Stay Fit This Summer With Edible Arrangements Fruit Bouquets

July 24, 2012

Some people may resort to exercise and dieting gimmicks, but did you know that you can stay healthy this summer by eating tasty and luscious Edible Arrangements fruit bouquets? Edible Arrangements Hong Kong fruit baskets look beautiful and taste delicious, all while helping you minimize calories and curb that sweet tooth.

Take the case of our classic Mid Autumn Celebration fruit bouquet. You don’t need to wait for the mid-autumn festival to enjoy this juicy treat! It’s a mouthwatering assortment of fresh fruits including cantaloupes, grapes and strawberries. Cantaloupes are low in calories and can help prevent cancer, while grapes and strawberries have an abundance of antioxidants and vitamins.

Another great way of staying fit this summer is doing exercise routines with friends! You can attend yoga classes together or do Zumba. And as a great treat, why not buy the creme de la creme of fruit bouquets? Share the gorgeous Edible Arrangements Hong Kong Tropical Festival with them. This fruit bouquet is a beautiful showcase of pineapple daisies, cantaloupe, strawberries, grapes, honeydew and fresh, juicy orange slices. It might interest you to know that pineapples are great sources of vitamin C and manganese. Truly healthy!

So why not treat yourself to one of our hand-sculpted, luscious fruit arrangements today? Not only do Edible Arrangements fruit bouquets and fruit boxes look and taste good, they can help pave way for a healthier you.

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Enjoy Summer with Edible Arrangements Fresh Fruit Bouquets

July 10, 2012

Want to know how to make your summer better? Mix sun, sand and surf with Edible Arrangements! There’s nothing better to celebrate the glorious days of summer with than fresh, juicy and delectable fruit bouquets from Edible Arrangements Hong Kong.

If you and your friends are planning a summery splash at the beach, why not bring along the new Island Daisies fruit bouquet? This luscious summer treat features white chocolate dipped pineapple daisies and orange wedges covered in coconut. This Edible Arrangements fruit bouquet is also perfect for special events such as summer weddings and family reunions. Enjoy a beautiful mix of summer colors – green, orange, yellow, red and white with this edible bouquet. Can you just imagine the smiles on the faces of your guests when they see this edible eye-candy?

Now if you really want to impress your guests a little bit more, get the creme de la creme of fruit bouquets. The gorgeous Edible Arrangements Hong Kong Tropical Festival is a beautiful showcase of pineapple daisies, cantaloupe, strawberries, grapes, honeydew and fresh, juicy orange slices. A favorite of many, this edible bouquet also has delicious dusting of white chocolate and coconut on orange wedges and strawberries. As if that’s not enough, the Tropical Festival by Edible Arrangements also has double dipped bananas with both white and semisweet chocolate topped with coconut. The benefits keep coming with a keepsake metal centerpiece container that you can recycle and reuse.

Leave it to Edible Arrangements Hong Kong to come up with amazing summer treats for you and your friends!  Check out Edible Arrangements today and plan a memorable summer!

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Celebrate Father’s Day With Edible Arrangements Hong Kong

June 6, 2012

Father’s Day is fast approaching and I’m sure a lot of us are already thinking of the best present we could give to our dads. He is after all the number one man of the family and the one whom we should all be thankful for raising us to be the person we are today.

Instead of giving our dads the usual boring tie that most fathers get for father’s day, break away from the norm and give your dad something unique. Some might try for something luxurious like a cruise or fancy hotel stay. These, however, can cost you a lot of money and can make a large dent in your budget.

Lucky for you Edible Arrangements Hong Kong has all your Father’s Day woes taken care of.  The fresh fruit bouquets created by Edible Arrangements have all the important elements that each of us want in a Father’s Day present.

It is a sure way to give your father an absolutely one of a kind tribute as well as a deliciously indulgence that’s not only inexpensive, but also very healthy. Anyone would be impressed with their charmingly created fresh fruit arrangements with striking details and impeccable presentation. Each bouquet is handcrafted with only the freshest, juiciest fruit creating a great luxury gift that anyone can afford.

Edible Arrangements also has stores in various locations worldwide, making it easy to send a gift to an overseas dad. Being far from dad is no excuse to not show him a little appreciation on this special day.

All you have to do is go online or call to place your orders and Edible Arrangements will make sure that their team of well-trained professionals will deliver your orders fresh and on time right at your  doorstep. Make this Father’s Day a really special one for your dad. Choose from a variety of fresh fruit baskets and bouquets that only Edible Arrangements Hong Kong can provide!

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A Gift Of Time and Convenience From Edible Arrangements Hong Kong

May 22, 2012

With such busy lifestyles, convenience is perhaps one of the most important things people look for when it comes to planning a party. Anything that can make party planning easier and give the gift of a little more time is a definite plus. With that in mind, Edible Arrangements Hong Kong makes it easy for anyone to host a special event.

The age of spending a big chunk of your time preparing for a party and making sure the table is filled with do-it-yourself party treats is over. It has become easy for someone living a fast-paced, metropolitan lifestyle with the help of Edible Arrangements. Part of their mission is to offer an easier way to prepare for a celebration that can save everyone an ample amount of time through uniquely carved arrangements of fruit baskets and bouquets.

Now, with regards to this season of fun, sun and sand, a variety of their Edible Arrangements’ new tropical collection fruit bouquets can provide for both an exclusive event or a even huge summer beach party. Although a busy work schedule can always cause you to miss out on some summer fun, Edible Arrangements will conveniently bring the tropics to you and let you party with their newest Tropical Island™ Dipped Strawberries, Bananas and Oranges.

Place your orders and let Edible Arrangements assure you of a unique and impressive party celebration of any kind. All you have to do is pick them up at one of their locations in Hong Kong nearest you. Order in advance, and Edible Arrangements will be happy to deliver for you! Not having enough time or even the energy to organize a party for loved ones does not mean you care for them any less. It only means that with Edible Arrangements Hong Kong, you’d get to spend more time and enjoy with that one person you arranged the party for!

Visit one of Edible Arrangements Hong Kong’s many locations and order a fruitquet for your loved one today! You can also place an order over the phone at 852-2385-0158 or visit them online.

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Edible Arrangements Hong Kong for Mother’s Day – Only the Best for Moms

April 25, 2012

Once every year, we are faced with this challenge of searching for something unique to give our moms on Mother’s Day. What is it that would really show her our appreciation? We’re in a dilemma when it comes to giving something to the most important woman in our lives. Edible Arrangements Hong Kong understands this and has just what you need to make your mother feel special!

There’s nothing better than letting your mom know how much she means with a unique, hand-sculpted gift arrangements. One specifically made for Mother’s Day is the You’re Grape bouquet. The arrangement shows everyone around just how much you love your mom! It contains Edible Arrangement’s signature pineapple hearts, gourmet chocolate-dipped strawberries, honeydew, grapes and cantaloupe. To top it all off, along with the bouquet is a Mother’s Day balloon for that one special woman.

These uniquely-made edible Mother’s Day gift arrangements look so exquisite that it might even make your mom think twice about eating it. Nevertheless, it takes quite a strong will not to do that when there’s this 1 Dozen Swizzle Berry Chocolate Roses right in front of you. There’s no need to feel guilty, though since what you’re giving her is something temptingly sweet, but healthy as well.

Edible Arrangements Hong Kong makes it easier for anybody with a busy, fast-paced lifestyle to still give their moms the perfect gift on Mother’s Day.  It’s All About Mom this Mother’s Day. Show her how much you care!

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Edible Arrangements Hong Kong: Giving You a Thousand Ways To Say “I Love You”

April 23, 2012

Letting your loved one feel that he or she is important isn’t something that’s just reserved for special occasions such as anniversaries, Valentines Day, or birthdays. It’s something that should be shared every day! There are a lot of really unique and exciting ways to show your special someone how much they mean to you. Edible Arrangements Hong Kong specializes in creating breathtaking works of art using edible flowers made of different fruits, chocolates, and candies that result in incredibly delicious gifts that simply say “I Love You”.

Sending flowers, chocolates, and gift baskets are time tested ways to show love and affection, just like the photo below of Berry Chocolate Bouquet with Hearts in Red Container. Each and every creation done by Edible Arrangement Hong Kong is a work of art on its own. It’s very obvious that every arrangement has been meticulously assembled using only the freshest  and the finest fruits and  chocolates that are shaped like hearts or flowers and arranged just like you would with real flower bouquets. Talk about having an eye and mouthful!

The people behind these works of art are truly experts in the area of being sweet- literally as the 1 Dozen Swizzle Berry Chocolate Roses shows below! They never seem to run out of ideas as to what types of fruit would go well with certain types of confectionery. Only the best quality elements are being used to complete this healthy and delicious arrangement, which also shows that you care about your loved ones health!

Edible Arrangements Hong Kong makes sure that they have an ample supply of only the premium and freshest fruit bouquets for all of its customers everyday of the week. With the busy lifestyle that most of us have, there is certainly no excuse for not eating healthy. The assorted fruit arrangements are always a good way to have a quick and healthy snack for people on the go.

How about making each and every single day a memorable one by giving them something uniquely beautiful and mouth-wateringly satisfying? Order a fresh fruit basket for you and your loved one today and show them how much you love them in the sweetest and healthiest way that you can!

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Edible Arrangements Helps You Stay Healthy!

April 17, 2012

Why do you think it is important to include fruits in your diet? It is a sure way to a healthier body! Edible Arrangements Hong Kong has a great selection of fruit for you to treat yourself with. Not only is fruit healthy, it’s also delectable and can be of great advantage in many different ways. Fruit is a great way to consume a more healthy diet in order to lose weight or to gain more energy. You’ll feel much better the moment you start eating more fruit!

Edible Arrangements Hong Kong knows that the nutrients you get from fruit are important! They handcrafted these fruit bouquets especially for you and your loved ones to get all the nutrients you need! To get the highest number of nutrients possible, Edible Arrangements Hong Kong offers a great variety of different fruits all with different health benefits.

This is one of the newest fruit bouquets from Edible Arrangements Hong Kong. This Accomplishment Bouquet includes daisy-shaped pineapples, cantaloupes and grapes beautifully arranged in a ceramic container. This is just a perfect gift to newly graduate students and also a deliciously healthy treat!

Do you love strawberries? Fresh, juicy strawberries can benefit your health since they are rich in vitamins and minerals that your body needs to help rejuvenate its cells, tissues, and organs. Plus, strawberries contain a combination of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agents that help prevent the cause of cancer. They’re delicious too!

Edible Arrangements Hong Kong brings you this juicy Berry Bouquet! Enjoy this luscious strawberry arrangement delightfully arranged in a gorgeous container. You can get it for yourself or cheer someone up with it as a tasty gift!

Edible Arrangements Hong Kong will satisfy all your fruit and health needs. Browse their large selection of arrangements and start eating healthier today!

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Stay in Shape with Fresh Fruit Bouquets from Edible Arrangements Hong Kong

April 2, 2012

Stay away from diet fads and cliches this season! Edible Arrangements Hong Kong has the perfect way for you to stay in shape- delicious fresh fruit bouquets! Nothing is better for your health than a tasty snack that can also be substituted as a deliciously healthy treat!

Many diet fads not only fail to work, but are also unhealthy for you to use. Starving your body of nutrients and vitamins is damaging to your overall health and can lead to serious illnesses. Doctors across the board say that nothing works better for getting in shape than a healthy diet and regular exercise! Fruit is at the top of the list of healthy foods, and Edible Arrangements Hong Kong has plenty to share!

Try the Delicious Fruit Design arrangement. Full of luscious strawberries, plump grapes, sweet cantaloupe and honeydew, and adorable pineapple daisies, this bouquet is full of beneficial antioxidants and vitamins to keep you healthy! Edible Arrangements Hong Kong only selects the freshest, ripest fruits for its bouquets, ensuring you a tasty treat every time.

Are you looking to satisfy a sweet tooth? Experts say that chocolate is actually healthy in small doses! Edible Arrangements Hong Kong takes the best of both worlds and combines them in arrangements like the Fruit Festival Dipped Bananas bouquet. This arrangement is overflowing with strawberries, grapes, cantaloupe, honeydew, orange slices, and bananas dipped in chocolate! This bouquet will be sure to satisfy your craving, while keeping off the extra pounds!

Not only are fruitquets from Edible Arrangements Hong Kong healthy; they’re beautiful too! All of Edible Arrangements’ bouquets are hand crafted and are delicately arranged to look like real flower bouquets. These stunning arrangements are sure to wow your friends with their health benefits and stunning presentation!

Edible Arrangements Hong Kong has many locations for you to choose from! You can also place orders online at or over the phone at 852-2385-0158. Edible Arrangements also encourages you to consider the environment when having arrangements delivered. If you don’t need the packaging that comes with your fruitquet, return the container and skewers to any Edible Arrangements Hong Kong store and be rewarded with a coupon for your next order! A recycling hotline is also available at for the eco-friendly on the go.

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Edible Arrangements Hong Kong Adds the Perfect Touch to Your Easter Celebration

March 23, 2012

Add a perfect splash of color to your Easter celebration with a bouquet of fresh fruit from Edible Arrangements Hong Kong! These beautiful fruitquets are hand-sculpted using only the juciest, ripest fruit and are sure to impress your guests.

For a small dinner with your closest family, try Edible Arrangements Hong Kong’s Everybunny Loves Fruit. Delicious cantaloupe, honeydew, and grapes are arranged nicely with fresh pineapple daisies, chocolate dipped strawberries, and chocolate dipped bunnies made out of pineapple. Better yet, this bouquet is placed in a ceramic keepsake container that can be reused, and also comes with a keepsake bear and balloon! This arrangement would be great for a small dinner, or even as a gift to a loved one!

If you’re looking for something a little more grandeur, try the featured Berry Bunny Surprise arrangement by Edible Arrangements Hong Kong. This fruitquet is perfect as a centerpiece or eye-catching appetizer for a larger celebration. Orange wedges, honeydew, grapes, cantaloupe, and strawberries are arranged alongside chocolate dipped strawberries and eight chocolate dipped pineapple bunnies. All of this delicious fruit is arranged beautifully in a keepsake container and comes with two custom teddy bears- the Daisy bear and the Berry bear! Perfect for the little ones in your family.

Edible Arrangements Hong Kong has hundreds of stores open seven days a week. Come in for a free sample! You can also order by phone at 852-2385-0158 for or online at

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Need Get Well Bouquets for a friend who’s sick? We have the answer

March 9, 2012

There are times when a family member, relative or friend gets sick. It’s always a sad, unfortunate thing when that happens especially since practically nobody wants to be sick in the first place. We always want the people close to us to feel all right and to always be in the best of health. Hence, whenever one of our own falls prey to sickness or disease and either needs to stay home or needs to check in at a hospital, we always want to show our care and concern. One of the ways we can reassure them of our well wishes and prayers is to send get well bouquets.

But did you know that there are get well bouquets now that do not only remind the sick patient that we care for them but also serve as great sources of energy and vitamins? Yes, you read that right. Get well bouquets that patients can also eat at the same time!

Edible Arrangements Hong Kong has this pretty fruit arrangement called Apple Daisy. It’s a colorful mix of gourmet chocolate dipped apple wedges, strawberries, cantaloupe, grape, pineapple daisies and even topped with a pineapple that’s shaped like an apple! Is that too much to take in? Check to see what we mean.

Meanwhile, you can also send a get well soon bouquet called the 1 Dozen Swizzle Berry Chocolate Roses white chocolate. A new product by Edible Arrangements Hong Kong, your sick friend or relative will receive 12 long stemmed gourmet white chocolate dipped strawberries – a guaranteed cheer-upper for anyone who wants to get well. You can order this great get well soon bouquet online. Just visit the official Edible Arrangements HK website.

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