Experience Macau with Hotel Royal Macau. Great Savings  from  Edible Arrangements Hong Kong for Mid-Autumn Festival and Pre-wedding Photos from Mediative Hong Kong in Vienna. PRDA Asia Joins the Workshop for Social Strategy Optimisation.

July 24, 2015


Enjoy a fresher Mid-Autumn Festival with Edible Arrangements® Hong Kong

Treat your loved ones to a sweet treat of delicious pineapple dipped in a thin layer of yummy dark chocolate. Add your choice of almonds or coconut and top it off with the word “Autumn” engraved on top for a unique chocolate fruit moon cake!


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We have many other bouquets available as well for your celebration. From August 1st – September 28th enjoy a 20% discount on any Mid-Autumn Festival Arrangements above 1500HKD! Enjoy knowing you’ve made a sweet, but healthy choice when you send fresh, high-quality fruit to your loved ones!



Share a Selfie with Famous Landmark Only 10 Minutes from Hotel Royal Macau


The Portuguese built many churches in Macau but few are as old as St. Lazarus’ Church, which is located on the Rua de João de Almeida, about four blocks from the front door of Hotel Royal Macau. Walk through the gorgeous Vasco de Gama garden, and up the road to St. Lazarus’ Church, where the religious structure has been since it was built in 1569. Historically, St. Lazarus’ served as the first church in Macau that was meant for Chinese converts. Every guest of Hotel Royal Macau should take advantage of their proximity to this special piece of history, Take a leisurely stroll from our hotel and within 10 minutes walk to Tac Seac Square or St. Lazarus Church. Share a selfie with the “Step Out, Macau” app!


Even closer to Hotel Royal Macau is the Tap Seac Square, in fact, it is just across the street. Tap Seac Square is lined with neoclassical Portuguese architecture that contrasts the modern skyscrapers of Macau’s skyline. The buildings of the square are peppered with archways and painted in rich hues of burgundy and gold. A visit to Tap Seac Square takes Hotel Royal Macau guests back in time, for a taste of how Macau was founded.


Limited Time Offer: Mediative Hong Kong Pre-Wedding Photos in Vienna for only 10,000HKD

For memorable pre-wedding photos; you have to snap up this deal today! You’ll enjoy a full day photoshoot with Mediative Hong Kong of highly experienced photographers and lighting experts. Add on transportation, professional makeup to showcase your best features and gorgeous wedding gown for only 10,000HKD! Talk about the deal of a lifetime for the event of a lifetime!



You’ll receive a minimum of 500 professional, gorgeous photos of your special day to savor as the years pass. Cherish sharing your pictures with loved ones and relive memories you’ll enjoy remembering over and over again! As a bonus we’ll share the best kept secret of Europe, Bratislava- a gorgeous background for spectacular photos you’ll love.


Mediative Hong Kong photographers are passionate and know how to take that emotion-filled photo at the right time and with the perfect framing. Every photo shares a story. Mediative Hong Kong work with you to tell your love story in your words and with your personality. That’s what makes us special- the ability to connect with our clients and make them shine.

Revitalise and Optimise your Social Media Outreach

Join Douglas White; a social media expert with over 20 years of digital experience for a 2-Day practical workshop on Social Strategy Optimisation.



The workshop will help you reassess your existing strategies and strengthen customer relationships- maximizing sales through social engagement. We’ll explore new social platforms and how to maximize their potential. Enjoy hands-on, interactive learning exercises and take away actionable tools and techniques that will strengthen your brand.

Register online to attend our conference at The Royal Garden in Hong Kong from July 23rd-24th or at Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel in Singapore from July 27th-28th.

Find success in social media with PRDA Asia Hong Kong, Asia’s leading social media agency. Led by Douglas White, who has close to 30 years digital experience, PRDA Asia has been in the business for more than 10 years, delivering social media success for clients in English, traditional Chinese and simplified Chinese. PRDA Asia provides a complete solution for social media management including strategy, training, account creation, branded content, publishing, engagement, lead generation, risk management, social CRM, SEO and SEM.



Two Great Orange Citrus Fruit Bouquets You Want To See (And Buy!) Right Now

March 10, 2014

Fond of edible fruit bouquets? Here’s good news for you! The renowned Edible Arrangements Hong Kong, that chain of stores that produce handcrafted, artfully prepared bouquets made to appear like grand flower displays but are actually made from fresh fruits, has a new collection out – and you need not be a health buff to know that these fruit bouquets are not just pleasing to the eye, they’re also definitely good for your body.

Presenting the Orange Citrus Collection by Edible Arrangements Hong Kong. These modern fruit arrangements feature a merry mix of apples, grapes, strawberries and of course, juicy oranges. Check out two great bouquets you would surely fall in love with:

The Orange Citrus Blossom Swizzle Apple Fruit Truffles. With one dozen delicious apple bites dipped in semisweet chocolate with white drizzle and with generous servings of oranges, strawberries and grapes, you get all the natural vitamins that your body needs in just one sitting.


The Orange Citrus Party, on the other hand, is ideal for a larger group of people. Bursting with color, this makes for an all-occasion gift, too.


Don’t you want to purchase these orange citrus fruit bouquets right about now? Have these delivered right at your doorstep or you can also pick them up at the nearest Edible Arrangements Hong Kong shop.


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Choose Unique Wedding Giveaways From The Cupcake Collection

July 19, 2013

If you’re a bride-to-be and you want to give nice and unique gifts to wedding guests that aren’t too girly (read: gift ideas that can also appeal to your groom-to-be’s family and friends), then you should know that Edible Arrangements Hong Kong now has the perfect products for you. Edible Arrangements Hong Kong knows how tough it can be to decide on wedding giveaways that’s why they came up with the special Cupcake Collection.

The Cupcake Collection is composed of fun, artfully handcrafted edible fruit arrangements that are ideal as wedding giveaways. Each Cupcake Collection product is just the right size for each wedding guest and is easy to bring home, store and even share!

Take the Berry Lovely Cupcake edible bouquet, for instance. Your guests get cupcake-shaped pineapple dipped in white and semi-sweet chocolate with heart-shaped sprinkles, in addition to fresh strawberries, pineapple and grapes in a cute cupcake container that your wedding guests can reuse. They will surely love this as wedding favor.

Another nice and thoughtful wedding favor would be the Confetti Fruit Cupcake – Dipped Strawberries. More than enough for one to share! This fruit bouquet features cupcake-shaped pineapple dipped in gourmet white and semisweet chocolate with rainbow sprinkles. It’s filled with an assortment of fresh fruit favorites: cantaloupe, honeydew, strawberries and grapes. Just imagine how several of these would look like on your wedding reception table!

Your wedding guests will truly appreciate receiving these edible fruit bouquets as wedding favors. Not only will they remember your wedding as a romantic and beautiful one, they will also remember it for the truly gorgeous and unique wedding gifts!

And that’s not all, when your order is over 688 HKD you get a free box of 6 pcs Chocolate Dipped Strawberries, valued at 188 HKD. All you have to do is use this checkout code: CDSB1420.

For more information about Edible Arrangements Hong Kong and these special Cupcake collection, visit their website: http://www.ediblearrangements.hk/

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Fruits You May Not Know But You May Want To Try

May 9, 2013

There are several fruits unbeknownst to many. This is not because they’re not delicious or healthy. In fact, a lot of them are. Perhaps it’s because they haven’t really been used in “mainstream” dishes. In this article, Edible Arrangements Hong Kong introduces you to two of these fruits you may not know but may want to try soon.

The first one is the Cloudberry. A fruit from the coldest region of the world, cloudberries can also be considered herbs. These usually have 1 to 3 leaves and their flowers are unisexual. Sometimes reddish tipped, cloudberries are usually salmon pink, pale yellow and red, depending on the stages of maturity. What’s great about these uncommon fruits is that they are great sources of vitamin C. Cloudberries are also great to be turned into jams and liquers.

 Another fancy fruit that not everyone may know is the Ackee. Quite interestingly, while it is considered a fruit, an ackee is cooked and used as a vegetable. In fact, Jamaicans consider it as part of their national dish. They usually pair it with salt fish. Ackees are considered ripe when the pods become bright red and split open to expose the fruit. When cooked, ackees become pretty delicate and crushes easily. This is why you need to add them to the pot last when you intend to use them for cooking.

So there you go. Two interesting, not-so-popular fruits that actually serve great purposes. Which of these two do you want to try? For more fruits you may not know, Edible Arrangements fixed this Pinterest page for you.

Of course, to satisfy your cravings for fruits, why not visit the nearest Edible Arrangements Hong Kong store now? They have edible bouquets made of the freshest fruits!

For more information about Edible Arrangements Hong Kong, visit their website: http://www.ediblearrangements.hk/

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Send Your Taste Buds To Heaven With The New Pearadise Fruit Bouquets

March 21, 2013

Edible Arrangements Hong Kong, that store that sells eye-catching fruit bouquets and baskets, is offering something new. And not only that – Edible Arrangements is actually confident that their new and delicious fruit bouquets can send your taste buds to “pearadise”!

Edible Arrangements Hong Kong now has the magnificent Pearadise Collection – arrangements composed of fresh, sweet and juicy pears and other delectable fruits.

The Pearadise Festival fruit arrangement is part of their new collection. Imagine yummy and crisp pear wedges dipped in delicious semisweet chocolate! Pineapples are also artfully crafted into pretty daisies. The beautifully arranged Pearadise Festival also boasts of honeydews, oranges, strawberries, cantaloupes and grapes.

Meanwhile, the Pearadise Daisy fruit bouquet is also guaranteed to send your taste buds to heaven!

Get green and crispy pear wedges dipped in gourmet chocolate along with pineapples, strawberries, melon and grapes. Perfect to send as a gift to a friend who needs cheering up or for your own indulgence on a lazy weekend, you can ask that the Pearadise Daisy be placed in either a ceramic container or a keepsake Edible Arrangements mug.

So which one of these do you like? Place your order now and taste a bit of heaven!

For more information about Edible Arrangements Hong Kong, visit their website: http://www.ediblearrangements.hk/

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Boost Your Immune System This Spring With Edible Arrangements Hong Kong

February 20, 2013

Spring is almost upon us and with the changing season comes fresh, ripe fruit. Boost your immune system this spring season with an effective way to do so – splurge on vitamin rich fruit, like the ones in Edible Arrangements Hong Kong’s fruit bouquets! These edible arrangements are packed with fruit which can provide the necessary nutrients for your immune system.

Pineapples, which are a good source of vitamin C, are a perfect fruit to indulge in this spring. According to studies, adult women need 75 mg of vitamin C everyday while men require 90 mg.

Another great source of vitamin C is strawberries, just eight strawberries have more vitamin C than a single orange. These bite-sized treats also help boost the strength of arteries and the body’s stress glands. Eating strawberries can also help prevent bruising.

So how about eating both of these fruit together in one sitting? The Pearadise Celebration from Edible Arrangements Hong Kong is a good start. Check out how pineapples are artfully turned into stars and daisies, with strawberries adding a rich red color:

However, if you want more strawberries, the Berry Chocolate Bouquet with Hearts in Red Container is the answer!

Apples can also help your immune system and even help decrease the possibility of cancer. Cornell University researchers have identified compounds called triterpenoids in apple peels and they concluded that these have potent anti-growth activities against cancer cells in our liver, colon, and breast.

How about treating yourself to these benefits with the Sweet Indulgence Platter by Edible Arrangements Hong Kong? You don’t just get chocolate covered apple wedges, you also get pineapple daisies and strawberries covered with coconut, chocolate, and almonds.

Spring is nature’s time of renewal and growth. Take advantage of the season and improve your own body’s renewal and growth with healthy fruit. Edible Arrangements Hong Kong is ready to help you boost your immune system with our array of fruit bouquets, fruit baskets, and other eye-catching and delicious fruit masterpieces at very affordable prices.

So are you ready to be a healthier you this spring?

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How to celebrate the birth of a newborn baby the most thoughtful way

January 12, 2012

Newborns are definitely blessings. A new addition to the family is always pleasant and welcome news. And what better way to celebrate the birth of a newborn baby but by presenting the new and proud parents with two fabulous fresh fruit arrangements from Edible Arrangements Hong Kong? Fresh fruit bouquets as newborn baby gifts are great and thoughtful ways to say congratulations to the new parents and welcome to the new and precious family member!

One of these fresh fruit arrangements is what Edible Arrangements Hong Kong calls “Bundle of Joy.” Apart from pineapple stars and daisies, strawberries, honeydew, cantaloupe and grapes, the Bundle of Joy fruit bouquet even has a balloon bundle! The arrangement also comes in a cute duck keepsake which, by the way, is not a toy but a child’s coin bank.

The second special fresh fruit arrangement fit to celebrate the birth of a newborn is the “Precious In Pink.” With pineapple stars and daisies, honeydew, grapes, cantaloupe and strawberries, this fruquet is perfect to toast the arrival of a new baby girl! The “Precious In Pink” fruit arrangement also comes with a light pink elephant keepsake that also doubles as a child’s coin bank.

So what are you waiting for? Log on to the official Edible Arrangements Hong Kong website today to order online. Free delivery can be arranged for orders placed at certain times.

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Birthday fruit bouquets – new idea for birthday cake

January 4, 2012

We’re pretty sure that many of you will agree when we say that birthdays can be a bane sometimes. While it’s great to celebrate a person’s natal day, it can also be quite a challenge especially for people who need to give the birthday celebrant gifts. What type of birthday gift is appropriate? What birthday gift will be most appreciated? Plus there’s the challenge of bringing a unique birthday cake. Is there even a good alternative to this?

Good thing there now are birthday fruit bouquets and in Hong Kong, there’s only one store that can produce the most stunning displays of fresh fruits arranged to look like real flower bouquets! Edible Arrangements Hong Kong creates the most beautiful fresh fruit arrangements using only the healthiest and juiciest fruits that everyone loves. Absolutely great alternatives to birthday cakes!

Take the case of the Birthday Bouquet with chocolate dipped bananas. Wouldn’t this lovely creation composed of fresh strawberries, juicy pineapple stars, grapes and fresh bananas slices dipped in combination of gourmet white and semi sweet chocolate be a way better birthday present and birthday centerpiece? It’s healthier and will even serve as a great conversation piece!

Visit the official Edible Arrangements Hong Kong website today and see all the wonderful possibilities. Be the best birthday guest by giving or bringing thoughtful birthday gifts!

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The most unique way to brighten up a room

November 9, 2011

Did you know that there is now a unique way to brighten up a room? No need to hire a new interior designer, apply a fresh coat of paint or buy new furniture. There’s now a simpler way to liven up a room and all it takes is a quick call or a few clicks of the mouse.

Edible Arrangements Hong Kong has launched its newest bouquets under the Tropical Collection. The Tropical Festival and Tropical Sunrise with dipped strawberries, oranges and pineapples are of pretty pastel (with a touch of red) colors that when you bring one fresh fruit arrangement to a room, it immediately becomes the center of attraction. Not to mention that it quickly brightens up a room! The Tropical Festival is one fruit bouquet that has all the makings of a conversation piece. The Tropical Sunrise, on the other hand, boasts of the freshest picks. Place either (or better yet, both!) fresh fruit arrangements in a room and no matter how gloomy the room is, it will instantly appear sunny and bright and cheerful.

Get your new fresh fruit arrangements from Edible Arrangements Hong Kong today. You can order online at www.ediblearrangements.hk or you can call by calling telephone number +852 23850158. Edible Arrangements Hong Kong produces the sweetest gift baskets and you can even avail of a discount voucher if you recycle the skewers. Get your fruquets today and be sure to be able to liven up just about any room in an instant!

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