Digital gets Fashionable–or is it the other way around?

February 22, 2010

By Josie Tao (Hong Kong)

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Next minute you’re out

Anyone who watches Reality TV knows Heidi Klum’s tagline in Project Runway– “In fashion one day you’re in, the next day you’re out”.  But a look at what is happening at London Fashion week will prove that Fashion is moving a lot faster than what Miss Heidi has anticipated.  Thanks to digital and social media, reactions to what’s hot and what’s not pile up to millions by the time your minute rice comes to a boil.

London Fashion Week brings new meaning to Fashion Forward

New this year to London fashion week is a “LFW Digial Schedule” where you can find information and access to realtime streaming of live fashion shows.  Viewers can now have front row seats to any show that catches their interest in their comfortable and less stylish pajamas.  Viewers may also watch Fashion Films via the website–one of the most notable movie is probably one put together by British Fashion Council celebrating 25 years of British Fashion with a showing of 25 most stylist and innovative dress designs.

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Fashion going Digital= Fashion Editors working a double shift?
Realtime access to shows at London Fashion Week is bound to send Fashion Magazine Editors straight for their 9th double espresso— now bloggers and fashion addicts are reacting instantaneously to the new looks and styles.  Indeed editors reveal that they definitely feel the pressure to duck backstage immediately after each show, interview, or meeting in order to constantly provide updates online.  Because lets face it, being fashionable means having access to the newest, coolest and most exclusive—now this information of what is new is no longer exclusive. What’s trendy about finding out the latest style a couple days–if not a couple weeks later in Vogue Magazine when that “news” is already day old bread?

Henry Holland and model Agyness Deyn aka Aggy(Image taken from )

Fashion going digital—what’s the appeal?
It is no secret that Fashion Week is the craziest and most important moment for designers, not to mention the most stressful–just look at what happened to Alexander Mcqueen.  So why add the extra stress of up-to-the-minute tweeting and exposing your collection without the flattering filter of your editor,model,celebrity friends??

The House of Holland even developed a Blackberry application that allows anyone to buy the collection immediately as they see the designs parade down the runway.  This allows dedicated fashionistas to get first dibs on designs before they are even launched in-stores.

One key advantage designers like Henry Holland sees in going digital is associating their name to some of the most innovative technology.  In 2010, where not knowing what facebook  equals a social death-sentence, going digital means you’re one of the cool kids–and this is the most important image for a designer to broadcast.

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