Bedazzle Kitchen:Syphilis 妖女廚房:梅毒

July 17, 2008

Watch out for Bedazzle Kitchen this weekend on www.SO-U.TV . A series of videos presented by local favorite drag queens Coco Pop & Karolina Lista. They paired up with AIDs Concern to bring you food for thought and for tummy. This episode we will talk about Syphilis- Our Japanese-style Coco is having her best posture and cooking this time. Watch how she turns cooking into art and work her magic dymistifying STDs. She is sure setting a trend for Kimonos.

由「關懷愛滋」與「Queen Collection」合作製作的教育短片《妖女廚房》,將會在我們www.SO-U.TV內推出,主持人 Coco 及 Karolina 以輕鬆幽默的方法講解性病,及如何正確防範性病傳播,影片對象以男同志為主,但當中的內容男女皆宜。今集的內容是梅毒 Syphilis – 日本式 Coco 最有姿勢和實際的一次,把煮飯變成一種藝術,把性病戲謔於掌心間,神情令人敬仰,掀起和服熱潮。