Mr. Gay Hong Kong 2011 winner set to be spokesperson against bullying in schools

October 10, 2011

Winning the Mr. Gay Hong Kong 2011 title will not only mean great prizes which include a cover and a 6 page spread in Dim Sum Magazine, a model’s portfolio by a noted photographer and year long professional hair styling services.

More importantly, this year’s Mr. Gay Hong Kong will be the official spokesperson against homophobic bullying in schools. This means that whoever will garner the top prize during the much awaited pageant will have a greater, more meaningful social responsibility ahead of him.

The Mr. Gay Hong Kong 2011 winner is expected to not only be a role model but to also help advocate equality and the upholding of rights for the members of the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transsexual) community. This may be quite a challenge for many but for pageant finalists Edmund LEE Ho Chun (21, fashion design student),  Jimmy WONG Chun (26, dancer), Jonathan Bridge HUDSON (28, travel writer) and Ricky CHAU Ka Wing (23, sales agent), this will most probably just be an extension of what they have done, are doing and will still continue to do.  

The Mr. Gay Hong Kong 2011 finale will be held on October 15, 2011 (Saturday), 7 PM at Bisous, 9/F LKF Tower, 33 Wyndham Street, Central, Hong Kong. Pageant judges include Marisa Zeman (daughter of Alan Zeman and designer at Nude Is Rude), Cantopop princess Juju Chan, superstar drag queen Coco Pop, HKMagazine publisher and Asia City Media Group country manager Greg Crandall, choreographer and Zoo bar owner Tony Wong, 2011 Mr. Gay World Francois Nel and film festival director Joe Lam.

Tickets are now on sale. Advance tickets are HK $180.00 and HK $250.00 at the door, inclusive of one standard drink. Tickets can be delivered for free within Central. For inquiries, please call 9660 5552 (Eng) or 9281 2066 (Chi)

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Armani and Aqua bedazzle Hong Kong

August 31, 2011

What happens when two famous names decide to team up and create one amazing place? What do you think the result would be when great minds, wonderful talents, world class skills and creative geniuses team up? You know it. The result will be nothing less than spectacular.

Giorgio Armani, the famous fashion designer, and Hong Kong hospitality giant Aqua group have forged an alliance like no other. They have formed Armani Aqua, which is seen to be the be all and end all of the fine dining, toast worthy drinks, sophisticated night club and fun and relaxing lounge experience right in the heart of Central, Hong Kong. It’s a fusion of creativity, masterful style, beauty and elegance. It’s almost as if you can eat and drink the very words to describe the entire experience at Armani Aqua!

Just how fascinating is Armani Aqua? Let’s put it this way: you drink delicious champagne as you sample sashimi, asparagus risotto with king prawn, squid with artichoke, pan fried pacific oysters and Australian beef cheek with miso soup — all skillfully prepared with carefully selected ingredients.

Just how much “a must go-to” place is Armani Aqua? It’s the venue where you can toast to success, hope and resilience. It’s where you can virtually pat yourself on the back and say, “this is what I truly deserve for working well and for living well. This is the life and I deserve it.”

Just how delicious are the dishes at Armani Aqua? They serve food like it’s art – with passion, skill and that fervent desire that its effects will linger with you up until the time you come back and ask for more. All dishes are guaranteed to whet any appetite!

Everything you see, smell, hear and feel at Armani Aqua is also backed by hospitality giant Aqua’s unquestionable professional and recognized expertise. So yes, you’re in the good hands.

So are you ready to indulge?

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Popular Korean heartthrob Rain makes a smash at MCM opening in Hong Kong Central…and on Sina Weibo!

June 29, 2011

Not only did popular Korean actor, singer, model and performer Rain take the breath away of thousands of fans (female ones, more particularly!) who attended the opening of MCM in Hong Kong Central, his appearance at the event also created quite a stir on Sina Weibo, the most popular microblogging site among the Chinese.

Rain’s attendance at the opening of MCM in Hong Kong Central generated at least 450 tweets on Weibo and guess who was responsible for 40 of those tweets? SOUTV, of course!

SOUTV, the digital publishing arm of PRDA Asia, is the one-stop source for entertainment, lifestyle, fashion and social media info that’s sure to capture everyone’s fancy. Needless to say, SOUTV’s tweets generated not only excitement for the event and for Rain but also, may we daresay, generated additional security challenges for the MCM peeps. Good thing the fans, guests and everyone else at the event were in their best behavior and the night was truly one to remember!

MCM is a luxury German fashion brand. Its latest foray in Hong Kong is a stand-alone boutique in Harbour City shopping center in Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong. The store is a 120 sq. m. luxury paradise filled with leather goods, shoes, hand bags and accessories. While it’s true that Korean eye candy Rain was one of the biggest draws during the event, people also came to meet legendary New York stylist Patricia Field (a.k.a. the woman behind those swanky threads on Sex And The City!), Hong Kong Canto-pop singer and actress Sammi Cheng and models Qiqi Yum and Jocelyn Luko.

The launch was truly for the books and we have Rain (and social media, courtesy of SOUTV) to be thankful for.

Cheers to MCM!

SOUTV Hotspot’s: Duo Restaurant. The Mediterranean’s finest comes to Hong Kong

January 20, 2009 – Combining a cozy ambience with excellent food and wine, Duo restaurant on 118 Hollywood Road is fast becoming a regular haunt to unwind after work or weekends.Modern, relaxing decor and an extensive wine list complete this fine dining experience. Duo offers an excellent set lunch and the perfect brunch.
Call (852) 2547 0000 to make a reservation. – 舒適的進餐加上美酒佳餚,這是最適合用作形容位於荷里活道118號的Duo 餐廳.它開業至今已廣受注目.中東及歐洲的菜式配而精緻的裝修,絕對是進餐的最佳環境.Duo 提供精心挑選的午餐及brunch.
訂座電話(852) 2547 0000.