Through its innovative approach of visiting these grass-roots organisations during motorbike enduro-adventures, Wheel2Wheel can experience first-hand the deeds and needs of the people on the ground.  By harnessing the support of mass mediaWheel2Wheel aims to provide the public with objective insight to the key social, environmental, and humanitarian issues facing the region.

Wheel2Wheel is 100% self funded. All donations through our “Live the Dream” options are channeled back to the 10 charitable organisations.

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Cucina: a Michelin rated restaurant Asia meets Italy with stunning harbour views

June 8, 2009

Cucina: a Michelin rated restaurant
Cuccina is a Michelin-rated restaurant where an exquisite open kitchen showcases the preparation of Italian and Chinese influenced food.

La Brasserie a Michelin rated French restaurant: Parisian dining experience in Hong Kong

June 3, 2009

La Brasserie

La Brasserie a Michelin-rated French restaurant; offering a true Parisian culinary experience in the heart of Canton Road, Hong Kong’s Kowloon districts vibrant luxury shopping and entertainment destination.

Lamma 500 2009 Dragon Boat Festival Highlights

May 13, 2009

Lamma 500 2009 Dragon Boat Festival

Lamma Dragon Boat Race, The toughest race on the calendar 40 Men’s, Women’s and Mixed teams compete over the full international 500-metre length course in the “Lamma 500” held at the scenic Tai Wan To Beach, Lamma Island, Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Lamma “500” Dragon Boat Race

May 6, 2009

Hong Kong Lamma 500  Dragon Boat Race

Come join families and sports fanatics alike at Hong Kong’s Lama 500 dragon boat race this Sunday, May 10th at Tai Wan To Beach. Free beach party and music following the race and awards ceremony. Drinks and food will be provided. http://www.lammadragonboat.com/

HKHarbourCity:板長再奪日本一 藍鰭吞拿現身海港城

January 9, 2009

板前壽司夥同另一日本壽司店以逾82萬港元,於東京投得一條重128公斤、寓意好運的 日本藍鰭吞拿魚王「日本一」。「日本一」今日運抵海港城板長,讓大家一嘗天價魚王之餘 亦親睹劏魚過程。

HKHarbourCity 7 Great Michelin Restaurants

January 2, 2009

HKHarbourCity: The Michelin guide brought their stars to Hong Kong and Harbour City shined brightest with 7 restaurants. Always known as Hong Kong’s favourite shopping centre, it is now the destination for great cuisine; Cucina, Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao, House of Jasmine and many more.http://hk.youtube.com/watch?v=GbUapPxRp9s&feature=channel_page

HKHarbourCity:HOCC charity fund The Ten Days of Christmas

December 18, 2008

Hocc and her celebrity friends bring Thelma to life for her 10 days Journey of Christmas. Come see her magical house at Harbout City and support this wonderful charity by collecting the limited edition watches and little Thelma dolls. All proceeds go to Hocc Charity Fund

HKHarbourCity: S.H.E Canton Road Xmas Street Party

December 17, 2008

Taiwan sensation S.H.E. and Yoga Lam host the 9th Christmas count down to benefit Hong Kong Blood Cancer Foundation.