The women behind Sono Vaso: Iconic Maternity Fashion

February 28, 2014

Who are the women behind Sono Vaso? In a literal sense, co-founders Melanie McInally and Rita Yaworski are the women of Sono Vaso. We are happily busy with family, career, friends and community. Between us, we have years of experience in the fashion industry. An experience that is devoted to bringing soft, effortless style to women during pregnancy and early motherhood to the other women behind Sono Vaso; our customers.

Who are the women behind Sono Vaso? What is important to us? We believe:


  • Women should have the opportunity to look and feel their best during pregnancy and beyond. Every item in our collection is designed with you in mind.

  • Women should have comfortable clothing options with style to carry them through pregnancy and nursing. We understand how your shape, and even body temperature, will change over the next few months.

  • Women bearing new life want clothing choices that also respect the environment their children will inherit. Our Modal fabrics are made from renewable resources and are now certified CO2 neutral!

Sono Vaso women also want value! We provide high quality maternity wear at reasonable prices. Our shipping rates are just as pleasing! We offer:

  • FREE shipping in Hong Kong

  • FREE shipping world wide for orders over US$150

  • Flat rate of US$15 for orders below US$150

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Designer Maternity Fashion? Sono Vaso has it for you!

February 28, 2014

Once upon a time, there was no such thing as maternity fashion. Hard to believe, isn’t it?

Many, many years ago women wore loose dresses that could be cinched at the waist between pregnancies and let out when needed. This meant only one set of clothing, but it was a bad compromise. These all purpose garments were too bulky between babies and also failed to flatter and support pregnant bumps and breasts.

When your grandmother or great-grandmother was expecting, she might have tried to minimize her bump. Women said they had “a bun in the oven” and other phrases meant to play down her pregnancy. Thankfully, times have changed!

Women from Jackie to Nicole have shown that maternity fashion can be pretty and comfortable. As time has gone on, we’ve learned to celebrate pregnancy and that means maternity styles have become more body-conscious. Fabric can flow gracefully over a bump and there’s no reason to hide it. You’ve got it and you should flaunt it!

At Sono Vaso we believe you should be able to stay on trend throughout pregnancy, nursing and early parenthood. We feature current colors, patterns, fabric for each season and craft them into garments that will keep you comfortable and looking your best. You may find that your favorites become part of your permanent collection!


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New Leash on Life: Lexie’s

September 11, 2008

Hong Kong Dog Rescue has done it again! SO-U.TV brings you another heart warming story this week. Lexie, a beagle and dachshund mix was rescued by HKDR. When first found she was nothing but skin and bones, but now, she has been nurtured back to a healthy, happy dog who is ready to be adopted! See it all at

New Leash on Life: Fox

August 6, 2008

So-U.TV this time brings you the story of Fox. A new born puppy contained with Parvovirus inflection when Sally Anderson first found her. Fox has been taken care by HKDR for seven months. Today Fox find new home and begin her new life. This is a heart warming moment that all animal lover don’t want to miss, see it all at SO-U.TV!

寵愛新生活: Fox

SO-U.TV今個星期帶大家暖透人心的故事, Fox剛出生就得了犬小病毒, Sally Anderson將它帶回家悉心照顧, 七個月後的今天Fox終於要過新生活了,作為愛護寵物的絕不可錯過, 請收看SO-U.TV!

Glamour Puss IV – HK Alley Cats Watch

July 30, 2008

SO-U.TV bring you to another cool party this week. On 22 July HK Alley Cats Watch will throw the Glamour Puss Party for the forth times to raise money for helping the plight of Hong Kong’s street cats.

SO-U.TV將會帶大家去到HK Alley Cats Watch主辦的Glamour Puss Party的現場, 狂歡之餘又可以為被遺棄的動物出一點力. 請收看

3rd HK international Pet & Aqua Accessory Expo

July 30, 2008

3rd Hong Kong International Pet & Aqua Accessory Expo will be held on 25-27 at Asia-Expo. Ambassador of Hong Kong Dog Rescue (HKDR), Supermodel Rosemary, attends ribbon-cutting ceremony.

第三屆香港國際寵物水族用品展,為寵物界每年一度的盛事,預計今年入場人數超過六萬人, 名模 Rosemary以Hong Kong Dog Rescue 大使身份出席 Pet Expo 開幕禮.

Home a Dog Sundays Jul 13

July 16, 2008

If you like cute puppies, you will love this video! So-U.TV was at the launch of ‘Sunday Puppy’, the latest puppy homing event from the Hong Kong Dog Rescue. A great opportunity for dog lovers to meet and play with puppies, and maybe find their future pet-to-be. Watch these little guys steal the spotlight at

喜歡寵物的必定要看看這影片, SO-U.TV這次帶大家到香港愛犬之家舉行的「相約星期天」, 活動的主要目的是選出一些適合被領養的小狗,在星期天悠閒的氣氛下讓牠們跟愛好寵物的人士見面,想多看一點有趣可愛的片段請收看

New Leash on Life: Bread and Egg

July 9, 2008

So-U.TV brings you another episode of New Leash on Life. This time the team spoke to Sally Enderson from the Hong Kong Dog Rescue about Bread and Egg, two adorable sharpei pups that were so tiny that nobody didn’t expected them to survive. Watch the whole series at www.SO-U.TV

New Leash on Life: How is Pickle doing?

June 16, 2008

Do you remember Pickle? So-U.TV filmed him a couple of month ago after his rescue. He was in a dreadful state. Check for yourself: Our team went back to see him and what a transformation. Watch this fantastic before and after transformation at

New Leash on Life: A tribute to Monty

June 11, 2008

This week we bring you the tale of a less fortunate ending. Monty was a cute and lively dog that led a hard and difficult life. Recently Hong Kong Dog Rescue saved him from his abuse. But even with all the love and care he received from them his days were short lived. Sally Andersen, of Hong Kong Dog Rescue, reminds of us that we may not be able to save every troubled animal, but we should find it in our hearts to try.