JLL Hong Kong shares “China60” take on China’s Real Estate Potential

March 31, 2015


China is home to an urban population of 300 million, has an economy of $8.6 trillion and is where 10 of the world’s fastest growing large cities are. China’s economy is also expected to account for at least 15% of global growth towards 2025. Needless to say, the possibilities of striking gold in China are expanding. So do you know how you and your business fits into the scheme of things in China? Would you like to know how you can take part in China’s exciting evolution?


JLL China is launching China60, the result of unparalleled, in-depth research on the 60 secondary and tertiary cities in China with the greatest potential. China60 is part of JLL’s award-winning Cities Research Programme.

Through China60, you will learn more about the next phase of China’s evolution, characterized by:


– Lower, but more sustainable smart growth

– Movement up the value chain

– The growth of the ‘consumer class’

– The rise of competitive domestic corporations

– Digitisation and e-commerce


These insights will be beneficial for  investors and China-watchers alike.


Join our China60 English Version Webinar on Thursday April 9, 11am-12pm China Standard Time and China60 Chinese Version Webinar on Friday April 10, 2:30 pm – 3:30 pm, China Standard Time. Learn how China’s economic policies are impacting real estate.

Watch the China60 trailer here:

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