Get Sexy Spring-Ready Hair At Paul Gerrard Salon In Hong Kong

May 1, 2014

Spring season is synonymous to crisp, lovely weather, fun times with friends and yes, bouncy, voluptuous hair! It is simply a must to get your hair ready for spring season. Wouldn’t it be fabulous to have sexy yet manageable hair while you enjoy spring?

So before you meet up with friends and plan your spring vacation escapades, the best way to get spring-ready hair is to book a hair appointment at Paul Gerrard Salon in Hong Kong today!

Paul Gerrard Salon offers a wide range of hair care services – from cutting to colour works to conditioning. The salon’s professional hairstylists, who have all received the highest form of training from around the globe, will listen to you and give advice on which hairstyle to get.


Been eyeing soft hair highlights for your spring look? Your Paul Gerrard Salon stylist will give you a wide range of choices that fit your face frame and personality best.

To ensure that your hair treatments are well-maintained, drop by the salon regularly for conditioning. The 3+1 Japanese Intensive conditioning treatment is highly recommended!


Get that spring-ready look by making a hair appointment atPaul Gerrard Salon . Visit them at 1st and 2nd floor, Wah Hing House, 35 Pottinger Street, Central Hong Kong. Bring friends!


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Ring in the New Year with a New Hair Style from ERA by Paul Gerrard Hong Kong

January 30, 2014




The new year is the perfect time to welcome change into your life. Start Chinese New Year off right with a flashy new haircut from ERA by Paul Gerrard. Did you know it’s bad luck to cut your hair during Chinese New Year? Don’t wait too long! Take the plunge and try one of these sexy men’s haircuts.

Perfectly mussed hair is a huge trend for men’s hairstyles in 2014. Rock a medium length ‘do with lots of layers to give it texture. Rub a little product in it and tousle your hair with your fingertips. How easy is that?!

Get a flawless runway look by slicking medium length hair back. Use a high quality product like EVO to comb the sides toward the back of the head, while combing the top across the hairline then back. Add a little high-fashion to your look by trimming the sides so they are just a bit shorter than the top and loosely combing the top back while adding volume.

For something a little more business friendly, keep the sides short and the top of the hair medium length. Comb the top over to the side to keep it out of your face, and have the best style in the office.

No matter what haircut you choose, make sure to compliment it with the right products. EVO offers a variety of great products for every hairstyle and hair type. Pick yours up today at ERA by Paul Gerrard. Visit us in person or online for more hair advice and great EVO products.


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Insider the Style Studio with kimrobinson

January 8, 2013

International stylist Kim Robinson is known for creating sexy, beautiful looks for celebrities. Whether the event calls for glamorous starlet to demure bride to sexy photoshoots, Kim Robinson always manages to bring out each individual woman’s unique beauty and confidence. Let’s take a look inside the kimrobinson studio and see where beauty is revealed.


Whenever a client walks in through the front entrance of the kimrobinson studio, they know they are ready to be pampered with the best possible styling experience from Kim or one of kimrobinson studio’s top stylists. The luxurious chandelier and plush red carpet are warm and inviting, ensuring that clients feel like the stars they are.


Clients are invited to browse kimrobinson studio’s lobby for the best hair care products, such as the Sen by Kim Robinson line, and the latest in fashion hair accessories.


A stroll down the calming walkway of the kimrobinson studio will help melt away any worries. The fresh, scented flowers do wonders for a person’s mood and once clients take a seat in the stylist’s chair, they are ready to let their natural beauty shine.


For those extra special clients and events, kimrobinson studio has the opulent VIP private room reserves just for this purpose. Alone with the expert stylists of kimrobinson studio, clients can truly feel like they’re transforming into a more confident, glowing version of themselves.


With so much beauty and style surrounding the kimrobinson studio, it’s no wonder that the work done within these walls consistently produces stunning results. Kim knows exactly how to make a woman beautiful, inside and out. It’s only natural that kimrobinson studio would reflect that same talent.

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Kim Robinson’s Signature Dry Cut Becomes World-Wide Trend

August 20, 2012

Western Australia native Kim Robinson has gone above and beyond when it comes to hair styling. Yet the renowned maestro of cuts and colour does more than just wow his A-list clientele with his unparalleled skill because working with celebrities such as Kate Moss, Cindy Crawford, Gong Li, Carina Lau Kar-ling and Sandy Lam Yik-ling does not happen over night with just any stylist. So what is Kim Robinson’s signature move behind the chair? Dry cuts.

It seems like a simple alteration from the usual wet hair cut, but it takes much more steel, poise, and experience to earn a name as a great dry cut stylist. Due to the way hair differs when it moves and lies down naturally for everyone, adjusting a technique for each individual is not a task easily mastered by just anyone. Not only is the idea of a dry cut designed to differ from person to person, it is made to be easily styled due to its natural shape.

After opening his self-named studio based in Singapore, Kim Robinson has taken the time to train each of his proteges in the signature technique he is well known for. Since then, clientele have been flocking to kimrobinson studio in order to experience the luxurious comfort of the studio and each has walked away with a beautiful cut and tint that is unique to them.

Finding a stylist who has mastered the dry cut can be a challenge. Visit kimrobinson studio to find a sure match with an expert stylist who will give you the most complimentary style.

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