Swarovski Limited Edition Nativity Set

November 9, 2016


Le Luxury is a trusted online retailer of  jewelry, watches, and exquisite pens. One reason why they are famous among their customers is due to the quality products they provide. They make sure their customers are satisfied on every order. Le Luxury utilizes eBay shops for their major storefront, which makes shopping a fun and easy experience. They have a large variety of various fashionable products and trendy accessories. Here you can find a vast variety of products to fulfill countless needs.


This Christmas, start your own sparkling nativity scene with this online exclusive set. This limited edition Nativity Scene is a gorgeous Swarovski design. It includes three different figures which are of Mary, Joseph, and Jesus. The set is crafted in clear crystal which enhances the entire beauty of the product altogether. The Nativity Scene is a perfect gift that one can give to their loved ones such as family or friends on Christmas. Or gifted individually- the Baby Jesus ornament would make a lovely Baby’s First Christmas Ornament! The product is designed beautifully and will also serve to be a beautiful addition to your collection of crystal pieces. These are the same high quality Swarovski Nativity Scene Baby Jesus, Mary and Joseph you will find in expensive shops- for less! Swarovski plans on adding more exquisite pieces to this timeless collection, which is expertly crafted in clear crystal, every Christmas until 2018.













Baby Jesus

If you are thinking to get a gift for your loved ones this Christmas then this Swarovski Nativity Scene Set is the perfect choice. Wait no longer! Capture the serenity of the season with this timeless and exquisite collection. Every piece is expertly crafted to serve as an ideal gift or for decoration purposes. Order one of these beautiful Nativity sets at Le Luxury now!

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Natural Ways to Boost Your Feel-Good Hormones!

October 24, 2016



We’ve all experienced that day when we are feeling a bit down.  Just getting out of bed takes too much effort. Fortunately, there are ways to boost your feel-good hormones, such as increasing the amount of your Omega 3 intake through Flodins naturally tasty and tender omega-3 pork.  The next time you feel gloomy, try some of these energy boosting tips:


Begin Your Day With A Serotonin Fix

Serotonin helps to regulate our mood, behaviour and memory. To help your brain in producing a high amount of serotonin, you need to ensure that your body will have an ample supply of amino acids. Try including plenty of the following natural foods in your diet; cashews, legumes, lentils, whole eggs (free range), grass fed red meat, tofu, tempeh, chia seeds, organic cheese, buckwheat and oats.


Bathe in the Sun

A low amount of Vitamin D in the body is often associated with Seasonal Affective Disorder; a condition wherein people who are experiencing long, dark winters are under a state of depression.  In other words, it’s harder to be happy without sunshine! Although Vitamin D is found in liver, egg yolks and some full fat dairy products, it’s difficult to get our daily dose without sunshine or a supplement to help.


Get Moving

There’s few faster ways to increase your feel-good chemicals than with exercise. Movement floods your body with endorphins that boost mood, regulate sleep and clear the mind. Try adding in 30mins a day of movement you enjoy- a brisk walk, yoga or a bike ride are a good ways to start.


Indulge in Dark Chocolate

The luscious taste of chocolate can make us feel good. Good quality dark chocolate is also a rich source of plant chemicals that offer powerful mood boosting properties. These include anandamide, theobromine, tryptophan and serotonin; some of the same molecules that your brain produces when you’re in love!


Nordic countries have a food culture closely linked with nature – their cuisine is all about keeping food pure, seasonal, local and fresh. Good health starts with a balanced, healthy diet- so do your body a favor and invest in delicious, good for you heart foods like Omega-3 pork!


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Yummy Nut-free Kids Snacks from ChewsWize

August 10, 2016

Are you a parent and feeling overwhelmed about finding snacks for your child that are both tasty AND provide good nutrition? Look no further! ChewsWize brings you healthy, tasty snack options for your kids that will keep them going. The healthy snack box offered by ChewsWize gives a variety of options to choose from while allowing you select the ones your kids will love most. Kids will appreciate it and have plenty of fun while satisfying their hunger with this tasty snack!


You may wonder, “What’s the secret for this healthy snack box?” It’s as simple as that the natural fruit and berries are utilized without adding extra or artificial sugar. No preservatives and artificial flavors are added to deliver the best to your swinging “monkeys”. The scrumptious ChewsWize snack box is designed to be an effective source of vitamins, proteins, fibre, and minerals.

Kids are always jumping and electrified during their playtime activities, so why not provide them with a gourmet snack to meet all their health requirements? Packed with highly nutritional value food, ChewsWize  snacks offer a fun on-the-go yummies for your kids. ChewsWize also avoids using palm oil and their completely “nut free” option makes it a perfectly portable option to add to school lunches.

Wait a second, there’s even more! ChewsWize has just added 10 NEW snacks to their many guilt-free, yummy options! Their goal is to not to bore you with the same snack each time, so they offer you a variety of different snacks to select from each week for just 88 HKD including delivery! You are guaranteed the best of quality snacking which will keep you coming back for more. Happy snacking!

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HIV Advocates Congratulates South African Stem Cell Bank For Winning at SingularityU Competition

April 15, 2016


Stem cell research has long been in the news for the potential it has to yield major breakthroughs in medicine, especially for the treatment of incurable diseases like HIV/AIDS. Any conversation about stem cells is also surrounded by political controversy, but HIV Advocates is proud to acknowledge a completely positive story regarding HIV/AIDS research. Next Biosciences, a South African stem cell bank, recently won the Singularity University Global Impact Competition (GIC)!

This is a major victory for HIV/AIDS research as Next Biosciences is primarily focused on developing treatments and, ultimately, a cure for HIV/AIDS via their research into stem cell therapies. As winners of the Singularity U GIC, Next will be sending scientist Nick Walker to Silicon Valley for a 10-week course called the Global Solutions Program. He will then return to South Africa to continue the development of his project with the support of the support of Singularity U behind him.


Walker was chosen from a field of 48 applicants, each of whom submitted a proposal for an innovative project in their field of expertise. These other projects included research into food issues, water shortages, disaster relief, and the environment, and although these are all worthy causes, it is nice to see HIV/AIDS research get the attention it deserves. Hopefully in the future, more dedicated support from noble organizations like Singularity U will arise to deal with issues of disease in new and inventive ways.


Of itself, Singularity University says they are, “a benefit corporation whose mission is to educate, inspire and empower leaders to apply exponential technologies to address humanity’s greatest challenges.” HIV/AIDS definitely qualifies as one of mankind’s great modern challenges and HIV Advocates applauds Nick Walker and Next Biosciences for their efforts to stop HIV once and for all.


HIV Advocates which is a global initiative that aims to share news, experiences, strategies and new tools that aim to energize human rights movements and communities fighting HIV/AIDS, is the answer. Supported by Levi Strauss Foundation and powered by B-Change Foundation,  HIV Advocates encourages existing and would-be activists to explore the power of social media and other Internet avenues to help spread the message across – that discrimination and stigma no longer have any place in society and that society should accept the LGBT community members as they are.


Share your thoughts on the official HIV Advocates platform. Your voice counts!

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GlocalMe G2 – Buy or Rent

January 28, 2016

Thanks to the rapid advancement of technology, people today have Internet access almost anywhere they go. However, there are situations in which people who are traveling abroad have problems with their connection or the infrastructure in that country is incompatible with their device. This results in very weak Internet connection or complete absence of internet connection. This is where GlocalMe comes into the picture. With the help of GlocalMe, users can keep their connection to the network all around the globe.


So, thanks to GlocalMe you can connect your mobile device or laptop on the preferred network regardless of your location and you can use the Internet without paying a small fortune on roaming services. GlocalMe uses special cloud SIM technology that gives users an opportunity to choose different networks. Obviously, travelers in need of stable Internet connection will benefit the most by using this solution.

GlocalMe is available on Amazon which makes the purchase quite simple. There are two different data plans provided by GlocalMe and it is up to the user to find which one suits them the best.

Before we share the details, let’s mention that regardless of the plan you choose, you will save money because GlocalMe is the most affordable solution in the market. If you choose a data package, you will get 1 GB (around the world or in Southeast Asia or in Japan) for $32/$13/$16 respectively or 3 GB at the price of $29 or $43 if you are in China and Hong Kong. The more expensive plan includes Taiwan. The data package lasts for one year. The pay as you go data package varies in different countries, but the average price is $0.05 per MB.

In addition, you can choose to buy the device or you can rent it for a certain number of days. The first option is good for those who are travelling on a regular basis while the other option is suitable for people who are not travelling so frequently or the ones that want to test the device.

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Magical Night at Hotel Royal Macau

November 5, 2015


To be held at the Hotel Royal Macau, the Magical Night is presented to you by Great Time Limited in conjunction with the hotel. The exclusive event will feature a Lagoalva wine pairing dinner at FADO restaurant. Guests will be treated to a sumptuous five-course menu prepared by the renowned chef, Luis Americo, who is the executive chef at the restaurant. To ensure that guests have an amazing dining experience at the Hotel Royal Macau, a five-course meal will be fittingly paired with a had picked selection of the renowned Portuguese wines, Quinta da Lagoalva; expect a magical dining experience.


Quinta da Lagoalva wines were first showcased at the Portuguese Industry Exhibition back in 1888. Since then, the brand has grown into a world-renowned name with a huge selection of both red and white wines. Their vineyards are located in the Tejo region in Portugal. Here, the best wine growing soils are found giving them their distinct taste and appeal. Their collection features a collection of some of the best local and international grape varieties to be used in producing various wines including Sauvignon Blanc, Verdelho and Chardonnay among others as their whites; the reds include Alfrocheiro, Cabernet Sauvignon and Castelao among others.


The executive chef at FADO in the Hotel Royal Macau, Luis Americo will be preparing the Portuguese delicacies to be enjoyed at this wine pairing dinner. Guests can expect him to showcase his culinary skills by preparing a mouthwatering five-course meal paired with Portugal’s best wines for their enjoyment. Renowned in his knowledge and skills in preparation of Portuguese dishes, Chef Luis Americo has made a name for himself both locally, his home country of Portugal and internationally. He brings his amazing skill and the best of Portuguese delicacies for the Magic Night at the Hotel Royal Macau.


Dining Highlights


Just to give you a snippet of what to expect at the Hotel Royal Macau, the chef will be serving slow cooked Tiger shrimp in cataplana alongside roasted chorizo; this will be paired with Lagoalva de CimaArinto Chardonnay from 2012. Portuguese black pudding ravioli with mushrooms and caramelized apple with roasted pine nuts; this will be paired with Quinta da LagoalvaReserva Tinto from 2012. The final highlight of the dinner is the Wagyu oxtail tornedo, green asparagus together with some dried plum risotto and Azorian old cheese; this is to be paired with Quinta da Lagoalva de Cima Syrah Tinto from 2010.


Guests looking to take part in this one of a kind experience will have to part with a MOP 680 per person admission fee. This includes the five-course meal, a 10% service charge as well as a pre-dinner cocktail. Book your seat now to avoid missing this one of a king dining experience at the Hotel Royal Macau.


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The Amazing Dining Experience at Hotel Royal Macau FADO Restaurant

October 8, 2015


Perhaps you have heard of FADO as there is no other place to experience delicious Portuguese cuisine other than at Hotel Royal Macau. At FADO you will experience a magnificent blend of the Portuguese tradition mixed with a modern style. Macau has taken the FADO experience to another level. Our Portuguese dishes are one of a kind, for the following reasons.


We Have the Best Chef


We know that in order to be the best, we must ensure we have experts to run the show. Most probably, you have heard the name Luís Américo. We are proud to reveal that Luis Américo is in charge of the Portuguese cuisine at Hotel Royal Macau’s FADO restaurant and he will return again this October 12 to November 26, 2015. The renowned chef runs a cooking consultancy and has three successful restaurants. Therefore, there is no doubt that we are the best when it comes to Portuguese cuisine. We assure you that when you come for a Polvo à Lagareiro or a Bacalhau à Brás, you will be impressed beyond words.


Magnificent Portuguese Décor


We pride in blending tradition and modernity. Our classic décor has a blue color, which is the conventional Portuguese color. In addition, we have yellow goblets set on the tables, which complement the blue themed décor. The room has a welcoming ambience that makes every patron feel at home and closely identify with the Portuguese culture. Once you enjoy the ambience, you can then settle down and enjoy a hearty Portuguese cuisine.


Incredible La Carte Menu


Your surprise and admiration does not end once you set eyes on the traditional yet modern ambience. We have a surprise for you once you decide to order. We have an incredible menu, adorned with numerous Portuguese cuisines. You will start with the appetizers, and at this point, you have a perfect chance to sample the best dishes. If you are not sure what to order, the appetizers will make you make a choice. Some of the best dishes you will find at Hotel Royal Macau’s FADO restaurant include Meia-desfeita and Amêijoas à Bulhão Pato.

Furthermore, you will find our Pasteis de Bacalhau unique. We understand that the cod fish cakes are available in almost every Portuguese restaurant, but as we said earlier, we are one of a kind. Our chefs have dedicated their skills to ensure that you have the best Portuguese cuisine. Once you order the cod fish cake, you will admit the difference because we have a perfect recipe for making the best cod fish cake.


Classic Cutlery


Once we prepare the perfect Portuguese cuisine, we will serve it in the traditional Portuguese porcelain. It is a blend of tradition and modernity. When you order coffee, brace yourself for a full traditional experience. Moreover, there is a Vasco da Gama garden within the Hotel Royal Macau FADO restaurant.


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Tone Up with Pilates at Isofit Hong Kong on your Wedding. Mediative Hong Kong will capture the Fun on your Groom’s Bro-dal Shower. Sparkle and Shine with your August Jones Wedding Gown at Hitched! Bridal with Le Luxury Jewelry Collections.

September 18, 2015



A Colorful Beach Wedding Adorned by an Exquisite Augusta Jones Wedding Gown Available at Hitched! Bridal Hong Kong


A beach wedding is perfect idea, because of the beautiful sun and the beautiful view of the ocean. In addition, the sand is equally beautiful. There is something special about the beach. It makes the ceremony to be more romantic that any other wedding venue.  You cannot pull off a luxurious wedding without walking down the aisle with a uniquely designed Augusta Jones Wedding Gown from HITCHED! Bridal Hong Kong. The gown is simple, yet elegant. The figure-hugging gown reveals the natural shape of the wearer. It has a stylistic band on the waist that enhances the shape of the bride. One of the best ideas to hold a beautiful beach wedding is to keep it simple yet exquisite. A delicate lace covers the arms of the bride, making her look stunningly beautiful and breathtaking.


Visit HITCHED! Bridal Hong Kong to see more of the Augusta Jones wedding gowns that exude simple yet distinct luxury. Feel free to ask for recommendations from the shop’s professional consultants.

11891178_1638166963135473_2229264722545569310_n.jpg-oh=d64f2dbd8261752d4252d244ceb1242f&oe=566362BALe Luxury Products Available in eBay and Lazada


When you are looking for watches, pens, and fashion jewelry, one name you need to remember is Le Lexury. They are a wholesaler of various luxury brands that include Pandora, Swarovski, Lladro, NAO, Steiff, Invicta, Suunto, Michael Kors, Polar, Festina, Diesel, Skagen, WeWood, MIO, Cross, Lamy, Schmidt, Sheaffer, StarMiner, Mont Blanc, Waterman, and Schneider.


Le Lexury allows consumers to shop for their favorite brands without leaving their homes. With a wide range of items to choose from, consumers can easily find an item they are looking for. If you already have a specific item that you want to buy, then you can head to eBay and Lazada, and order it from Le Lexury. Or you can browse the various Le Lexury products from the online shops. And with just a couple of clicks of the mouse, you have completed your shopping.



Why Bro-Dal Showers Are the Next Big Thing in Weddings?


Because girls shouldn’t have all the fun, that’s why the Pope invented Bro-Dal showers to level the playing field. A Bro-Dal shower is a Bridal shower for bros. Do you get it? Because bros need another excuse to get together for a rambunctious time and because getting married is a special experience to be shared with your closest friends and family. Throw a monkey wrench into tradition by throwing your own Bro-Dal shower and remember to have Mediative Hong Kong there to document the festivities.


The Bro-Dal shower is a new trend emerging for anti-establishment millenials who are now reaching marriage age. In the name of equality, the Bro-Dal shower affords grooms the very same rights and privileges as brides, and the results are always thrilling. Bro-Dal showers have fun themes, loud music, and plenty of libations, so it is safe to say they are a trend that is here to stay. Mediative Hong Kong takes the same care and quality to Bro-Dal showers as we do to wedding days, but with a fun twist!


Iso Fit: Pilates Hong Kong, Group Pilates and Gyrotonic Excercise


Iso Fit Hong Kong, established in 1998, not only offers an incomparable range of Pilates and Gyrotonic sessions which you can choose from in order to suit your personal training goals, budget or scheduling requirements, but most importantly Iso Fit Hong Kong is an Educator Training Session.


The Iso Fit Hong Kong instructors are constantly involved in revisiting and updating their skills. The high quality Training Instructors are dedicated and experienced professionals who all come from specialist movement backgrounds.

Teaching will not fall short as their capable educators can communicate in English, Chinese, Japanese and Italian.

Iso Fit aims to preserve the essence and principles of the Pilates and Gyrotonic methods and to maintain the integrity of the work. Quality instructions combined with their contemporary style of teaching in this unique Iso Fit environment has created an Iso Fit formula which has proven to be extremely successful.



Relax During Your Business Trip at Hotel Royal Macau

July 24, 2015


Step through the blossoming courtyard, past the bubbling fountain and through the sweeping doors into a marble foyer where you are greeted by courteous uniformed professionals. You are struck first by the high ceilings, adorned with golden chandeliers, and the ornate burgundy rugs that stretch across the polished marble. The place is clean, sleek and modern with an old world atmosphere. Buckingham Palace comes to mind, but you are not in a palace, you are in the lobby of the Hotel Royal Macau.



Nothing tops a tranquil evening spent in the Hotel Royal Macau’s lounge where you sink into the plush furniture after a long day of travel to enjoy the hotel’s signature cocktail, the Royal Port and Tonic. Following your aperitif, it is on to dinner at your choice of two fine dining establishments, the Portuguese FADO or the Shanghainese Catalpa Garden Restaurant. You dine in fashion, all the while serenaded by the Hotel Royal Macau’s grand pianist but the luxurious experience does not stop when you leave the lobby.


All suites of the Hotel Royal Macau are classically furnished with dark wood and marble bathrooms while the oversized windows provide astonishing views of the nearby Guia Fortress and Pearl River delta. Of course, common modern essential offered by Royal Macau include cable TV, wireless internet, air conditioning and spacious work desks in every room. When you need to escape the room for a moment, grab a snack at the bakery, an espresso in the cafe, swim a few laps in the pool or relax in the sauna/steam room. No matter your desire, The Hotel Royal Macau will accommodate, even if you only want to stay in your room and enjoy our attentive room service.



But, if you can pull yourself away from the amenities of the hotel, there is a knowledgeable concierge on staff to facilitate your tour or business in Macau. The Hotel Royal Macau is conveniently located 7.9 km from the Macau International Airport, so it makes an ideal place for tourists and businesspeople alike. We offer valet parking and dry cleaning services for the businessman as well as a shuttle bus and regular laundry for the convenience of our out of town guests.


The royal treatment at The Hotel Royal Macau starts when you check-in and doesn’t cease until you are safely on your way to your next destination. Macau is affluent and unique, futuristic yet historic, and we believe that each of our guests deserves to live like the Macanese during their stay. That is simply why, for your next trip, The Hotel Royal Macau is the only place to be.


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Revitalise and Optimise your Social Media Outreach

July 23, 2015


Social media is never stagnant. Facebook’s updated reach algorithm makes it harder for your brand content to be seen. Users’ social behavior and preference for platforms evolve at a pace that is tough for you to follow. Yet you risk losing your audience once you fail to connect with them in the right way, at the right places.

Join Douglas White; a social media expert with over 20 years of digital experience for a 2-Day practical workshop on Social Strategy Optimisation.


The workshop will help you reassess your existing strategies and strengthen customer relationships- maximizing sales through social engagement. We’ll explore new social platforms and how to maximize their potential. Enjoy hands-on, interactive learning exercises and take away actionable tools and techniques that will strengthen your brand.

Register online to attend our conference at The Royal Garden in Hong Kong from July 23rd-24th or at Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel in Singapore from July 27th-28th.

Find success in social media with PRDA Asia Hong Kong, Asia’s leading social media agency. Led by Douglas White, who has close to 30 years digital experience, PRDA Asia has been in the business for more than 10 years, delivering social media success for clients in English, traditional Chinese and simplified Chinese. PRDA Asia provides a complete solution for social media management including strategy, training, account creation, branded content, publishing, engagement, lead generation, risk management, social CRM, SEO and SEM.


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