How to protect your computer data

May 22, 2010

(Hong Kong) May 19,2010

In this era of technology, where businesses become paperless, and important  data is mainly stored digitally, corporations are becoming extremely vulnerable to piracy and theft electronically.  Valuable data could me stolen or deleted overnight without a warning.  What actions can businesses today  do when its communication and data is compromised or stolen?  This is a crucial question that must be answered.

Manifest Marketing addresses issues of intellectual property (IP), theft, improper email usage or inappropriate images and, control and protection over confidential information regardless of device used and its location.  With its new products, INTELLA and BEYOND ENCRYPTION, digital data can now have full protection from being lost or damaged.

Protect sensitive information with Intella and Beyond Encryption. INTELLA is a software product for digital forensic investigation and electronic discovery. INTELLA is ideally suited for investigating email by enabling the investigator (user) with quick and easy search of electronically-stored information in finding critical evidences. NTELLAI also presents an easy-to-understand visual format that facilitates investigators.

BEYOND ENCRYPTION provides an application solution wherein there is a server, a client agent on each device, a secure communication channel between the server and the client agent, and a series of core security commands that are set up.  So when a device; a PC, laptop, PDA or a smart phone got lost, compromised or stolen, the administrator can then perform data transfer, data freeze, data deletion and device lockdown remotely whatever is necessary.

These software applications are made available for different sectors such as; small-medium entrepreneurs, financial institutions, healthcare services, accounting firms, and government agencies.

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November 10, 2008

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