Edible Arrangements Hong Kong Presents: Creative Ways To Say “I Love You”

October 8, 2013

How do you show your love to someone near and dear your heart? Do you just say it outright? What happens though if you really do not have the courage to do so? Here’s an idea – follow Edible Arrangements Hong Kong’s footsteps and give something creative that could already say “Do you know how much I love you?”

Start with the 2 dozen Swizzle Berry Chocolate Roses Semisweet Chocolate by Edible Arrangements Hong Kong. Anyone who will receive this beautifully arranged gift will know right away just how much you love them. After all, you just did not send a dozen – you even sent two! Each long-stemmed, gourmet semisweet chocolate dipped strawberry is artfully decorated with white drizzle. This also comes in Edible Arrangements’ signature box so it’s ready to go!

To add a little “oomph” to your “I Love You” gift, you may also send this simple yet very creative Hearts and Berries fruit bouquet. Aside from fresh strawberries that come in the cheeriest red color, this arrangement also has mouthwatering pineapple hearts. Pineapples are packed with vitamins and minerals and are low in fat and cholesterol so through this gift, it’s like you also want to say that you care for your loved one’s health.

So say “I Love You” today. Even without words. Just leave it to Edible Arrangements Hong Kong and their creative fruit bouquets to do the talking


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Wall Lords- Graffiti Asia 戰牆 – 決戰亞洲塗鴉客

August 20, 2008

Don’t tell your Mum but at SO-U.Tv we think that graffitis are cool. That’s why we can’t miss taking you to the biggest grafitti contest in Asia: Wall Lords. Hong Kong is the first location before Beijing, Shenzhen, Shanghai and Taipei. It is all happening from 11.00am this Saturday (16 August) at the Hangout Youth Center in Sai Wan Ho, 2 Holy Cross Path. More details at www.wall-lords.com. http://www.so-u.tv/playVideo.php?id=4116

戰牆香港站開戰了,賽事將分別在北京、深圳、香港、上海、台北5個地區舉行,而第一站 正是在香港西灣河協青社舉行,比賽旨在為塗鴉文化愛好者提供一個交流的平台,至潮至型 的你千萬別錯過了,請收看http://www.so-u.tv/playVideo.php?id=4116

G.O.D. Delay No Mall Tenants Party

January 26, 2008


The G.O.D. boys Douglas Young and Ben Lau did it again.

They turned Hong Kong upside down with the most outrageous party of the year. Bringing together a high energy group of hip hop ballers, fashionistas, the ultra chic underground, and of course, all the pretty boyz. Half naked models all around and if you felt like getting your own kit off a game of strip poker was wide open. 24 Herbs, the edgy cantonese hip hop band kept the crowd crazed while FINDS restaurant made sure endless cocktails flowed down the throats of the super fabs. Catch a glimpse of what you missed, or can’t remember, at www.SO-U.TV.

For more information on how you can be in the spotlight too contact www.Prosperity-Research.com.