Manifest Marketing: Beyond Encryption computer data privacy in Asia

August 28, 2010
Available in Asia exclusively from Manifest Marketing, Beyond Encryption Technologies or B.E.T is an Irish software development company that specializes in business applications for top leading companies and organizations in the United States, United Kingdom, Middle East, and Asia. Beyond Encryption Technologies is revered as the global leader in data security solutions. The company also provides its users with the latest tools and support needed to enforce security in the network. To better understand the solutions that B.E.T is offering to us, let us get to know their various products and services.

B.E.T products feature a reactive security solution. This means that upon deployment, the software application can immediately begin its work in supporting data protection to its clients. This will speed up the whole security process. More work for B.E.T and less for its clients. The reactive security includes remote freezing, remote file transfer, and remote destruction of data, remote lockdown of device, and timed lockdown. A timed security mode is also available for those who want to have some tasks done automatically on a specific time or schedule. Not to mention that B.E.T also has the IP Fencing Security Mode needed to draw the line from the inside to the outside. Such is the great power of Beyond Encryption Technologies.

The B.E.T products are: B.E Prime, B.E Professional, and B.E Premium. Built for the small and medium enterprises, the B.E Prime can host up to one hundred computers as part of their security package. The B.E Professional product on the other hand is a business solution for larger corporations who prefer to have their servers hosted within the walls of their building. Lastly, the B.E Premium product is for those larger clients who are planning to integrate the B.E.T software into their own security applications. But regardless of what specific package you might want to get, you will definitely get access to B.E.T’s technology and its advanced tools such as – a server that stores everything about your business, a client agent to support you all the time, a secure communications channel or SCC, and B.E.T’s series of security commands for you to use.

B.E.T is indeed going beyond the norms of security and data protection. You can check out all of B.E.T’s products and services in the Hong Kong based corporation Manifest Marketing Limited. Manifest Marketing Limited is a partner of B.E.T in Asia. It hosts a wide number of security products and services including the revered B.E.T.