Greyhound cafés: where fashion meets food and art creates atmosphere

September 19, 2013

Cafés and restaurants come in and out of fashion. But at our urban hangout Greyhound café you’ll always be in vogue because Greyhound cafés first came into existence from a fashion label in Bangkok. When you dine in our venues, you’ll find that everything around you – from the fresh food to the creative décor, has been carefully styled.

Of course, we make sure that the Thai-influenced menus, the service and the ambience are always top-notch, but never have we lost sight of our first love: art. We’ve got creativity from wall-to-wall and art inspires everything that we do, including our food.


We don’t cook our food, we create it. At Greyhound café we serve simple foods with a twist: traditional and modern cooking techniques mingle; elements of urban street food and refined haute cuisine go side by side; ingredients from local and international culture are fused together to invent something blissful. With this many contrasts, it’s no wonder that our fusion food has been such a hit.


If you drop in for our renowned brunch, you’ll be plated a mouthwatering choice of fusion cuisine options – from Bacon and Egg in the Hole (bacon bits with eggs cooked in Thai hot tray, served with baguette) to Noodles with Thai Braised Beef soup.

Traditional art galleries have great looking artwork for your eyes. But the dishes in Greyhound café stimulate all the senses. The food is made to look great, smells incredible and tastes sensational, all because of the personal touch from our creative chefs. Sounds enticing, doesn’t it?


Art should be interactive. Dining with us is an inter-art-ive experience. Whether you’re in search of a muse or amusement, drop into one of our six branches for a kaleidoscope for the senses and a collide-o-scope where fashion meets food, art creates atmosphere and Asian and European cuisines come together in a happy union. We promise to brighten up your day in the most creative way.


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Top Hong Kong social media company PRDA helps promote ART HK 11

May 24, 2011

ART HK 11 or Hong Kong Art Fair 2011 is set to take place on May 26 to 29, 2011 at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center and who else to provide quality social media promotional strategies but PRDA or Prosperity Research Digital Agency, one of Hong Kong’s most established social media companies. With more than 250 successful campaigns under its belt in just a span of 5 years, PRDA’s involvement in this year’s ART HK 11 is definitely seen as a game changer — PRDA’s social media magic will not only draw more visitors to the fair but will increase brand recall and buzz for the much-awaited Hong Kong Art Fair 2011.

“We’re excited to be a part of ART HK 11. We think it’s an event that does not only showcase modern and contemporary arts but more importantly, gives highlight to the passion, sheer talent and skill of artists – from the modern masters to promising contemporary artists,” said Douglas White, head of PRDA.

And showcase it does! According to the organizers, ART HK 11 will present works from modern masters such as Picasso to important contemporary artists such as Takashi Murakami and Damien Hirst. Because of this, the ART HK event, which is organized by Asian Art Fairs Ltd, is truly one of the most anticipated in the international arts calendar.

From May 26 to 29, the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center will be home to 260 galleries from 38 countries around the world. The price tags of the paintings will range from HK $8,000 to as much as HK $80 Million.

Among the activities during the fair are the “Art Futures” section (where visitors can find works of emerging artists) and the “Asia One” section (where visitors can find solo exhibitions by Asian artists).

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Meet Master Ram: Martial Arts influenced Dance hits Planet Yoga Hong Kong

December 31, 2009

Dance as exercise is becoming hugely popular and Master Ram sets the pace. A lifetime of dance and martial arts has made him fast and flexible. He uses his talents to design a range of classes from Bollywood to Freestyle. Having started teaching at 15 he is recognized as one of the youngest certified dance instructors.

yoga,planet yoga,hong kong

RY: As the Dance Director, you customize a wide range of classes–Bollywood, Freestyle, bellydancing specifically for Planet Yoga. What are you working on at the moment?

Ram: Right now, I am preparing for the new Master Classes at Planet Yoga. We are very lucky to have a lot of dedicated and eager dancers at Planet Yoga so these sessions are designed with them in mind. The choreography is meant for intermediate and advanced dancers who are looking for something a little more challenging.

RY: You are one of the youngest certified dance instructors in India. How did you become a dance instructor? Were you always a good dancer?

Ram: I was always very athletic as a kid–I studied Martial Arts for 7 years and became a Black Belt. I began training in dance at a very young age and started teaching classes when I was 15.

yoga,planet yoga,hong kong

RY: Who has inspired you most as a dancer?

Ram: My biggest idol, without a doubt, is Michael Jackson. Not just for his techniques but his innovation, his star quality and charisma. In my profession, it is easy to imitate others’ styles and techniques. It is important for me to create original choreography so that my students are learning something new and exciting, not something they have already seen somewhere else.
yoga,planet yoga,hong kong

RY: Some of these classes may sound a little intimidating –Bhangra Funk, Modern Belly Dancing. For someone who has little or no experience dancing how would you encourage them?

Ram: I always teach each of my classes with one goal in mind, and that is to help my students build self-confidence, have fun and raise their energy level. Some of the classes are more challenging than others, but ultimately, it is not about learning specific techniques or fancy moves, I want them to feel good about their bodies and health.

RY: Planet Yoga is known for having instructors that have real talent and great experience. What does real yoga mean to you?

Ram: For each of my classes, I try to create a unique experience. I listen to my students and give them lots of feedback. It is important for me that anyone who comes into my class feels that they are able to take with them something that is worthwhile. Real yoga for me is creating a personal experience for each of my students.

To join a class taught by Master Ram: Please call us at (CWB): 2525 8277, (CTL): 2525 8288 or (TST): 3165 8080

Prosperity Research Social Media Case Study:

April 23, 2009

Prosperity Research Social Media Case Study: is the top online luxury magazine in Asia. Their viewers are socialites and so their marketing needed to be social. Engaging their connoisseur class of viewers required a social media campaign targeted specifically at their elite members. High quality video and strategic placement in social network sites got Luxury-Insider the attention they wanted. Learn more

US and European Art Gallery Auction in Hong Kong: Everything must go to pay debt!

March 18, 2009

Huge US Art Gallery bankruptcy auction in Hong Kong. Everything must go to pay the debt. Paintings, Sports, Furniture, Crystal, John Wayne memorabilia, western art, Miro, Chagall, Degas, and other famous artists.

大型的美國藝術品在香港拍賣, 貨物種類繁多. 油畫, 運動用品, 傢俱, 水晶. 約翰韋恩的紀念品, 西方藝術品, 米羅, 夏卡爾, 德加及其他知名藝術家的作品.

大型的美国艺术品在香港拍卖, 货物种类繁多. 油画, 运动用品, 家俱, 水晶. 约翰韦恩的纪念品, 西方艺术品, 米罗, 夏卡尔, 德加及其他知名艺术家的作品.

Luxury Insider Insider’s Circle – Classic Timepieces to Timeless Dining – join Insider’s Circle Rewards.

December 10, 2008 – Luxury Insider’s Insider Circle – Elite, exotic, and delectable. The Insiders Circle Rewards you with exclusive invitations and special dining promotions in Singapore’s lifestyle scene.

Luxury Insider Insider’s Circle – Exotic Autos to Luxury Yachts, join the elite Insider’s Circle.

December 3, 2008 – Luxury Insider’s Insider Circle – Elite, exotic, rare and beautiful becomes yours. The Insider Circle brings you inside information, exclusive invitations and special promotions in Singapore’s lifestyle scene. – 精英富豪的圈子.不論是精美,奇特,珍貴或罕有的物品,你均可據為己有.The Insider Circle 為你帶來新加坡不同的潮流資訊, 專享的邀請及特別的優惠.

emotions – Arts Exhibition@Agnes b

September 4, 2008

Agnes B takes over Hong Kong! It is official, Agnes B does everything! Restaurants, fashion, flowers, travel accessories, home furnishings and now an art gallery. Along with Ready Made Magazine they launched an imaginative art exhibit where you have to squeeze through a little door and then enter into a large room to give the impression of emmensity. Agnes B will rotate the installations approximately every 3 – 4 months so check back regularly.

Wall Lords- Graffiti Asia 戰牆 – 決戰亞洲塗鴉客

August 20, 2008

Don’t tell your Mum but at SO-U.Tv we think that graffitis are cool. That’s why we can’t miss taking you to the biggest grafitti contest in Asia: Wall Lords. Hong Kong is the first location before Beijing, Shenzhen, Shanghai and Taipei. It is all happening from 11.00am this Saturday (16 August) at the Hangout Youth Center in Sai Wan Ho, 2 Holy Cross Path. More details at

戰牆香港站開戰了,賽事將分別在北京、深圳、香港、上海、台北5個地區舉行,而第一站 正是在香港西灣河協青社舉行,比賽旨在為塗鴉文化愛好者提供一個交流的平台,至潮至型 的你千萬別錯過了,請收看

Dear Yau Ma Tei Dear : )油麻地

August 12, 2008

SO-U.TV A group of young emerging artists transforms Shanghai Street Artspace into an “art-mail-box”, collecting expressive and reflective letters in relation of the Yau Ma Tei district milieu full of devoutness. Three groups of artists hang around lanes and alleyways to explore both the unique scenarios, which are in the diminishing condition under the shadow of rapid economical development.


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