Want to sign up for location based service? The Chinese always have the better option

July 20, 2011

Leave it to the Chinese to make things fancier, funner, more interactive and, well, better. While location based services are all the rage these days (think Foursquare where people childishly compete over mayorships and badges), Chinese start-up Douban has decided it’s about time that they join the bandwagon and basically offer more. Forget about badges for checking in while in an airport somewhere or for being on a ship or for partying with friends until 3 in the morning. Douban.com’s DuiJiao allows users to check-in to venues across China, and share their activity amongst anyone they choose to follow. DuiJiao is the latest addition to Douban.com features which now range from movie and book reviews, user blogs and brand mini sites to its original Last.fm-style music streaming.

So here’s the lowdown – DuiJiao has all the features of a “standard” location based service but what makes it really better is the fact that it provides the platform for people to share their expertise, tips and reviews about a certain venue or service and people can also ask! Moreover, DuiJiao can also let the users “follow” venues as well as individuals. This means that DuiJiao has infused the power of Twitter and microblogging within their location based service. This is a plus point for owners of a certain business since he or she can follow what the customers want, ask for, discuss about and even criticize. It’s instant feedback that they can “follow” or monitor using any Internet ready gadget or mobile/smart phone. Instant feedback straight from the horse’s mouth, so to speak.

Currently, Sina Weibo microblogging service users can log-in and use all the features by connecting with their Weibo account, for a single sign-in solution.

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January 25, 2011

社交網站現在非常盛行,大家差不多每日都會瀏覽Facebook新浪微博Twitter等交友網站,與你的朋友分享照片、視頻、動態等等。而這些社交網站一般都比較大眾化,要談什麼都可以,而主要分享對象都是以朋友為主!而中國便有一個社交網站以書會友 ﹣ 豆瓣




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