Spring Dinner 2013 in Rosedale Hotel Guangzhou

December 18, 2012

Spring season is just around the corner and booking your stay in Rosedale Hotel &Suites Guangzhou is a great new way to explore Guangzhou’s fascinatingly vibrant and rich culture. Rosedale Hotel & Suites Guangzhou provides easy access to the airport, bus and railway stations. Have fun and spend quality time with family and friends in the homely and comfortable ambience of Rosedale Hotel & Suites Guangzhou.
Dining outdoors is a great way to welcome the spring season. Rosedale Hotel Guangzhou joins you in welcoming the prosperous year ahead with three fine Spring Dinner 2013 Packages. Gather with colleagues, friends, and family members with Head Chef Wong’s specially crafted menu which prices start from RMB 988+15% service charge per table.
Having the main ingredients of premium seafood, roasted pig, and dried oysters in lettuce, your spring celebration will never be as memorable, flourishing and tastefully healthy with Rosedale Hotel Guangzhou Spring Dinner 2013 Packages.

You may also kick start the first day of spring with tasty snacks and an aromatic cup of coffee in the classy Serenade Lounge. Taking a moment and savoring a sunny fabulous day would never be as perfect with a meaningful talk in Serenade Lounge at Rosedale Hotel Guangzhou. Should your appetite crave for heavy, healthy and sumptuous meals, visit Rosedale Hotel Guangzhou Sonata Restaurant for Cantonese food and western cuisine.

Everything will indeed be great when you rejuvenate and welcome the colorful spring season with people dear to you. Make it spring even better by celebrating in a place with endless possibilities.
Stay at your home away from home at Rosedale Hotel Guangzhou.
Delight your taste buds with the international menus of Serenade Lounge, and Sonata Restaurant.

Learn more about the Spring Dinner and Rosedale Hotel Guangzhou at http://guangzhou.rosedalehotes.com/home/main/en

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