Big Presents from the Best Local Businesses in Hong Kong. Santa Visits Treasure Island Toys, Edible Arrangements Continues Cyber Sales, Get Glamourous at Hollywood Hair and Create your Holiday dress with Aurza Custom

December 4, 2014


10734145_1536169586620970_726998788444986107_n.jpg-oh=b005ecef779263e54b3d8a7045fe660c&oe=550489E3Treasure Island Toy Shop: One Santa, Lots of Gift Inspiration

December is magical at Treasure Island Toy Shop. We even have a special visitor coming on December 7, 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. Some call him Father Christmas while others simply say Santa!

If your child is not quite sure what to wish for, we offer 2 entire stories of inspiration including Lego, Playmobil, Barbie and Harber. There are gifts for grown ups, too. Plus, you will find all the cards and wrapping supplies a good Santa’s helper needs.

Join the fun at Treasure Island Toy Shop Saikung and share your wish list with Father Christmas this coming Sunday!



Make Cyber Week Delicious with Edible Arrangements


Cyber week is December 1-7 and Edible Arrangements HK fruit bouquets are fresh all week long. It’s simple to order a thoughtful, refreshing, colorful Edible Arrangements® Hong Kong treat:


  • Place your order online Dec. 1 to Dec 7, for delivery through Jan. 31, 2015
  • Enter checkout code FWFD0814
  • If you prefer, you can also pick up your order


The only tough part is deciding how many Edible Arrangements® Hong Kong to send. To keep things simple, we recommend sending one to everyone who has been important in your life in 2014.


HH-Packages-10000-gold-061014-1024x535Hollywood Hair Hong Kong Introduces Money Saving Packages this Christmas Season

Love getting haircuts often? Want to experiment with the latest in hairstyle as often as possible? Then avail of Hollywood Hair’s money saving packages. Get as much as 30% off on your salon needs every time you visit Hollywood Hair. You also get free services such as Brazilian blowout, blow dry, cuts and full highlights. Now that’s truly value for money! Choose from the platinum, gold and silver packages. Compare the benefits you get from each package here. For great hairstyle and serious savings, choose Hollywood Hair Hong Kong.


Create And Fully Customize Your Own Wardrobe This Christmas With Aurza

Who knew that at this day and age, it’s now actually possible to create and fully customize your very own wardrobe? It’s like being your very own clothes designer without attending fashion school. With the help of Aurza, you can now create your own wardrobe based on your own preferences. You can start by choosing your favorite style then adding personal touches by changing the sleeves, skirt length, trims and neckline. You can also make sure that your dress fits you perfectly well by choosing your preferred fabric and measurements. Interested? Visit our website here.





Celebrate Children Birthday with Fun Kids Party by Chunky Onion Events – leading event company in Hong Kong

March 15, 2014

Whether it’s a special birthday coming around the corner, or a junior graduation, Chunky Onion Events  has everything a parent needs to host an unforgettable children’s party. With age appropriate specialty acts, live fairytale reenactments, and more, little ones will remember a Chunky Onion Events  party for the rest of their lives.

Embark on a wild safari with Jungle Jim and Jane! Toddlers will love this interactive specialty act. Jungle Jim and Jane are professionals who love kids, making the show truly one-of-a-kind. Chunky Onion Events also provides kids drama performance with animal costumes, fun dances, wacky music, and funny competitions.

Take a wonderful trip into famous fairytales full of magic and fun! Professional actors ask young children to take part in acting out kids’ favourite stories with costumes, scenic backdrops, music, and more! For a party that’s sure to tucker out little ones, Chunky Onion Events has the entertainment to match.


Celebrate important milestones with Chunky Onion Events! To see an extensive list of entertainment and party planning services, visit Chunky Onion Events online or call at +852 2110 0014.

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Family Fun Day to Thank Staff – with Chunky Onion Events, best event planner in Hong Kong

March 15, 2014

Showing your employees how much you appreciate them is important to keep up morale and productivity in the workplace. Take it a step further by encouraging work-life balance with a special Family Fun Day hosted by Chunky Onion Events.

Chunky Onion Events is the leader in staging children’s and family entertainment in Hong Kong. With Family Fun Day, Chunky Onion Events brings together your employees and their families for a day full of thrilling entertainment that will keep everyone smiling. With fun activities like egg hunts, water balloon fights, and bouncy castles, children of all ages will be entertained and remember your company celebration for years to come.

Keep the stress to a minimum by hiring Chunky Onion Events for your next company party. Our team can manage your whole event from decorations, the menu, the venue, to any entertainment leaving you and your guests free to enjoy. With live bands, specialty acts, jugglers, and more, Chunky Onion Events can deliver everything for your corporate celebration.

Celebrate your employees with Chunky Onion Events! To see an extensive list of entertainment and party planning services, visit Chunky Onion Events online or call at +852 2110 0014.


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Learn about Brain Power with SPRING Hong Kong

March 14, 2013

By Scarlett Mattoli, MSc, MBPsS, MAC
Chief Advisor for SPRING

 As parents, we have the huge responsibility of helping another human being develop. This development begins with the brain from birth. While every person has a brain, no two are alike. SPRING knows this is important to keep in mind when raising our children, and wants to help you better understand brain function so you can provide the right stimulation.

The brain already has 100 billion neurons at birth, but they are not very well connected yet. They can’t do a whole lot for us until they are further developed. Our neurons communicate with each other through neural pathways that act like very long wires. These wires allow for communication between our brains and bodies so we can interpret everything our senses pick up from the outside world. As our children grow up, they get a lot of stimulation from the environment, which helps strengthen these connections and make new ones. Practicing the same things over and over again strengthen our neural pathways even more. If you don’t use it, you lose it! Stimulation and care help our brains develop better and keep it running.

There are optimal periods in our children’s development for vision, auditory, cognitive, sensory, motor and linguistic function. It’s crucial to support our little ones’ learning during the first five years of life, while encouraging their natural curiosity about life. At around two years of age, neurons become linked up at a faster rate than any other time of normal human development. This is why two year-olds run around repeating actions and insist on doing it themselves. They feel very happy after completing a new capability with success, and parents should applaud them. Parents who provide emotional support and support for learning opportunities see healthier communication patterns. This leads to well-adjusted primary students and less-stressful teenage years. Who can say no to that?

So, what can you do as a parent? Starting off, touch your child! This first sensory experience develops closeness and better links up senses with the brain, and allows the development of other senses more quickly. Talk to your child and be a model for their language development. Emotional development starts at home, so smile at your little one every chance you get. Children who don’t get their emotional development from home are less likely to develop functional social skills. Play with your child to help the transition from parallel play to cooperative play in their toddler years.

A lot of learning and responsibility comes with being a parent. Knowing how you can support your child’s development is one of the first steps in helping him or her develop real brain power. For parenting resources, activities for children, and more visit SPRING.

Scarlett Mattoli, founder of psychology consultancy Psynamo Limited, offers advisory services on issues surrounding normal development and learning differences of children.

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Explore SPRING Hong Kong’s Offerings With Complimentary Discovery Classes

March 2, 2013

Optimal child development is one of the greatest concerns all parents share. How can you ensure that your children are reaching their full potential? Say hello to SPRING, a brand new learning centre located in Wanchai, Hong Kong. SPRING is dedicated to using a holistic approach to encourage holistic child development during the most crucial years of their growth.

As part of SPRING’s opening celebration, Complimentary Discovery Classes are on offer for a limited time until March 9. Encourage neurophysiological development with KindyRoo@SPRING. This class is available for children anywhere between 6 weeks and 36 months and is organised by age group. Parents will also get a unique learning experience on how certain activities improve brain development.


In a world where people are increasingly reliant on technology such as televisions and computers to pass the time, most of our senses are insufficiently engaged. Your children will heighten their senses and learn to experience life at its fullest with Sensory@SPRING. This class is available for newborns all the way up to children 3 years old and is developed by experienced Occupational Therapist, Ann Bridgewater.

Nutrition is a crucial part of every person’s life, and healthy eating an easier habit to develop at a young age. Cooking@SPRING gives children hands-on cooking experience and opportunities to learn about healthy foods in an enjoyable way, in SPRING’s state of the art kitchen. This class is offered for children between 18 months and 4 years.


Does your little one just have too much energy? SuperSport@SPRING is perfect for you! Available for kids between 18 months and 8 years, this class is designed to create stronger, more independent children. In addition to burning off extra energy, students will learn about teamwork, sportsmanship, communication, and much more!

Spaces are limited on a first-come, first-served basis. Sign up is easy – don’t wait! For more parenting advice, child friendly activities, and more visit SPRING online.


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How to exercise your child’s creativity and imagination

October 27, 2011

In order for children to be happy and healthy, they also need to regularly exercise their creativity and imagination. They must be given the opportunity to use their imagination — be it through simple means or things.

The key, though, is to keep things fun and enjoyable not only for your child but for you as a parent as well.

We recently heard about a game called “the long way home.” In this game you challenge your child to come up with different ways to get home. You can do this exercise when you’re fetching your child from school or if you’re about to go home from a familiar place like the park or neighborhood grocery store. Ask your child for various routes to take or means of transport to get home.

Not only will this be a fun thing to do for you both, it can also really help your child think.

We also love our Makedo Cup Critters Critters. They are small and complete with parts to help your child make two animals per kit. There are three options available – chimp / rooster, cow / rabbit and penguin / hippo. Each kit comes with very easy to follow instructions. Your child will really have a great time “creating” different animals from these Makedo Cup Critters. When they are done with the animals, they can reuse the parts to make anything their imagination so desires.

Order online from our official, safe and secure Hocusadabra online store. We accept credit card and Paypal payments and we deliver anywhere on the planet!

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More reasons for you to check out our “Favourites” section!

October 6, 2011

Shopping online can sometimes be challenging. Overwhelmed with style and value options plus the time it takes to filter through everything.

And because we here at Hocusadabra know how daunting the online shopping experience can be, we have not only come up with an easy to navigate, safe and secure web-store — we have even come up with a “Favourites” section that makes things uber-easy for our favourite shoppers!

The “Favourites” section of our website features products that we highly recommend you check out. These are literally our favourite products. Some are BPA-free, others are made by our favourite artists or designers. These products are made by entities that actually have the initiative and the heart (and the commendable sense of social responsibility, truth be told!) to produce only safe and quality products that are free from harmful materials and ingredients — and that alone deserves our attention, wouldn’t you guys agree?

Some of the items found in our “Favourites” section: lovely organic bamboo hand printed baby wrap from Australia, BPA-free pizza parlor from our beloved Green Toys, our famous chalkboard paint, Natural dough, Chinese Checkers and the coolest bed linen!

So check out our “Favourites” section now. You can access it here:

Our official Hocusadabra store is safe and secure and we accept credit card and Paypal payments. Order your BPA-free products online today! We deliver anywhere on the planet!

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Fun and cute BPA-free products for your kids

September 30, 2011
Planning to go on a shopping trip for your kids and for the home? We here at Hocusadabra have new and exciting BPA-free products that you might want to purchase for your kids. But first, let’s track back a little bit and emphasize exactly why it’s important that we buy BPA-free products.

Bisphenol A or BPA is an organic compound with two phenol functional groups. It is used to make polycarbonate plastic and epoxy resins. In 2010, the United States Food and Drug Administration or FDA released reports about how dangerous products with BPA were. If you guys remember, there were a lot of products that were taken off the market because of that report. In September 2010, Canada declared BPA as a toxic substance. These days, Canada as well as the European Union ban the use of BPA in baby bottles.

And because we here at Hocusadabra do not just take things like that lightly, we passionately advocate the purchase and use of BPA-free products. After all, we’re talking about the health and safety of our children and the protection of our homes as a whole, right?

This is the very reason why we currently have fun and really cute BPA-free products in our online store now. Our new arrivals include:

1. The Yoga Dog BPA-free plate – designed in California and made out of 100 percent recycled food grade plastic. You and your kids will love the original design and quirky message made by Freddy Deane!

2. Elephant BPA-free plate and bowl set – available in turquoise and fuschia, this pretty eye candy of a plate and bowl set even has a little extra space for a message which means it can also be a great gift idea!

We have a lot more other BPA-free products on our site so do visit! Our official Hocusadabra store is safe and secure and we accept credit card and Paypal payments. Order your BPA-free products online today! We deliver anywhere on the planet!

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Fundraising cycling event to feature China’s scenic spots

May 8, 2011
On May 6 to 10, 2011, a fundraising event will be held with this in mind: to help eradicate poverty, lack of proper access to education as well as HIV/AIDS incidences among the children in rural China. The event, dubbed “Warriors to Wall Ride,” and spearheaded by non-profit organization Le Kids ( will start from Xian, from the home of the ancient Terra-cotta Warriors to iconic Great Wall of China, and which will finish at Tiananmen Square in Beijing. The challenging route will take riders on an unforgettable journey visiting World Heritage sites and world famous attractions in Mainland China.

And did we mention that “Warriors to Wall Ride” will be an endurance cycling event? On May 6, the riders will gun off from Xian’s Terra-cotta Warriors and will end up at Weinan City. Total cycling distance is a whopping 100 kilometers. On the second day, May 7, the riders will begin from Fenglingdu Yellow River Bridge and will end at Yuncheng City for a total cycling distance of 115 km. Not only does the second day have more miles to cover but it’s even more difficult to finish, given that the trail will include climbing. By May 8, riders will be treated to the panoramic visuals of a 90 kilometer ride covering Yima to Luoyang City. May 9 will cover 80 kilometers of challenging trails from Luoyang to ShaolinTemple to Anyang City. On the last day, the participants will tread a total of 100 kilometers from Juyongguan The Great Wall to Summer Palace and finally to Tiananmen Square, at the heart of Beijing. Truly, given the schedule and challenges involved in this race, a lot of people are interested and excited.

One of them is Douglas White of Prosperity Research Digital Agency. White shares that to be a part of a worthwhile cause is part of their community and corporate responsibility. “More than anything else, I think to be a part of this cause that’s for the benefit of children in rural China is a blessing,” he shared.

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Twitter :!/lekidsorg
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SOUTV Halloween Bash at Ocean Park

October 23, 2008

Haunted houses, scary thrills, shows, entertainment and fun for everyone is in store at the 8th annual Ocean Park Halloween Bash. Visit for more!