Forget About Mr. Right, Your Hair Wants Mister Fantastic!

June 8, 2013

In love, it’s well known that there are plenty of fish in the sea, which makes it that much harder to find Mr. Right! Haircare is a lot like love. There are thousands of hair products available, and knowing which ones to choose can be a daunting task! That’s where Evo Hair Products come in! Evo did all the dirty work for you and found your hair’s Mr. Right; but he’s better than right, he is fantastic! He’s Mister Fantastic.


Mister Fantastic Texture Spray is your go to product for almost any hairstyle. Mister Fantastic is a multi-purpose spray used to add texture and fullness. It also has the added bonus of setting your style, from curls to waves. Style with soft movement and volumized, wavy looks. Mister Fantastic doesn’t just make your hair look good though. Like any Prince Charming, he protects you too by acting as a heat protectant for your hair and defying humidity. Use Mister Fantastic Texture Spray for waving and blow-drying too! That’s right, texture and fullness is added to the hair while being protected from heat damage. Finally, the whole package! Of course if you really want the whole package, go with Mister Fantastic Your Tool For Creation. You’ll get even more use out of Mister Fantastic Texture Spray when you use it in conjunction with Mister Fantastic Hair Bungees to create styles you haven’t even dreamed of!

Mister Fantastic Your Tool For Creation includes a full size Mister Fantastic Texture Spray and 6 Mister Fantastic Hair Bungees that can be used for dressing and holding long, thick hair.  They can be used for ponytails, buns, disheveled looks, and messy updos. The included hair bungees are hair ties that can be removed without ripping or pulling the hair. The bungees come in black, brown, and blonde so they blend in with your natural hair color. The best part about Mister Fantastic Your Tool For Creation, is that it’s easy to use! Your hairstyles are endless and effortless with Mister Fantastic Your Tool For Creation! If only Mr. Right were this good!

To get your hands onMister Fantastic and other Evo Hair Care Products visit Paul Gerrard salon in Hong Kong today.

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How to exercise your child’s creativity and imagination

October 27, 2011

In order for children to be happy and healthy, they also need to regularly exercise their creativity and imagination. They must be given the opportunity to use their imagination — be it through simple means or things.

The key, though, is to keep things fun and enjoyable not only for your child but for you as a parent as well.

We recently heard about a game called “the long way home.” In this game you challenge your child to come up with different ways to get home. You can do this exercise when you’re fetching your child from school or if you’re about to go home from a familiar place like the park or neighborhood grocery store. Ask your child for various routes to take or means of transport to get home.

Not only will this be a fun thing to do for you both, it can also really help your child think.

We also love our Makedo Cup Critters Critters. They are small and complete with parts to help your child make two animals per kit. There are three options available – chimp / rooster, cow / rabbit and penguin / hippo. Each kit comes with very easy to follow instructions. Your child will really have a great time “creating” different animals from these Makedo Cup Critters. When they are done with the animals, they can reuse the parts to make anything their imagination so desires.

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Creative Spaces: Para/site

June 16, 2008

Have you ever heard of Para/site? No, we are not talking about lices, fleas or other nasty bug but about one of Hong Kong’s most progressive contemporary art gallery. The So-U.TV team met up with Tobias Berger, the curator. Watch this latest episode of Creative Spaces at

Creative Spaces: The Embassy

May 28, 2008

Embassy is one of the most interesting of new galleries to open in Hong Kong. It is a incubator for new and emerging artists. Meet the founder, Gary Kramer and take a close look at this fascinating new creative space. Take a tour with us at

Love Art: Banksy

April 30, 2008

Banksy has captured the attention of the SO-U.TV team with a collection of previously unseen works in Hong Kong when Fabrik gallery hosted their LOVE ART show. This spectacular event displayed works from Bansky, the most controversial graffiti artist in the world. The show also included creations from Damien Hirst, Robert Indianna, Keith Haring, Romero Britto and Mel Ramos.Curators, Jurgen Abergas and Sean Coxall guide SO-U.TV and you on a personal tour of the exhibition. Go to SO-U.TV for more!

Creative Spaces — Osage Gallery

April 23, 2008

Osage Gallery is one of Hong Kong’s most respected. With locations on Hong Kong Island and Kwun Tong they provide a generous breadth of experience. The space in Kwun Tong, located in a revitalised industrial area, alternates between Art Foundation, not for profit exhibitions, and installations of spectacular commercial artists. The dramatic space is unique to Hong Kong that is used to precious little space. This enourmous warehouse style gallery has 14 foot tall ceilings and one wall that stretches 128 uninterrupted feet. Osage Gallery combines their installations with guest speaker and other educational activities to provide experienced and new art enthusiasts a well rounded and rich experience. For more information visit English with Chinese subtitles.

Creative Spaces — Blue Lotus Gallery

April 14, 2008

Blue Lotus Gallery is a contemporary art gallery supporting Hong Kong and international talents. The gallery’s is located in the middle of Fotan Art village, Hong Kong’s largest and most vibrant art community. Their goal is to bring the collector closer to the artist instead of the other way around! Come and discover this wonderful bohemian spot and its many talented artists.

For more information visit

English with Chinese subtitles.