iPhone 5S? Samsung Galaxy Note 3 LTE? Stay Tuned with one2free Facebook!

December 4, 2013

If you haven’t checked out one2free’s Facebook page already, then there’s no time like the present. After all, it’s being on the cutting edge of the present that makes tech so irresistible! What hot new device has you so excited you can barely contain yourself? Is it Apple’s sleek iPhone 5S? Or maybe it’s Samsung’s monstrously powerful Galaxy Note 3 LTE?

No matter what device you’re after, the best place to watch out for deals is obviously one2free’s Facebook page! Get the latest news and special offers on devices and services so you can stay one step ahead of all your friends. They’ll be eyeing your cool new gear with jealousy!

But that’s hardly all that going on one2free’s Facebook page will do for you. Awesome special offers pop up for events and games all the time, and you’ll even have a direct line to the the latest news on network status!

Best of all, though, you can stay up to date and entertained with with daily posts filled with funny photos, cool links, and info on all the latest games for one2free’s fun-filled Playground app! And please feel free to comment and connect while you’re there. It’s a good way to make good friends, secure valuable contacts, and keep up to date with the best of what Hong Kong has to offer!

For more info and excitement check out any of the following fun links:

PLAYGROUND download: http://ow.ly/l5iT3

Funographer download: http://ow.ly/nS4qP

one2free official website:  http://one2free.hkcsl.com

one2free facebook page: www.facebook.com/one2freefans

one2free Sina Weibo: http://e.weibo.com/One2FreeHongKong