Top Hong Kong social media company PRDA helps promote ART HK 11

May 24, 2011

ART HK 11 or Hong Kong Art Fair 2011 is set to take place on May 26 to 29, 2011 at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center and who else to provide quality social media promotional strategies but PRDA or Prosperity Research Digital Agency, one of Hong Kong’s most established social media companies. With more than 250 successful campaigns under its belt in just a span of 5 years, PRDA’s involvement in this year’s ART HK 11 is definitely seen as a game changer — PRDA’s social media magic will not only draw more visitors to the fair but will increase brand recall and buzz for the much-awaited Hong Kong Art Fair 2011.

“We’re excited to be a part of ART HK 11. We think it’s an event that does not only showcase modern and contemporary arts but more importantly, gives highlight to the passion, sheer talent and skill of artists – from the modern masters to promising contemporary artists,” said Douglas White, head of PRDA.

And showcase it does! According to the organizers, ART HK 11 will present works from modern masters such as Picasso to important contemporary artists such as Takashi Murakami and Damien Hirst. Because of this, the ART HK event, which is organized by Asian Art Fairs Ltd, is truly one of the most anticipated in the international arts calendar.

From May 26 to 29, the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center will be home to 260 galleries from 38 countries around the world. The price tags of the paintings will range from HK $8,000 to as much as HK $80 Million.

Among the activities during the fair are the “Art Futures” section (where visitors can find works of emerging artists) and the “Asia One” section (where visitors can find solo exhibitions by Asian artists).

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HKHarbourCity:HOCC charity fund The Ten Days of Christmas

December 18, 2008

Hocc and her celebrity friends bring Thelma to life for her 10 days Journey of Christmas. Come see her magical house at Harbout City and support this wonderful charity by collecting the limited edition watches and little Thelma dolls. All proceeds go to Hocc Charity Fund

Dear Yau Ma Tei Dear : )油麻地

August 12, 2008

SO-U.TV A group of young emerging artists transforms Shanghai Street Artspace into an “art-mail-box”, collecting expressive and reflective letters in relation of the Yau Ma Tei district milieu full of devoutness. Three groups of artists hang around lanes and alleyways to explore both the unique scenarios, which are in the diminishing condition under the shadow of rapid economical development.


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3rd HK international Pet & Aqua Accessory Expo

July 30, 2008

3rd Hong Kong International Pet & Aqua Accessory Expo will be held on 25-27 at Asia-Expo. Ambassador of Hong Kong Dog Rescue (HKDR), Supermodel Rosemary, attends ribbon-cutting ceremony.

第三屆香港國際寵物水族用品展,為寵物界每年一度的盛事,預計今年入場人數超過六萬人, 名模 Rosemary以Hong Kong Dog Rescue 大使身份出席 Pet Expo 開幕禮.

Skin Inks Exhibition Closing Party

July 16, 2008

The closing party of the Skin:Inks exhibition on July 10 had to be the coolest Hong Kong party in many months. Party goers, celebrities, über-cool tattooed guys and gals packed Cliq nightclub to celebrate skin art and raise funds for the Kely Support Group. So-u.Tv’s team was there to catch all the action including Phat Chan from 24 Herbs getting a tattoo by Gabe, David Beckham’s tattoo artist. See it all at

紋身展覽閉幕酒會七月十日已在CLIQ舉行, 當晚氣氛熱烈人氣沖天, 有眾多的名人跟紋身藝術家出席, 曾幫碧咸紋身的Gabe更即埸為廿四味的陳偉雄紋身, 當晚作品拍賣所得將捐給啟勵扶青會作慈善用途, 想一睹當晚的盛況請收看

Creative Spaces: Para/site

June 16, 2008

Have you ever heard of Para/site? No, we are not talking about lices, fleas or other nasty bug but about one of Hong Kong’s most progressive contemporary art gallery. The So-U.TV team met up with Tobias Berger, the curator. Watch this latest episode of Creative Spaces at

Creative Spaces: The Embassy

May 28, 2008

Embassy is one of the most interesting of new galleries to open in Hong Kong. It is a incubator for new and emerging artists. Meet the founder, Gary Kramer and take a close look at this fascinating new creative space. Take a tour with us at

Creative Spaces — Osage Gallery

April 23, 2008

Osage Gallery is one of Hong Kong’s most respected. With locations on Hong Kong Island and Kwun Tong they provide a generous breadth of experience. The space in Kwun Tong, located in a revitalised industrial area, alternates between Art Foundation, not for profit exhibitions, and installations of spectacular commercial artists. The dramatic space is unique to Hong Kong that is used to precious little space. This enourmous warehouse style gallery has 14 foot tall ceilings and one wall that stretches 128 uninterrupted feet. Osage Gallery combines their installations with guest speaker and other educational activities to provide experienced and new art enthusiasts a well rounded and rich experience. For more information visit English with Chinese subtitles.

Ocean Park Animal Month – In High Definition

April 10, 2008

Ocean Park took http://www.SO-U.TV on a guided tour of their amazing new exhibit “Animal Month in High Definition”. Hong Kong’s first-ever stingray encounter, and Southeast Asia’s largest collection of exotic frogs, debut of world-record holding sand sculptors and their larger-than-life sand sculptures and a brand new show Sea Dreams! Watch the video at

Hong Kong Flower Show 2008 “Vibrant Blossoms for Beijing Olympics!

March 31, 2008

This year over a half a million people filled Victoria Park. Participants from around the world created fantastical floral worlds. The spectacular event was accented with drawing, dancing, music and photography competitions. The best part of all is the reward at the end. All of the healthy plants are given to local agencies to keep the beauty alive all year long.