Send Your Taste Buds To Heaven With The New Pearadise Fruit Bouquets

March 21, 2013

Edible Arrangements Hong Kong, that store that sells eye-catching fruit bouquets and baskets, is offering something new. And not only that – Edible Arrangements is actually confident that their new and delicious fruit bouquets can send your taste buds to “pearadise”!

Edible Arrangements Hong Kong now has the magnificent Pearadise Collection – arrangements composed of fresh, sweet and juicy pears and other delectable fruits.

The Pearadise Festival fruit arrangement is part of their new collection. Imagine yummy and crisp pear wedges dipped in delicious semisweet chocolate! Pineapples are also artfully crafted into pretty daisies. The beautifully arranged Pearadise Festival also boasts of honeydews, oranges, strawberries, cantaloupes and grapes.

Meanwhile, the Pearadise Daisy fruit bouquet is also guaranteed to send your taste buds to heaven!

Get green and crispy pear wedges dipped in gourmet chocolate along with pineapples, strawberries, melon and grapes. Perfect to send as a gift to a friend who needs cheering up or for your own indulgence on a lazy weekend, you can ask that the Pearadise Daisy be placed in either a ceramic container or a keepsake Edible Arrangements mug.

So which one of these do you like? Place your order now and taste a bit of heaven!

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Building a Positive and Lasting Impression With Edible Arrangements Hong Kong

May 2, 2012


“First Impressions last.” This is probably one of the most common phrases that anybody in all corners of the world is familiar with. Why? Because it’s true! It actually exists in every aspect of our everyday lives. Whatever it is that we do, it will always impact someone else. That’s what makes Edible Arrangements so unique! They help bring out an absolute and lasting impression both to the giver and the receiver of their hand-sculpted gift arrangements and and chocolate-dipped fruit concepts.

Edible Arrangements Hong Kong, as well as all their other stores worldwide, has the similar goal of creating and presenting each arrangement as perfect as it should be to impress and produce that “WOW!” look on every customer’s face. It may sound simple, but once you see even just one of their fruit bouquet arrangements, like this newest Black Cat Bouquet with half dipped strawberries, you’ll soon realize the immense and devoted effort they put into creating something so perfect!

Who wouldn’t be impressed upon receiving something like 2 dozen Berry Chocolate Roses in Semi Sweet Chocolate? It only says one thing about the person who gives you an Edible Arrangements dipped fruit box – he or she thinks you’re as special, sweet, and perfect as each of those meticulously arranged chocolate-dipped fruit pieces right in front of you.

Simply put, Edible Arrangements Hong Kong offers the convenience of giving a unique gift that still clearly expresses our ultimate love, respect and appreciation to that significant someone, despite our hectic lifestyles and all other engagements with work and family.

Visit one of Edible Arrangements Hong Kong’s many locations and order a fruitquet for your loved one today! You can also place an order over the phone at 852-2385-0158 or visit them online.

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How to Impress Your Boss with Edible Arrangements Hong Kong

April 12, 2012

Having the immediate control over your daily activities at work, the individual with the absolute potential to acknowledge your work behavior is your boss. Enters Edible Arrangements Hong Kong, something to impress your boss in so many different ways!

Before you decide what gift you should give your boss, you need to know there is a gift giving etiquette to follow. Be sure to familiarize yourself with your company’s gift giving policies! Then consider your motive of giving your boss a gift. Do you want to impress him or her? Giving a gift is a great pair to hard work that will help you move up quickly! But then again, figuring out the right gift is not that easy. No need to be alarmed as Edible Arrangements Hong Kong has a lot in store for you!

To give your boss a gift, you must give him or her something that shows you have put a lot of thought and care into it. Have you been thinking of giving an arrangement of various fruits and flower-shaped fruit dipped in chocolate? The picture above shows Melon Delight with Dipped Daisies in Golf Ball Keepsake. Daisy-shaped pineapple partially dipped in creamy chocolate, grapes, watermelon, honeydew, and cantaloupe are all exceptionally and deliciously arranged in a golf ball-shaped container. Perfect for a boss who loves to golf! Well that’s just only one of what Edible Arrangements Hong Kong could cater you. You can see more of these lovely fruit bouquets and arrangements at Edible Arrangements Hong Kong.

If your motivation is a special occasion, another option would be this delicious box of Dipped Strawberries – All Dark. Twelve pieces of fresh strawberries dipped in dark chocolate would certainly lighten up your boss’ day. Everyone has a sweet tooth, even your boss!

Edible Arrangements Hong Kong has plenty of alternatives to give your boss. Check them out anytime to find the perfect gift today!

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Chocolate is good for the health

March 7, 2012

Did you know that chocolate, especially dark chocolate, is healthy and good for you? There may be reservations on your part but really, the truth is, dark chocolate has a lot of health benefits and more and more medical experts say that you should include it in your diet. Just to name a few health benefits of dark chocolate – there’s lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, stimulation of endorphin production (or better called as happy cells!) and of course, it tastes good!  

Fortunately for those who want to look for fun and creative ways to enjoy dark chocolate, a specialty store in Hong Kong has come up with two great ideas. Edible Arrangements Hong Kong, which specializes in fresh fruit arrangements or fruits fashioned to look like real life bouquets, has the 12-piece chocolate dipped apples and strawberries mixed toppings box and the appreciation bouquet.  

The 12 piece chocolate dipped apples and strawberries mixed toppings box is a delightful combination of green Granny Smith apple wedges and sweet strawberries – all hand-dipped in delicious gourmet semisweet chocolate. The Edible Arrangements Hong Kong Appreciation Bouquet, on the other hand, is a beautiful fruit bouquet whereby fresh strawberries – all hand dipped in gourmet chocolate – are arranged in a keepsake mug. Both fruit bouquets can make either great gifts or regular fare for the home. The tastefully designed fruit arrangements will truly be a hit among friends and family!   

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How to celebrate the birth of a newborn baby the most thoughtful way

January 12, 2012

Newborns are definitely blessings. A new addition to the family is always pleasant and welcome news. And what better way to celebrate the birth of a newborn baby but by presenting the new and proud parents with two fabulous fresh fruit arrangements from Edible Arrangements Hong Kong? Fresh fruit bouquets as newborn baby gifts are great and thoughtful ways to say congratulations to the new parents and welcome to the new and precious family member!

One of these fresh fruit arrangements is what Edible Arrangements Hong Kong calls “Bundle of Joy.” Apart from pineapple stars and daisies, strawberries, honeydew, cantaloupe and grapes, the Bundle of Joy fruit bouquet even has a balloon bundle! The arrangement also comes in a cute duck keepsake which, by the way, is not a toy but a child’s coin bank.

The second special fresh fruit arrangement fit to celebrate the birth of a newborn is the “Precious In Pink.” With pineapple stars and daisies, honeydew, grapes, cantaloupe and strawberries, this fruquet is perfect to toast the arrival of a new baby girl! The “Precious In Pink” fruit arrangement also comes with a light pink elephant keepsake that also doubles as a child’s coin bank.

So what are you waiting for? Log on to the official Edible Arrangements Hong Kong website today to order online. Free delivery can be arranged for orders placed at certain times.

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Birthday fruit bouquets – new idea for birthday cake

January 4, 2012

We’re pretty sure that many of you will agree when we say that birthdays can be a bane sometimes. While it’s great to celebrate a person’s natal day, it can also be quite a challenge especially for people who need to give the birthday celebrant gifts. What type of birthday gift is appropriate? What birthday gift will be most appreciated? Plus there’s the challenge of bringing a unique birthday cake. Is there even a good alternative to this?

Good thing there now are birthday fruit bouquets and in Hong Kong, there’s only one store that can produce the most stunning displays of fresh fruits arranged to look like real flower bouquets! Edible Arrangements Hong Kong creates the most beautiful fresh fruit arrangements using only the healthiest and juiciest fruits that everyone loves. Absolutely great alternatives to birthday cakes!

Take the case of the Birthday Bouquet with chocolate dipped bananas. Wouldn’t this lovely creation composed of fresh strawberries, juicy pineapple stars, grapes and fresh bananas slices dipped in combination of gourmet white and semi sweet chocolate be a way better birthday present and birthday centerpiece? It’s healthier and will even serve as a great conversation piece!

Visit the official Edible Arrangements Hong Kong website today and see all the wonderful possibilities. Be the best birthday guest by giving or bringing thoughtful birthday gifts!

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Why you must order a fresh fruit bouquet for your Christmas and New Year parties

December 14, 2011

So let’s face it. Whether we like it or not, there is a big chance for all of us to not follow our diets this month of December. Because of the many Christmas and New Year parties, we are all at the risk of either overeating or eating something we know our bodies do not need. So what do we do? Simple: bring something healthy and delicious at the same time to your Christmas and New Year parties!

Enter Edible Arrangements Hong Kong and its handcrafted, healthy, fresh and juicy fruit bouquets. These healthy fruit arrangements are the best choice especially for the holidays! Even experts agree — they say that eating fruits have a lot of benefits including weight control or weight management, more energy, reduced risk of cardiovascular diseases, lower blood pressure, reduced risk of developing cancers, potential to slow down the aging process as well as reduced risk of developing type 2 diabetes. So as you can see, there’s hardly any excuse for all of us not to bring a healthy fruit bouquet to our holiday parties.

Need recommendations? Edible Arrangements Hong Kong has a stunning Merry Gingerbread Men Bouquet with Dipped Apples. For only HK $1108, you can bring this healthy alternative to candy and wine! Be the star of the party with this delicious fruit bouquet overflowing with pineapple gingerbread men, strawberries, grapes, cantaloupe, apple wedges, honeydew and even semisweet chocolate. You might also want to bring the Very Merry Festival with half of the strawberries dipped in chocolate. Your party will definitely have the very Merry Christmas feel!

So order your fruit bouquet online today at – it will be the wisest choice you’ll ever make this holiday season!

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Save on Christmas treats when you buy from Edible Arrangements Hong Kong today!

November 17, 2011

Christmas holidays need not spell “expensive”! In fact, did you know that you can actually SAVE UP this Christmas? All you have to do is avail of the ultra exciting Early Bird Specials promo by Edible Arrangements Hong Kong!

For orders of fresh fruit bouquets from November 1 to 30, 2011, you can avail of discounts of up to 20 percent. These fresh fruit arrangements just need to fall within a price range. The bigger your fruquet, the bigger discounts! For instance, you can save 10 percent if you order a fresh fruit bouquet that’s priced between HK $588 and $1188. Meanwhile, you can avail of a 15 percent discount for fruquets priced between HK $1189 and $1888. Now if you order a fruit bouquet that’s priced HK $1889 or greater – you get a really cool 20 percent discount! How’s that for discounts?

When you place your order until November 30, 2011, your Edible Arrangements fruit bouquet will be delivered between December 10, 2011 and December 31, 2011. So as you can see, your stunning fruit arrangements will arrive just in time for your Christmas gatherings.

To give you an idea of what you can order from Edible Arrangements Hong Kong, why not try the Very Merry Festival with half the strawberries dipped in chocolate? This will really brighten up any Christmas party! The Honey Bear Bouquet is also a great giveaway for dear friends who have made you smile this year! Lastly, the Harvest Festival with half the strawberries dipped in chocolate is a runaway winner!


Visit the official Edible Arrangements Hong Kong website today and order your fruquet. Be your very own Santa by ordering these fun and stunning fresh fruit arrangements!

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The most unique way to brighten up a room

November 9, 2011

Did you know that there is now a unique way to brighten up a room? No need to hire a new interior designer, apply a fresh coat of paint or buy new furniture. There’s now a simpler way to liven up a room and all it takes is a quick call or a few clicks of the mouse.

Edible Arrangements Hong Kong has launched its newest bouquets under the Tropical Collection. The Tropical Festival and Tropical Sunrise with dipped strawberries, oranges and pineapples are of pretty pastel (with a touch of red) colors that when you bring one fresh fruit arrangement to a room, it immediately becomes the center of attraction. Not to mention that it quickly brightens up a room! The Tropical Festival is one fruit bouquet that has all the makings of a conversation piece. The Tropical Sunrise, on the other hand, boasts of the freshest picks. Place either (or better yet, both!) fresh fruit arrangements in a room and no matter how gloomy the room is, it will instantly appear sunny and bright and cheerful.

Get your new fresh fruit arrangements from Edible Arrangements Hong Kong today. You can order online at or you can call by calling telephone number +852 23850158. Edible Arrangements Hong Kong produces the sweetest gift baskets and you can even avail of a discount voucher if you recycle the skewers. Get your fruquets today and be sure to be able to liven up just about any room in an instant!

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Have a healthy lifestyle with Edible Arrangements!

May 5, 2011

Health. Diet. Green. Organic. Nutrition. These seem to be the by-words these days. It’s like we’re reminded of the need to go back to the “basics” – to what’s really important and to things that may seem elementary but really matter. Suddenly, we’re facing a truth: that everyone seemed to be in such inexplicable hurry the past few years that companies used to cater to those who were fond of all things “instant.” Alas, that’s no longer the main concern these days. These days, the “in” things are healthy lifestyle, good diet and fruit nutrition. Yes, you read that right – fruit nutrition.

After all, aren’t fruits good for the body? They’re literally nature’s delicious gifts to us and while we know they’re good for our health, we either have no time to purchase them, let alone have the luxury of time to choose the freshest ones, yes?

Enter Edible Arrangements Hong Kong. Did you know that they produce hand sculpted fruit arrangements made to resemble flowers in bloom? Take their Easter Party edible arrangement for instance. It’s one delectable looking festive treat composed of pineapple daisies, strawberries, cantaloupe and honeydews and grapes topped with chocolate covered pineapple bunnies. It’s a merry mix of yellows, reds, yellow orange and greens…and yes, browns for the chocolate! It’s an edible arrangement that will not only make for the best gift but can also be the star of your party! It can even be a great conversation piece!

So as you can see, fruit nutrition isn’t all that difficult to achieve. With those talented folks over at Edible Arrangements Hong Kong, you can be sure of the freshest fruit picks and, with a dash of magic entirely of their own, one tasty treat!

Order today! Delivery can be made the same day if you place your order before 4 pm. You can also drop by the Edible Arrangements shop at IFC Mall, Podium Level, Three Shop 3012

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