Understanding the Chinese web surfer

June 28, 2011

We all know that China has the biggest population in the whole world. Given that fact, it’s no wonder that more and more webmasters, bloggers, social media practitioners and even ordinary businessmen want to gain attention among the Chinese. One really good example of just how fervent the hope of people to get as much attention from China as possible is the very strong demand to be included in the popular Chinese search engine, Baidu.com That site is like the Google counterpart in China. Once your site is included, consider yourself a lucky man.

You can also consider patting yourself on the back if you’re fond of writing about finance, investments and properties. This, because those topics are apparently the most browsed or searched for topics among the Chinese.

According to an online article, Chinese people like searching for topics related to investments, properties or just about anything related to money and finance the most. This basically means that a rich Chinese man who surfs the web is most likely to look for topics on how to make himself even richer! The next topic that the Chinese web surfer also like to read is music information. Next up are topics about cars then literature and the arts then leisure, travel and vacation. Interestingly, the Chinese spend lesser time reading up on IT and communications. Rounding up the list are shopping and dining guides, education and training then lastly, relationships. Which practically means that wanting to get rich or even richer is the top most priority among Chinese these days than hooking up with someone. Is that good or bad news?

Nonetheless, the figures tell us one thing: if you want to gain attention from the world’s biggest population, then just write about the greens, the bling-bling and the moneymakers.