Communication Workshop by Chunky Onion Events – Use of Role Play Training to Build Employees’ communication skills

March 14, 2014

Getting staff excited about training and workshops can be achieved! Chunky Onion Events makes work training interactive and fun with theatre based communications and exciting role play activities.

Professionally trained actors bring employees together to act out a variety of scenarios that could happen in any workplace and add extra realism with their professional background. Each Chunky Onion Events training program is custom tailored to meet each specific business’ requirements. Chunky Onion Events’ role play training program teaches transferrable skills in a memorable way, develops solutions for scenarios with each company’s HR department, and maximizes staff development.

Role-play communications training is useful for a variety of corporate needs. Chunky Onion Events training program addresses conflict resolution, staff management, teamwork, customer service, and more. With an Asian background and a Western influence, Chunky Onion Events role-play program is perfect for exploring diversity in the workplace and offers support in several languages.

Keep employees interested while learning with Chunky Onion Events! To see an extensive list of entertainment and party planning services, visit Chunky Onion Events online or call at +852 2110 0014.


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How to keep your employees happy and healthy!

June 10, 2011

In business, it can be difficult to find good, reliable employees. It’s even more difficult to retain these good, reliable employees. Hence, it is important for business owners to also know how to boost his or her employees’ morale and keep them happy, contented, comfortable with their work and healthy! Yes, an ideal boss should also have his or her employees’ health in consideration. And what better way to do this but to reward them with fresh fruit arrangements!

Practically everybody loves fruits — so much more when they’re fresh, delicious and tastefully decorated and designed to appear as if they’re real flower bouquets! These artfully made fresh fruit bouquets can be ordered via Edible Arrangements Hong Kong.

Their Simply Dipped Daisies arrangement, for instance, with its chocolate dipped pineapple daisies, cantaloupe and accented with fresh grapes, is a surefire hit as a boss’ way to show appreciation towards an employee especially for a job well done.

These fruit bouquets are not just for employees, mind you. These edible fruit bouquets ccan also be given as gifts for clients or tokens of appreciation. Nothing else says “hello and thank you for trusting us!” than the Delicious Daisy arrangement. Composed of sweet strawberries, honeydew, pineapples, grapes and melon, your target or potential client will surely be a real client in no time! Deal’s signed, sealed and delivered!

Meanwhile, if you want to give corporate gifts, you may want to opt for the a dozen fresh strawberries hand dipped in gourmet dark chocolate. These inviting pieces will surely delight your business partners and clients.

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today and learn more about Edible Arrangements Hong Kong’s corporate offers. You can order online and even place multiple orders for various recipients! Corporate accounts are welcome.

For more details, please visit:!/ediblearrangehk!/prda_asia