Getting Ready for the Holiday with your Designer Dress, Perfect Place for Kids Parties and lavish Christmas Dinners All Waiting for You

November 22, 2014


1920167_10152740919796335_4631905683010298825_n.jpg-oh=8a7ca181d9ab4c49e1aeac085e7f6ecb&oe=54E275AEAurza Gives The Power To Create Your Own Clothes

Yes, that’s right. The power to create your very own clothes – dress or top and skirt – just the way you want them is now made available. Aurza, an innovative website that promises a fast, easy and ultra convenient way for you to be an instant designer. All you have to do is choose your silhouette, your preferred color and styling with just a few clicks of a button and voila! You get a look that is uniquely your own. Perfect fit, cut and size that you yourself choose. To get you started, why don’t you check out our website and like us in Facebook.




IMG_8551-2Organize A Pizza Party Like No Other At Sideways Driving Club Hong Kong

Kids love pizza. Kids love to party! So what better way to mix the two than to organize a fun kids pizza party at Sideways Driving Club Hong Kong? At Sideways Driving Club Hong Kong, parties are well-organized to keep them seamless, hassle-free and just full of amazing thrill. Let the kids drive virtually and enjoy F1 driving technology at less than karting prices. There are also prizes at stake for the top 3 kiddie drivers! Know more about this great party service, visit our website now and like our Facebook Page.



1383380_482407098566239_7219359051398115037_n.jpg-oh=08f8347f7ff6e6ff0cd96de1c4d592ce&oe=54D32FEFThe Globe Hong Kong Pride: A Constantly Changing Menu

You know what’s better than a fantastic menu that offers delicious dishes? A fantastic menu that consistently gets changed! This means that there’s always something exciting to look forward to whenever you visit. An ever-changing range of food choices is what The Globe Hong Kong promises. Let Chef Patrick Barrett dazzle your taste buds with delectable dishes of fantastic quality and superb value. Try the set lunches (that change weekly) for starters. For more information about The Globe, visit our website now.




s_May_001_DCwDP_Bday_wCome And Celebrate “You” With Edible Arrangements®  Hong Kong Birthday Treats

Happy Birthday! You actually don’t need other people to celebrate and honor you on your very special day. You can do that on your own, by yourself and so quickly! Just check out these super special birthday bouquets available at Edible Arrangements® Hong Kong. There are even edible bouquets that have edible pops, mixed toppings and sweet chocolate covered Love Pandas! Have your delectable treats delivered right at your doorstep. Honor your achievements with your very own fruit bouquet. Click here now.



Try Three Butchers Hong Kong Roast Beef With Veggies For A Flavorful Weekend

May 23, 2014


In the midst of the hustle and bustle that is Hong Kong, restful weekends can be quite the welcome retreat. How much more if those weekends can be a delight for the taste buds as well? Imagine surprising your loved ones with a special roast beef recipe that is sure to make them look forward to weekends all the more.

Now for a really good roast beef, you must have quality ingredients. You must get tender eye fillet roast beef and fresh vegetables such as potatoes and carrots. Perhaps put in some cauliflower for that beautiful touch of green. Of course, the eye fillet roast beef, as the main star of the recipe, must be real good, fresh and clean. And in Hong Kong, you only have one shop to rely on. Three Butchers Hong Kong provides quality meat at very friendly prices!


Three Butchers Hong Kong offers top quality eye fillet roast beef in 600 gram packs, 1.2 kg or as a whole (1.8 kg to 2.1 kg and up). If you’re planning a roast beef good for the family, a 600 gram pack is suffice. On the other hand, if you plan to serve your roast beef to a group of hungry friends, get the whole shebang and ask for the whole pack!


So head on down to Three Butchers HK today and plan your roast beef weekend. You and your loved ones deserve not only a restful weekend but a delightful gastronomic one as well.


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Counting Calories? Three Butchers Hong Kong Has Beef Cut Tips For You

May 15, 2014


Let’s face it. Dieting can be a pain sometimes. There are many sacrifices involved – including the fact that you need to be careful with your daily calorie intake. Don’t fret, though. Counting calories and dieting need not be complicated. You actually don’t need to eat less – you just need to eat right! Start by learning these quick tips from Three Butchers Hong Kong that detail which cut of beef is best for your waistline.

What dieters should look for is lean beef. The leaner, the better, as they say. Best to look for beef cuts that are low in calories, cholesterol and fat. Check out this infographic below. Remember – there are more than 20 cuts that have less than 172 calories, 95 grams of cholesterol and 10 grams of total fat per 3-oz serving.


So based on the infographic, among the best beef cuts to get are sirloin (top sirloin steak, tri-tip roast, tri-tip steak), loin (t-bone steak, top loin, tenderloin steak, tenderloin roast), chuck and brisket. Use these beef cuts to prepare your meals at home. These are not just low in calories but in cholesterol and fat content as well.

To make it easier for you to have good, premium beef, Three Butchers Hong Kong now has a family pack! Just the right amount of premium beef enough for your loved ones at home. Each Three Butchers Hong Kong family pack comes with 8x300g ribeye steaks (2 per pack), 4x500g premium beef mince, 2×15 piece cumberland sausage packs, 1x600g eye fillet roast beef and the recommended 3x300g premium sirloin stir-fry.


You can even have this pack delivered right at your doorstep!


Make the best decision and opt for healthy, quality beef. Make dieting a happy journey!

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Cook a Romantic Valentine’s Day Dinner with Three Butchers Hong Kong

January 30, 2014

Valentine’s Day is approaching fast! A romantic dinner for two at an expensive restaurant may be the typical Valentine’s Day date, but why not make it extra special by cooking a home-cooked meal from the heart from you and your sweetie? With delicious, high quality meat from Three Butchers Hong Kong, your private dinner for two will truly come from the heart. Try this delicious roasted beef rib eye recipe that Three Butchers Hong Kong found just in time for Valentine’s Day.

First, preheat your oven to 200 C. Tie your fresh beef from Three Butchers Hong Kong with individual pieces of string every 5 centimeters. Brush the beef lightly with oil and sear it on all sides over medium-high heat until evenly browned. Season the beef with pepper and salt and rub fresh thyme and sage over it. Tuck a few sage leaves under the string for taste.

Next, place the seasoned beef on a rack in a roasting dish. Add about ½ a cup of water to the roasting dish to keep it juicy. Roast for 60 minutes if you like your beef rare, 75 minutes for medium beef, or 90 minutes for well-done. Use a meat thermometer to double check your roasting time as different ovens will vary in cooking temperature and length.

Remove the roast from the oven, cover loosely with foil, and let rest for 20 minutes before carving. This will let all the juices and flavors really soak in. Carve up your delicious roast beef meal and serve along side some roasted vegetables from your local market and a glass of your favourite red wine.

Want to go all out this Valentine’s Day? No problem! Three Butchers Hong Kong is offering FREE delivery on any orders over $700. For more tasty recipes, cooking advice, and meet other food enthusiasts by visiting Three Butchers Hong Kong online.


What’s your favourite Valentine’s Day recipe? Share with us in the comments below!


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