Keep Your Employees Motivated With Tips From Business Registration Hong Kong

June 8, 2013

 Motivation is what drives us to work harder, more efficiently, and with more passion. Every person is motivated differently in and out of the workplace. The core motivation for most employees is that they gain something out of their work experience. How do you know what pushes your team forward? Follow this advice from Business Registration Hong Kong to tailor your motivational techniques to all individuals.

Motivation is all about meeting your employees’ needs. A good start is to recognize your employees for their hard work. Give a bonus or some sort of non-monetary reward when an employee exceed expectations. Always leave room for advancement within the company for those who are dedicated and work hard. Similarly, don’t reward bad work. Hard working employees who see poor performers receive the same pay, benefits, and recognition are actually demotivated. Make sure you are recognizing the right people.

Another great motivator is to show employees that you trust them. Keep them in the loop with routine communication about what’s going on in the company and other departments. Give high performers more responsibility and ownership over their work. Allow great employees to have opportunities to lead within their departments. All these things will keep your workers interested and feeling appreciated.

Regardless of what individual motivators people need, the bottom line is that most people are motivated by money. Money is needed to pay bills, to feed ourselves and our families, and to keep a roof over our heads. However, it’s not all about salary. A livable salary is a good start, but things like compensation, bonuses, and a variety of benefits will keep your employees happy because their needs are met. Do you have a lot of employees with families? A child care stipend may be a good motivator. Do you have a lot of young professionals? A retirement plan will help get them off to a good start.

Keep your employees happy and working hard with the right motivational strategies. Remember that everyone is different and some motivational technique may not work. In this case, talk to your top performers and see what their needs are and how you can help meet them. For more information on how to improve your business, how to get started, and more, visit Business Registration Hong Kong.

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Recent Reports Show that Consumers Prefer Green Businesses

September 13, 2012


As the importance of sustainability rises, green businesses such as Accor hotels have seen an increase of consumer interest. With evidence of more and more companies providing an economically aware atmosphere, customer loyalty to these businesses raise significantly as well. Green growth is proving to improve local environment as well as companies’ personal interests.

There are many influences that drive consumer choices such as availability, brand names, and price. However many customers have come to expect the products in stores and from their loyal companies to be green. Despite environmentally friendly products having a premium price to them, customers globally have been reported regularly stating that they would prefer paying the cost for the green label.

It is because of this increase of interest that it is also important for companies to provide an eco-label for their products, such as Accor hotels’ toiletries that are available in every hotel bathroom. Making sure that consumers are aware your green products is beneficial to both the customer and your company.

By raising the awareness of an eco-friendly brand, businesses benefit themselves, their consumers, and the environment. Many companies struggle with how to achieve this goal, however, but the answer can be found. Accor has developed a programme titled PLANET 21 which is based on increasing green growth. Referencing the site for statistics, research, and other helpful hints is highly encouraged.

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Edible Arrangements Helps You Stay Healthy!

April 17, 2012

Why do you think it is important to include fruits in your diet? It is a sure way to a healthier body! Edible Arrangements Hong Kong has a great selection of fruit for you to treat yourself with. Not only is fruit healthy, it’s also delectable and can be of great advantage in many different ways. Fruit is a great way to consume a more healthy diet in order to lose weight or to gain more energy. You’ll feel much better the moment you start eating more fruit!

Edible Arrangements Hong Kong knows that the nutrients you get from fruit are important! They handcrafted these fruit bouquets especially for you and your loved ones to get all the nutrients you need! To get the highest number of nutrients possible, Edible Arrangements Hong Kong offers a great variety of different fruits all with different health benefits.

This is one of the newest fruit bouquets from Edible Arrangements Hong Kong. This Accomplishment Bouquet includes daisy-shaped pineapples, cantaloupes and grapes beautifully arranged in a ceramic container. This is just a perfect gift to newly graduate students and also a deliciously healthy treat!

Do you love strawberries? Fresh, juicy strawberries can benefit your health since they are rich in vitamins and minerals that your body needs to help rejuvenate its cells, tissues, and organs. Plus, strawberries contain a combination of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agents that help prevent the cause of cancer. They’re delicious too!

Edible Arrangements Hong Kong brings you this juicy Berry Bouquet! Enjoy this luscious strawberry arrangement delightfully arranged in a gorgeous container. You can get it for yourself or cheer someone up with it as a tasty gift!

Edible Arrangements Hong Kong will satisfy all your fruit and health needs. Browse their large selection of arrangements and start eating healthier today!

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