Do you have a BIG day coming up? Get a custom designed dress from Aurza or a hand painted wedding dress from Hitched and for the perfect hair look to Paul Gerrard and ERA Barbers.

March 9, 2015


11043005_462684673883444_4789714249124678333_n.jpg-oh=377d70a5c166c5b5dd58848800c451d6&oe=557ABE98&__gda__=1435339135_79eb77030ab899b19883638b27cb78b0Join Aurza and Look Fabulous in Purple March 12th


Join AURZA for a good time and a good cause at the “Paint the Town Purple, In Style” event! This event is in honor of Epilepsy Awareness Month at The Feel Good Factor, 2FL Winsome House, Wyndham Street, HongKong. The fun is on March 12, 2015, from 6:30-8:30 p.m. You know you feel wonderful in purple, so put on your fave outfit and come out in style. We want to see a sea of amazing women in shades of lavender and lilac, plum and violet, amethyst and aubergine. Paint The Town Purple starting with yourself!


10425416_1015269701817281_6144300843395161238_n.jpg-oh=208ebccbc5da058f62247b51ca382968&oe=558834CC&__gda__=1434699676_fc110210cb57ba9f867be2299653c7feGet A Hand Painted Wedding Gown At HITCHED! Bridal Hong Kong


Eyeing a wedding this summer or spring? Those are the perfect seasons to go playful or fashion forward with your wedding gown! Here’s one truly unique way to capture attention and really show your personality as a bride-to-be: how about getting a special hand painted wedding gown? HITCHED! Bridal Hong Kong’s most popular one-stop shop for everything about weddings, has the perfect, world-class fashion designer for you – David Fielden.


HITCHED! Bridal Hong Kong carries the unique, avant-garde and yet subtly sophisticated works of David Fielden. Best known for using only the finest fabrics, showcasing beautiful and flattering silhouettes and truly creative bridal gowns, David Fielden also has hand painted silk bridal dresses that are just simply captivating. Just imagine walking down the aisle with beautiful and colorful hand painted designs on your bridal dress. Talk of the town, most definitely!


Trendy-Ombre-Hair-Color-IdeasGet That Fun Summer Ombre Hairstyle And Color From Paul Gerrard Salon Hong Kong


Summer is drawing near! And you know what that means – a new and fun summer hairstyle and great hair color that would suit your personality and lifestyle as well as go well with those countless of photos you would most likely take during your summer escapades!


Ombre, a hair trend that started in France, is one of your best hairstyle bets this upcoming sunny season. It’s practical, easy to maintain and can present you with numerous color combination options. You can either opt to go soft and subtle or you can go all out daring with your choice of colors. No matter what type of ombre you want, there’s only one salon in Hong Kong that can help you best – Paul Gerrard Salon!


Treat Your Man To These Cool Summer Hairstyles At ERA Barbers Hong Kong


Be the ultimate sweet and thoughtful girlfriend by treating your man to cool summer hairstyles that will definitely leave him looking more handsome and stylish than ever. Earn brownie points from your significant other by bringing him to ERA Barbers Hong Kong!


At  ERA Barbers Hong Kong, your man can avail of either cutting edge, urban chic hairstyles or classic favorites that make him look always clean and professional.


Harnessing Social Media’s Power to Do Good

April 10, 2013

“Relationships are all there is. Everything in the universe only exists because it is in relationship to everything else. Nothing exists in isolation. We have to stop pretending we are individuals that can go it alone” – Margaret Wheatley

The 24th of February marked a defining moment in sporting history in Hong Kong. On this day, at 7:15am, the sounds of a loud gunshot reverberated through the normally busy streets of the city centre, marking the start of the 42K Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon 2013, an epic battle between elite runners and a record number of non-professional runners from over 30 different countries. The cameras clicked, the crowd went mad and 2 hours, 14 minutes and 18 seconds later, journalists worked themselves up into a frenzy, attempting to ‘own’ a few seconds of winner and Kenyan running sensation, Julius Maisei’s time. The women’s race was finished some 16 minutes later by Misiker Demissie of Ethiopia, who took home a whopping US$57,000 for her win (Maisei won the same amount).

This year’s HK Marathon stood out for another reason: it was the subject of a powerful social media campaign that garnered HKD150,000 for three important charities: Seeing is Believing – ORBIS, the Hong Kong Paralympic Committee, and the Hong Kong Anti-Cancer Society. The idea was developed by the Social Media Arts Lab of TBWA/Hong Kong’s Digital Arts Network and it was as practical and simple as can be: Facebook users simply had to click onto the charity drive’s dedicated Facebook page, and for every ‘Like’, Standard Charter would donate one HK dollar to a charity fund. When the fan base reached 30,000, the bank donated an additional HKD50,000, promising HKD50,000 more if the page received 50,000 ‘Likes’ by the date of the marathon. The immense success of the campaign makes evident that there is a reason why, in countries like the USA, some 94% of charities are using social tools like Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest to raise funds for their respective causes; they receive an average of 40 per cent more funding than those who do not.

Social Media tools are currently being used to gather support for everything from women’s issues to animal rights, bullying, anorexia, poverty, violence and children’s issues. In Malaysia, a social media-driven campaign, Be The Difference, launched by Groupon Malaysia in November, 2012, raised over RM140, 980 (US $46,080) for 17 different Malaysian charities, including SPCA Sabah, Shelter Home for Children and the House of Joy.

Social media is also capable of accessing and motivating huge audiences to support and discuss difficult issues, like gender violence and drug abuse. Julia Broussard, UN Women’s Country Director in China, said, “Social media can even open up a topic that is rarely discussed in China, such as violence against women and girls.” UN Women has hosted an event called the 17 MAN programme, organised by Eastern Campus in China and encouraging profound thought on gender roles and the way that inequity and stereotypes can lead to violence. In Singapore, meanwhile, the country’s first-ever Anti-Drug Online Gaming Challenge (a three-month gaming event) attracted thousands of players, who competed in three games designed by young people for their peers: The Right Choice, Escape from Drugs Land and Jump Jump Rescue. The winners of each game took home an important message on drug abuse and a brand new iPad. All the games were centered on the theme Life Does Not Rewind, since when it comes to drugs, it never is quite as simple as just clicking the ‘undo’ button. Campaigns like these do their best to mitigate a growing problem plaguing South Asia in particular: the injection of prescription drugs. Across the globe, the youth are particularly affected by the growing availability of drugs over the Internet.

The Importance of Social Scoring

Any social media expert will tell you that the important question is no longer whether or not networking is a useful tool for fundraising, if not how to market campaigns to the right donors. Social scoring tools like Tweet Grader or Klout can help NGOs analyse their content, reach, followers, re-tweeters and assign ‘social scores’. This enables organisations to determine who their most influential followers are, and to use the latter’s vast social networks to further their cause. Take the case of the Alzheimer’s Society in the UK; they tapped onto the powerful influence of a 22-year-old blogger from Bath called Charlie McDonnell, who has 1.76 million subscribers and over 268 million overall views of his blog. Charlie made an emotionally charged video about losing his Grandad, Joe, to dementia, and set up a JustGiving account for donations to the Alzheimers Society. Can you imagine how much Charlie has raised so far? If you’re curious enough, check out his blog on

Since 2005, some 750,000 lenders on Kiva have made $3million in loans to various countries; over 5.9 million volunteers have been referred to 82,000 NGOs since 1998 via online campaigns; over 10 million members have signed some 100,000 petitions, resulting in thousands of success stories; Red Cross raised approximately $33 million in text donations for the Haiti earthquake relief.

There are now over a billion Internet users around Asia, some 811 million of which use social media; more than 10 million new people in Asia join Facebook every month. Asia is home to over 3 billion mobile subscriptions. Could your charity use potential funds from over a billion new sources?

Successful charity bike ride across China raises US $140,000

May 23, 2011

A fundraising cum endurance biking event dubbed “Warriors to Wall Ride” was held last May 6 – 10, 2011 and with a whopping total of US $140,000.00 raised, the event was nothing short of a certified astounding success!

The event, which was spearheaded by non profit organization Le Kids (, aimed to help eradicate poverty, lack of proper access to education as well as HIV/AIDS incidences among the children in rural China. Participants underwent endurance cycling challenges from Xian (from the home of the ancient Terra-cotta Warriors to iconic Great Wall of China) to historic Tiananmen Square in Beijing. The challenging route took the riders on an unforgettable journey visiting World Heritage sites and world famous attractions in Mainland China.

One of the participants who treaded hundreds of kilometers is Douglas White, top honcho of Prosperity Research Digital Agency or PRDA. White served as the daily blogger during the event and PRDA provided social media expertise. For 4 days, White did not only participate in the bike ride but also gave updates on the challenging trails, schedules and breaks. He also took the time out to describe the majestic sceneries along the way.

White said that he and his agency took part in the worthwhile cause not only because it is part of their community and corporate responsibility efforts but also because he believed that to be part of the event was a blessing.

“Le Kids aims to help children in rural China get what they truly deserve – access to education, proper health and nutrition and good quality of life. To be a part of a drive that aims to help children become stronger, more empowered human beings is something that I will no doubt be eager to be a part of,” White stressed.

The money raised – a whopping US $140,000 was turned over to the Chi Heng Foundation.

Website: Facebook:

Wheel2Wheel: North Laos and Child’s Dream

January 5, 2011

On March 1, 2011 Morgan Parker  will embark on his Wheel2Wheel enduro adventure.  A 20,000 km, 100 day, 10 country journey, Wheel2Wheel aims is to raise money and awareness for charitable organisations across Asia and Australia.  In mid-March, after tackling the illegal moon bear issue of Vietnam in support of Animals Asia, the Wheel2Wheel riders will arrive in Laos where they will highlight the educational needs of marginalized children and youth in support of Child’s Dream.

Wheel2Wheel is 100% self funded. All Donations through “Live the Dream” options are channeled back to the 10 Charities. The donations allocated toChild’s Dream will help build a school in Laos.

The journey through Laos encompasses a visit to the haunting Vieng Xai caves, the mysterious Plain of Jars, the remote Bolevan Plateau and the charming Luang Prabang and Vientiane.

The beautiful Landscape of Laos cannot disguise the troubled history of the country from domination by Thailand, French colonialism, devastation from the Vietnam War and isolation due to communist rule.  Laos is one of the least developed countries in the world, as listed by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD).  Education is poorly funded and over 30% of the population is illiterate.

Child’s Dream‘s main goal is to empower underprivileged children in the Mekong Sub-Region by providing them with better education infrastructure. In 2010 alone,Child’s Dream helped renovate 6 schools in Laos so that each facility is able to accomodate more students in the community.

Baan Khon Piak Primary School Before

Local villagers built this school with local materials and some zinc for the roof.  Due to poor construction materials and the villagers’ lack of expertise, the building often required repairs. The team at Child’s dream helped the community build a new school, furnished the classrooms with better quality desks and chairs, and installed four toilets and a water system to improve the students’ health.

Baan Khon Piak Primary School after renovation

About Wheel2Wheel:

Wheel2Wheel is an independent non-profit organisation created by Morgan Parker to raise awareness and provide financial assistance to brilliant yet under-recognised charitable organisations throughout Australasia.  Through its innovative approach of visiting these grass-roots organisations during motorbike enduro-adventures, Wheel2Wheel can experience first-hand the deeds and needs of the people on the ground.  By harnessing the support of mass mediaWheel2Wheel aims to provide the public with objective insight to the key social, environmental, and humanitarian issues facing the region.

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Wheel2Wheel: Vietnam and Animals Asia

December 23, 2010

On 1 March 2011 Morgan Parker and Simon Lock set off from Hong Kong on a 20,000 km, 100 day, 10 country enduro adventure, Wheel2Wheel.  Wheel2Wheel‘s purpose is to raise money and awareness for charitiable organisations across Asia and Australia.  Wheel2Wheel also aims to inspire others to step out of their comfort zone and do more to help others. The 10 country motorbike journey will take them from Hong Kong to Brisbane.  After passing through China, Wheel2Wheel will traverse Vietnam putting the spotlight on animal cruelty and the illegal poaching of moon bears for bile extraction in support of Animals Asia.

After crossing the China-Vietnam border, Morgan and Simon will tackle a dangerous 200km ride along the picturesque northern Vietnamese coastline to the beautiful Halong Bay.  Here theWheel2Wheel Team will witness at close range thousands of amazing limestone pinnaclesprotruding from the waters at Vietnam’s most famous World Heritage site.

Halong Bay

Cruising down a highway for 150km, the Wheel2Wheel team heads to the charming and historical city of Hanoi. As Wheel2Wheel continues their journey west, the Team will cross thelower ranges of the Tonkinese Alps down into beautiful valleys of classic Vietnamese rice fields.


The wild forests of Vietnam once provided the most nurturing habitats for both the Malayan sun bear and the Asiatic black bear (or moon bear). However, illegal poaching of bears has caused the numbers of both species to decline dramatically.  Asiatic black bears and sun bears are now facing total decimation in the wild as a result of the establishment of hundreds of illegal facilities, which keep bears for the extraction of bile.

Founded by Jill Robinson, Animals Asia team have been investigating bear farming in Vietnam since 1999. Today there are 3,410 farmed bears in Vietnam with another 602 captive bears used for display purposes.  Animals Asia is in need of help to raise funds for the Moon Bear Rescue Centre in Tam Dao National Park. They are now in the middle of building Phase Two which comprising dens, semi-natural enclosures, and rehabilitation areas for severely disabled bears. They also employ a veterinary team on site, bear managers and local workers – a team of people who will be there to care for the bears for their lifespan of 25 years or more. To stay tuned on all the wonderful things Animals Asia are doing, join their Facebook Page:

About Wheel2Wheel:

Wheel2Wheel is an independent non-profit organisation created by Morgan Parker to raise awareness and provide financial assistance to brilliant yet under-recognised charitable organisations throughout Australasia.  Through its innovative approach of visiting these grass-roots organisations during motorbike enduro-adventures, Wheel2Wheel can experience first-hand the deeds and needs of the people on the ground.  By harnessing the support of mass mediaWheel2Wheel aims to provide the public with objective insight to the key social, environmental, and humanitarian issues facing the region.

Wheel2Wheel is 100% self funded. All donations through our “Live the Dream” options are channeled back to the 10 charitable organisations.

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Wheel2Wheel Motorcycle Journey: Stage 1 Hong Kong

December 13, 2010

On March 1, 2011 Morgan Parker and Simon Lock start their 20,000 km, 100 day, 10 country journey for charity by taking it one stage at a time. The name of this enduro adventure is Wheel2Wheel. Wheel2Wheel’s purpose is to raise money and awareness for 10 charities and non-profit organizations across Asia.  The 16 stages on this endurance adventure will take them through 10 countries from Hong Kong to Brisbane. This is a trip that most of us would only dream about.

Wheel2Wheel is 100% self funded. All Donations through “Live the Dream” options is channeled back to the 10 Charities.

Stage one of the trip starts in beautiful Hong Kong. A gem of a city sitting in the South China Sea. Despite its beauty it has terrible problems. Over crowding creates hazardous air pollution levels. Wheel2Wheel has selected Clean Air Network as their Hong Kong Charity.

Clean Air Network (CAN) is an independent NGO which aims to encourage the public to speak out about the health impacts of air pollution. Donations can be made directly to CAN or by sponsoring Wheel2Wheel through “Live the Dream” options. 100% of the profits from Live the Dream will go back to the 10 charities. Find out more about CAN on their website, Facebook or on Twitter.

After settng off on their BMW F800GS motorbikes from BMW Concessionaires (HK) Limited Morgan Parker and Simon Lock will leave Hong Kong and travel north, the noise and pollution of the city slips away and rural land and forests dominate the landscape. There is nothing but open road on the way to the China border. What lies ahead is an adventure waiting to unfold.

About Wheel2Wheel:

Wheel2Wheel is an independent non-profit organisation which aims to raise awareness and provide financial assistance to brilliant yet under-recognised charities throughout Australasia.  Through its innovative approach of visiting these grass-roots charities during motorbike enduro-adventures, Wheel2Wheel can experience first-hand the deeds and needs of the people on the ground.  By harnessing the support of mass media, Wheel2Wheel aims to provide the public with objective insight to the key social, environmental, and humanitarian issues facing the region.

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Planet Battle and Youth Outreach Kickboxing and Capoeira

February 25, 2009

Planet Battle and Youth Outreach team up for a full day of kickboxing, capoeira and hip hop demonstrations, wall climbing, lucky draws, etc. Special guest fighters will include New Zealand’s own champion fighter Andrew ‘Powerhouse’ Peck. All for the kids of Hong Kong. Give generously at

Planet Battle 星域格鬥與協青社舉行一個為期一日的活動,當中示範了格鬥,卡波耶拉,Hip Hop表演,攀登及抽獎等活動.他們還邀請了紐西蘭冠軍拳手,Andrew ‘Powerhouse’ Peck,作為特別嘉賓. 這活動適合香港所有的大小朋友. 到給予他們支持.

Planet Battle 星域格斗与协青社举行一个为期一日的活动,当中示范了格斗,卡波耶拉,Hip Hop表演,攀登及抽奖等活动.他们还邀请了纽西兰冠军拳手,Andrew ‘Powerhouse’ Peck,作为特别嘉宾. 这活动适合香港所有的大小朋友. 到给予他们支持.

HKHarbourCity:HOCC charity fund The Ten Days of Christmas

December 18, 2008

Hocc and her celebrity friends bring Thelma to life for her 10 days Journey of Christmas. Come see her magical house at Harbout City and support this wonderful charity by collecting the limited edition watches and little Thelma dolls. All proceeds go to Hocc Charity Fund

Hedge Fund Fight Nite Weigh in and Match Ups

November 2, 2008

The matches are set for this great charity event! Watch Tim Murphy from IP Global, Andrew Wong Kee from JAB Gym and the fighters themselves discuss the upcoming brawl on 30 October.

IP Global的Tim Murphy及JAB Gym 的Andrew Wong Kee 會介紹十月三十日舉行的慈善盛事:對沖基金搏擊之夜.另外,最終的決戰名單已經公布,每位選手均曾接受專業訓練及嚴厲的淘汰,留下來的,實力不容忽視,戰況勢必激烈,請到www.SO-U.TV收看吧!

SOUTV Hong Kong Dog Rescue Tribute Book Launch

October 23, 2008

Rosemary Vandenbroucke supports Hong Kong Dog Resuce. FINDS restaurant hosts the 2008 Tribute book signing. Pick up a copy today to help this great charity. Visit for more!