Happy Facebook!Classic IQ questions on one2free Facebook with over 300 people!

March 15, 2014

Do you know the answer to the below mathematics question? If you can answer correctly in 30 seconds, your IQ is higher than 130! It has been really fun on one2free Facebook. After the Xmas Giveaway that got thousands of people rushing for prizes, one2free has something new! IQ Questions!This Question got 340 Comments in just 2 days, making it one the the classics on the internet! Want to know the answer? Check out Fans’ Comments Here !

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Surgical Social Media: the new challenge

August 31, 2013

Social media is the “audience of one”. As corporate understanding of this basic premise sinks in, pressure to correct the mistakes of the past and deliver future performance has never been greater.  Surgical Social Media targeting the individual using global strategies.

Wait I think we are going the wrong way: direction

Social media now owns a significant portion of most corporate budgets. It was sold as the panacea for everything such as customer service, organic marketing, internal employee networks, legions of loyal brand ambassadors, etc. This inflated, but not unrealistic, expectation is putting great pressure on social media to deliver its long help promise of data, data data and ROI. The difficulty in achieving this largely stems from how corporations where initially introduced to social media. Companies turned to the resources they knew, their PR and advertising agencies. Therefore, it is not a surprise that social media planning looked at lot like existing media strategies. Media buy and high fan numbers at all cost were the preferred tactics. The unfortunate outcome was that these tactics run counter to successfully sustained social media and did not translate into the measurable results promised and set the stage for disappointment. Social media has always been about the individual Fan and the greater the quality of the relationship with the Fan the stronger the ROI. Media buys and mass appeal dilute this relationship and later make it difficult to create “sustainable” ROI based on quality engagement and organic growth.

The magic of Big Data: misdirection

To further fuel the disappointment in ROI and organic Fan supported growth is a rebirth of big data. Corporations have started using the term “Big Data” as the savior to everything. Big data is almost the exact opposite of what social media is and can deliver. Social media can collect the data points for Big Data to interpret, but the capability of Big Data is to determine trends and patterns for large groups. Big Data works on a grand scale and not at the level of the individual.

Lessons to learn from ad networks: precision

Ad networks have become incredibly precise in their ability to target placement. Using data collected from cookies and other accessible information, a profile of the individual user is created. That profile is used to match advertising to have the greatest likelihood of influencing behaviour.  Over the years the ability to target ads has become very precise.

Surgical Social Media: experimental

Surgical social media is an expectation being put on agencies by their clients to build relationships at the level of the individual Fan and positively “effect behaviour” of those Fans using a strategy that generalizes across the larger demographic of the brand. The purpose of this is to leverage the best benefits of social media and still achieve results within the boundaries of business need and budget. Social media management agencies such as PRDA.Asia are using an increasingly sophisticated compliment of tools and knowledge to achieve these results; proprietary monitoring, day parting, application parting, KOL engagement, key word optimization, active responding, engagement, demographic segmentation, etc all play a part in creating a strategy that values the audience of one and delivers good business results.

Ad networks are quick and efficient method to accurately target fans but they have low engagement rate (CTR) and no lasting effect. Social media is more complex and labour intensive but the effects deliver strong and more lasting behaviour change.







Get Facebook Engagement Down To A Science

July 29, 2013

In today’s age, social networking is crucial for small businesses to succeed and with advanced Media Segmentation from JamiQ, you’ll be able to determine how well you’re engaging your customers. JamiQ uses advanced media segmentation to let you know if people are talking about your business on Twitter, blogs, forums, or social networks. Facebook is still the biggest social network and high customer engagement is becoming essential if you want your business to be successful. Luckily, there’s a science to raising engagement rates, best posting times, and great contests to have, all on Facebook.

If your business doesn’t yet have a Facebook page, be sure to make one. 92% of industry professionals have acquired a customer through Facebook. Of course, simply having a Facebook page isn’t enough. You need to be sure you’re posting relevant information. For instance, posts with images receive higher interaction rates. Shorter posts, 80 characters or less, also receive higher interaction rates. Using emoticons in your posts will also help boost engagement, with higher comment, share, and like rates. JamiQ can help you ensure posts are relevant with Sentiment Detection. Is this post positive toward your brand? JamiQ‘s specially developed natural language processing technology allows you to discover critical issues and perception trends. Keep in mind that for every customer you engage, there are 34 more reachable friends.

There are also certain times of the day that are better to post than others. For example, Wednesday at 3pm Eastern Standard Time is the absolute best time to post but posting

between the hours of 8pm and 8am Eastern Standard Time are the absolute worst times to post. JamiQ  can help you keep track of good times for you to post with Buzz Trending. JamiQ’s  dashboard provides buzz trending over any time frame. You can see where your brand is headed right down to the hour! Another great way to engage your customers is with Facebook contests, such as photo contests, sharing favorite tips contests, or any other contest that encourages customers to post on your page and share your posts with others to participate in the contest to win small prizes, usually an item or service from your specified brand. With the help of JamiQ and proper Facebook engagement, your business is sure to be successful!


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