Best Halloween Shopping For Kids Costumes Begins At TopCashback Hong Kong

October 20, 2014


Fabulous news for mothers out there! Not only do you get to shop online for stylish and wickedly cool Halloween costumes for your kids but you even get to save! Shop and receive FREE cashback when you register and shop only via TopCashback Hong Kong, the premiere cashback website that has more than 3,200 solid, reliable merchants as partners!


Head to the official TopCashback Hong Kong website to see the great selection of online stores that offer quality Halloween costumes for your little devils. From Disney Store’s 5% promo to Costume Kingdom’s irresistible 13% cashback to Costume Supercenter’s 25% cashback, you will have a grand time choosing Halloween costumes. Does your child want to go as Dracula or Elsa of Frozen during trick or treat this year? The options at TopCashback Hong Kong are endless!


Another reason why Halloween shopping over at TopCashback Hong Kong is a must is their special Tell-A-Friend feature whereby you only need to send invites to your friends via email and when they sign up with TopCashback Hong Kong, you earn a Tell-A-Friend bonus – a cool $10 US, once your friend has $10 cashback payable on their account. How about referring your other cool mommy friends so they too can shop and save?


Don’t forget that TopCashback is free to join, free to use and free to cash-out. Shop today!


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A Scarier, More Fun Halloween With The Bootastic Festival Collection

November 1, 2013

With Halloween just around the corner, there’s no doubt that the best way to add that extra pomp and fun to your celebration is to serve Halloween-themed fruit bouquets courtesy of Edible Arrangements Hong Kong.

Edible Arrangements Hong Kong only makes masterpieces – lavishly designed arrangements made of delicious and in season fruits and sweet premium chocolates.

To alleviate unneeded stress, order our Halloween-themed Boolicious fruit bouquet. Take the Bootastic Daisy, for instance. This new edible fruit bouquet features ghost-shaped pineapple dipped in white chocolate, bat-shaped pineapple dipped in semi sweet chocolate and – as if that’s not enough – cat-shaped pineapple dipped in semi sweet chocolate. Are you craving yet? The Bootastic Daisy is the perfect size for one which means you can make this your Halloween party giveaway!

To add some fright on your table, the Bootastic Festival Dipped Strawberries and Swizzle Bananas is for you. It’s big enough to share and makes for the perfect Halloween table centerpiece Spooky-licoius. This fruit bouquet contains ghost-shaped pineapple dipped in white chocolate, bat-shaped pineapple and cat-shaped pineapple dipped in semi sweet chocolate. There are also banana bites dipped in both white and semisweet chocolate, all decorated with dark drizzle, plus gourmet semisweet chocolate hand dipped strawberries. How’s that for a mouthful?

Get these Halloween-themed fruit bouquets today! Remember, these are available for a limited time only.

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Halloween Fun with Funographer!

October 22, 2013

Funographer is a new member of one2free’s exciting PLAYGROUND of good times on-the-good. Built from the ground up for Hong-Kong’s residents, Funographer lets you brighten up your photos with wacky neighbors, catchphrases and fun elements unique to Hong Kong! Why send a plain photo when you can adorn it with unique, seasonal add-ons that let you convey extra special messages with delightful panache? You have a vibrant personality! Express yourself with our newest option, tailored to your kind of life and energy


Of course, there’s no way we’d let the season slip by without taking advantage of Halloween, night of fun treats and shivery scares, to give you some great new stickers! Have some good times with your friends sending Halloween themed messages before the night itself. Help everyone get in the Halloween mood

Check out the whole exciting pack of options: download Funographer now if you haven’t already. Like a spooky Halloween ghost, these stickers will be here and then gone faster than you can say “boo!” So grab them now while you still can!


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Be eco-friendly and even be rewarded with an HK $88 coupon!

October 26, 2011

Don’t look now but just in case you have been planning to go “green” and planning to advocate recycling and being all eco-friendly, then we must tell you — there’s no time better than today to start! In fact, the friendly folks over here at Edible Arrangements Hong Kong will even give you more inspiration to finally take that first time into becoming a full pledged eco warrior. How does an HK $88 coupon sound to you?

We all know that it is now but a must to be more aware of our responsibilities towards Mother Nature. Not only must we all advocate recycling or reusing but we actually must DO it. And Edible Arrangements Hong Kong, a specialty shop that produces only the freshest, juiciest and most creatively designed fresh fruit bouquets, is not just pushing for eco friendliness. They are walking the talk!

In an effort to encourage more people to recycle, Edible Arrangements Hong Kong has launched a campaign dubbed as “Recycle to Re-Treat.” For recent recipients or customers of fresh fruit arrangements made by Edible Arrangements Hong Kong, all they have to do is return the container and the skewers to any of the Edible Arrangements Hong Kong stores. They can also just call the recycling hotline 2385 0158. Just by returning the said items, Edible Arrangements Hong Kong will reward the act by giving a special HK $88 “re-treat” coupon which customers can use for their next order. Each transaction can only use one voucher.

Order today or visit Edible Arrangements Hong Kong! They have new tropical and even Halloween themed bouquets which are sure to capture your fancy! Delivery of the fresh fruit bouquets can be made the same day if you place your order before 4 pm. You can also drop by the Edible Arrangements shop at IFC Mall, Podium Level, Three Shop 3012. Visit their official website at

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Want absolutely FREE chocolate covered strawberries?

October 18, 2011

Do you want absolutely FREE chocolate covered strawberries? Yes, you read that right. We’re not pulling legs here, folks! We mean it – Edible Arrangements Hong Kong is feeling mighty generous these days so we’re giving away absolutely FREE chocolate covered strawberries.

But before that – we have more good news! (as if free chocolate covered fruits aren’t enough!) Edible Arrangements Hong Kong now offers new fresh fruit bouquets and all of these are guaranteed to be your newest favorites!

If you’re holding a party soon, our Very Merry Party fresh fruit arrangement is a guaranteed scene stealer! Same goes with our Very Merry Festival with its green, chocolate covered pineapple trees, fresh cantaloupes, juice honeydew, grapes, oranges and strawberries! The mere description alone can truly get one’s appetite going!

Now if you’re set to organize a Halloween party soon, why not get our cool Halloween themed fruquets? The Harvest Party, The Black Cat Bouquet and the Batty Bouquet fruit bouquets will liven up any party and you as party host will definitely be showered with praises! Don’t forget to check out the Black Cat Bouquet with half dipped strawberries, too!

Now for the much awaited news — if you order fresh fruit arrangements from Edible Arrangements Hong Kong and you pick your orders up, you will receive absolutely FREE chocolate covered strawberries! How’s that for a great excuse to visit our lovely stores?

If you opt for free delivery, however, just mention the magic words “Facebook” or “Twitter” and your fresh fruit arrangements will be on your doorstep at no delivery charge! Please note, however, that free delivery will only apply to Kowloon and Central areas.

So are you ready to check out these cool new offers from your friends over at Edible Arrangements Hong Kong? Check this page out now and don’t forget to share this great piece of news with all of your friends!

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Three things you can do to make Halloween extra special!

October 13, 2011

With Halloween fast approaching, you should really come up with new, good, cool and really fun ideas to make your Halloween celebration this year extra special! Here are three easy to follow things you can do to keep your Halloween party guests happy. Let them praise your party organizing skills with these helpful tips:

1. Ask your guests to come in their coolest Halloween costumes. Or better yet, ask them to come in new and preferably handmade Halloween costumes. While it’s all right if they come in rented costumes, your party and your guests will be more entertained and amused if they also come in handmade, hand sewn or original costumes. These costumes can be conversational pieces themselves! The guests can mix and mingle and ask each other how they came up with the costumes and if there’s a story behind them. Most of the time, Halloween party guests choose costumes that either represent a childhood memory or a favorite cartoon character.

2. Come up with great Halloween-related parlor games. Personalize these parlor games. If you want to do something like Pictionary, perhaps you can use trivia that have something to do with Halloween or with some of your selected guests. You can also give away Halloween themed prizes during these parlor games.

3. Serve unique yet very delicious fresh fruit arrangements. Or better yet, serve Halloween fruit baskets made by Edible Arrangements Hong Kong. They have just announced their new Halloween creations which are all fun, creative and definitely saliva – inducing! Check out their new Halloween creations over at The Halloween fruit basket collection include the Black Cat Bouquet with half dipped strawberries, the Black Cat Bouquet, the Batty Bouquet and the Batty Bouquet with half of the strawberries dipped in chocolate. All these Halloween themed fresh fruit arrangements will definitely add more “spooky” feel to your Halloween party!

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