PRDA Asia Can Help You Reach The Right Customers

April 8, 2015


In the world of business today especially with the advent of social media and other digital practices, it is crucial to know your target audience, how to contact or reach that right audience and how to properly communicate with them in such a way that the engagement would result in either sales or partnership. More importantly, it is also crucial to have a partner that knows which tools to use and which community management strategy to employ in order to reach those right customers. In Asia, your best bet is PRDA Asia.


PRDA Asia can help you engage with your target market. Using effective demographic targeting strategies, solid community management tools and measures as well as successful monitoring procedures, PRDA Asia is the perfect partner when it comes to social media marketing and other digital efforts.


For many years, PRDA Asia has helped countless of companies succeed in the online world. From businesses engaged in the leisure industry to the hospitality industry and even to the toy retail industry, they’ve all trusted PRDA Asia to deliver the goods – and PRDA Asia does just that! Some of the procedures exercised by PRDA Asia including coming up with good messages for branding and positioning the same across multiple sites, geographies and times, setting KPIs as well as tried and tested keyword optimization.


Want to know more? Find success in reaching your target customers with PRDA Asia Hong Kong, Asia’s leading social media agency. Visit PRDA Asia to find out more!


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JamiQ uses the World’s Best Search Engines: Multilingual Monitoring

July 25, 2014


It’s tried and tested. Social Media is truly a vital tool for all businesses these days. It can help make or even break a business’ success. However, are you using social media the proper way? With JamiQ,

An award-winning Multilingual Monitoring software, you can stay on top of your Social Media tactics with these 5 doable ways!

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Let JamiQ Help You Discover The Influencers For Your Brand

July 1, 2014


Every single day, online conversations about your brand occur. Some people may like your brand, some may not. Some may recommend your brand, some may not. Naturally, you would want to tap those who like and recommend your brand. The question, though, is – how do you know exactly who these people are? Is there a way for you to efficiently identify them? How can you contact these brand influencers and perhaps even give them more reasons to love your brand?


JamiQ, an award-winning software, is the answer! JamiQ lets companies listen, measure and gain insights from online conversations about brands. And, yes, JamiQ, through its proven framework, helps you discover the most influential bloggers in your market, and takes your social media engagement to the next level.


Discovering the influencers plays a great and effective role especially in marketing and public relations. By regularly tapping them, positive word about your brand will circulate. The people who also follow these influencers may not only purchase or patronize your brand, they may even recommend it to others as well!


Want to see JamiQ in action and know who your brand influencers are? Request for a free demo! Send email to


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How Non-Techies Will Still Love Using JamiQ

June 30, 2014


Let’s face it. Sometimes the only hindrance in buying or using a software program is the complexity of it. Unless you have a personal assistant who can be with you 24/7, you’d also want to know how to manage and effectively use a software program especially one that helps you track social media, right?


Enter – JamiQ. JamiQ is an award-winning multilingual monitoring software that companies can use to listen, measure and gain insights from online conversations about your product, brand, service or company. What makes JamiQ really special is that it is very easy to manage!


JamiQ’s dashboard organizes and gives you a quick overview of the most recent updates on all your chosen or specified Topics. At a quick glance, you get to see what has changed in the last 24 hours, identify which Topics are critical and jump right in. This is vital especially when your business relies heavily on social media or online conversations.


The JamiQ dashboard also gives you an immediate view of how many Topics you have running and easy access to managing them. Doesn’t that sound pretty easy especially for non-techies?


Aside from its easy-to-use dashboard, JamiQ also lets you monitor online conversations in any language – be it Korean, German, Spanish, Chinese – any language! This is important especially if you want to take your brand to the global scale.


Want to see JamiQ in action? See for yourself how easy it is to manage. Request for a free demo! Send email to


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How JamiQ Can Easily Help Your Brand Go Global

April 18, 2014

Is going global the next step for your company or brand? If you haven’t infused social media marketing in your strategy plan yet, then now’s the best time to start. On the other hand, if you have been using social media marketing for quite some time now, you’d know how crucial it is to be able to monitor all online conversations about your brand. Add to this the fact that you need to monitor and understand the conversations in all languages and from just about any market. Do you already feel the pressure? Don’t. JamiQ has the answer!

JamiQ offers its award-winning Multilingual Monitoring software. Brands can use this multilingual social media monitoring software to listen, measure and gain insights from the online conversations surrounding your brand. You can monitor in any language – be it Korean, German, Spanish, Chinese – any language! This is important especially if you want to take your brand to the global scale.

Translators translating social media feeds

Now if you see a certain paragraph written in a foreign language and you spot your brand within the paragraph, you can choose the one-click translation option. The JamiQ multilingual monitoring feature really makes it easy for brand and marketing folks to detect sentiment, check trending stuff in real time and see critical insights that could make or break business.


If you’re ready to present your brand to the world, then JamiQ is more than ready to help. Visit and be the next brand to beat!

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Capture Online Conversations About Your Brand With JamiQ

April 18, 2014


A lot of companies and brands’ online marketing strategies have changed and will still continue to change, with social media marketing being at the forefront of their plans. This is to be expected, however. After all, social media marketing has proven its worth in terms of attracting new customers, engaging existing ones and solidifying their online presence. However, given the vastness of the Internet, is it even possible to capture all online feedback, engagement and conversations about your brand? With the help of JamiQ, this is totally possible!


JamiQ uses the world’s best search engines, APIs, RSS feeds, and specially built web crawlers to monitor the social media world – and they even do this in real-time. Blogs, forums, microblogs, social networks, news sites, video sites and more will be monitored by JamiQ. This means you can detect any kind of sentiment about your brand or company on the fly. This then allows you to craft and post a reaction that’s suitable for such sentiment.

The best thing about this Monitor Everything feature? JamiQ can also monitor the diverse and multilingual Asian social media. No need to search and check each and every website that may have a topic about your brand or company. No need to learn each and every Asian language just to decipher customers’ sentiments. JamiQ’s Monitor Everything feature will do that all for you. How is that for efficiency?


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Social Media Monitoring: Listening to People

June 20, 2013

In this day and age, every customer counts. Social media allows brands to focus on each individual client without hiring much expertise and finances. A survey suggests 90% clients choose brands which are easy to communicate with. Small businesses especially have been able to bridge the communication gap between brand and customer engagement. Hence brands need to formulate a strategy, based on increased customer engagement and valuing every opinion.

The principles of this strategy are to be based on the fact that social media engagement is a full-time job, allowing brands to remain updated with changing trends at home and abroad. This principle can be further marginalized by steps such as identifying target markets and knowing brand niche; Influencer, Competitor or Business Intelligence.

Once the principles have been established, then a plan of action can be formulated. Twitter, the most common social network used by brands and customers alike, can be used to tabulate customer lists and other competitive brands in the market. Frequent customers can be tagged in promotional offers and product launch events. Brands can also “befriend” customers who frequently check-in at the location. The tactic behind all these steps is to involve the maximum number of customers, listen to what they have to say on market trends and competitor products and negate any negative sentiment.



JamiQ inculcates all social media engagement solutions for businesses. JamiQ’s expert team monitors and analyzes data, in any language of the world, while also providing access to influencers and application developers. With its core technology, JamiQ provides brands with packages and solutions dealing with all aspects of social media engagement, necessary for brand promotions.

Contact JamiQ and get further details on social media solutions for your brand.

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What do Tone of Voice and Frankensteins monster have in common? It’s alive!

October 11, 2012

Tone of Voice (TOV) is an old concept for Brands. PR releases, marketing and advertising campaigns follow strict brand and communication guidelines to ensure consistent presentation to the public. Additionally, with social media, TOV has taken on a higher level of importance. The luxury of pre-conceived topics spoon fed to journalists who are expected to reply days, weeks or months later are gone. Fans now voice their opinion on whatever topic they choose and expect Brands to respond in real time. This is an odd concept for me as I have always rejected the diffusion of responsibility within a faceless company in favour of having one person respond. But today’s social media, like Dr. Frankenstein gave to his monster, has given life to the Brand.

Important guidelines for TOV:

  • Corporate culture and brand story should be clearly reflected in TOV
  • Fans’ and customers’ way of communicating (use of language, education level, local phrasing) must be considered so the TOV “fits in” with the conversation
  • Be consistent — TOV must be documented with guidelines. Inconsistent responses make fans uncomfortable, much like having an acquaintance with mood swings is not fun
  • Multiple TOV’s for a brand are acceptable provided they follow guidelines and have purpose. Example:
    • Daily engagement – follow language use of fans, be friendly and engaging
    • Corporate B2B – formal and structured, response is concise using the grown up voice
    • Customer service – empathy and informative, provide direction for solutions

Note for SME’s

Most businesses in the world are small businesses. The TOV on social media usually reflects the business owner and is often managed by them. Please note that we all have good days and bad days, but the message that you post on social media must always reflect your “good days”. When you post on social media, all the world can see and there is no taking it back.

Much success,


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