Fabulous custom fashion from Aurza, HITCHED! features Augusta Jones gowns, Mediative brings modern elegance to photography and IsoFit adds energy to your life

May 9, 2015


1969300_387134584771787_8384803180639930781_nWild or Mild, Aurza Fashion Prints Look Fabulous

Have you tried your favorite silhouette in a print yet? Fashionable prints are a quick way to amp up your look, and there are so many ways to make them work for you!

Dipping a toe into the world of print? Try a Sophia or Adele dress in our black and white rose print. You’ll be subtle and classy, and probably start collecting comparisons to Audrey Hepburn. Another way to ease into wearing prints is the Eddie or Claudia dress in a wild zebra print made milder with subtle colors including a touch of grey. Any of these is easy to dress up or down with accessories in classic black or white, or with a pop of color.


FotorCreatedHITCHED! Bridal Hong Kong Has Augusta Jones Gowns So You Can Dress In Elegance


Every discerning bride-to-be values her wedding gown. Oftentimes, she exerts so much effort in choosing THE ONE – that magical bridal dress that she has been waiting to wear ever since she was little. She researches, asks friends for suggestions and canvasses. So much time and effort to finally decide on THE ONE. That was the scenario then, however. These days, the search is shortened only because there’s now just one brand to focus on – Augusta Jones Bridal. In Hong Kong, the search starts and ends at HITCHED! Bridal.


HITCHED! Bridal Hong Kong carries an extensive Augusta Jones Bridal collection. All the pieces, which come straight from the US, are guaranteed not only for its top quality, beautiful details and contemporary cuts but also for their dramatic styles that are distinct only to a world-renowned fashion designer. In fact, fashion pundits have called the most recent Augusta Jones collection as “classic with a twist.”


chain-bridge-2-budapestLet Mediative Hong Kong Make Your Budapest Wedding The Talk Of The Town


Budapest has all the makings of the most scenic wedding destination venue in the world. From majestic castles to memorable royal palaces to the swankiest 5-star hotels to unspoilt nature, Budapest has so many to offer for soon-to-be-wed couples. Dreamy photoshoot locations are all in Budapest – what you only need to make sure is that you have the best wedding photography team in tow to capture moments and memories!


Mediative Hong Kong can do that for you. Mediative Hong Kong offers high level European journalistic style and full service Location Wedding photography in European cities such as Budapest and other equally gorgeous locations like Prague, Bratislava and Vienna. What makes them really stand out from the crowd is that they have close connections with these cities. They know the cities like the back of their hand so they can take you to beautiful hidden gems within these areas.


IsoFit_newLayout_25May2012-1How Iso Fit Hong Kong Rewards Its Loyal Pilates Clients

There is now a steady clamor for pilates trainings in Hong Kong. This is because pilates is not just plain exercise. It is an exercise system that strengthens the abdomen, back and buttocks and results in a more stabilized, flexible and strong body. Hence, more people now want to sign up for pilates trainings. A good proof of this is the continuous rise in enrollment in various centers like Iso Fit Hong Kong.

Iso Fit Hong Kong is the only pilates center that offers topnotch pilates training led by highly trained personnel. Established in 1998, Iso Fit Hong Kong offers trainings in pilates and Gyrotonic exercise methods based on valued clients’ budget, schedules, training goals and level of experience. The professionals at Iso Fit can guide you and make sure that your routines are correct. This is very crucial since you may not achieve proper balanced strength and flexibility if you do not have adequate professional supervision. Iso Fit Hong Kong  also boasts of a well-equipped studio that doubles as an educator training center.

Suave and sophiticated, Iter Itineris men’s fashion boutique, HITCHED! designer wedding gowns, Mediative European photography and Iso Fit Pilates in Central Hong Kong

March 27, 2015

11052878_454100208071702_6045668460712125151_n.jpg-oh=0750f9b301884ba298a7e1ec25442ec9&oe=55B9E10FFab Men’s Fashion Design Starts At Iter Itineris Hong Kong

Iter Itineris, which means “journey” in Latin, is home of the finest Japanese fabrics and finest Italian craftsmanship intertwined with the energy and flair that Hong Kong is known for. It’s the shop where men can carve their own fashion style, where they can relish in beautifully fit, fine tailored garments and where being a modern nomad is welcomed with open arms.

Try on that distinct Vedovato craftsmanship at Iter Itineris and go on a modern nomad journey. Visit the store at Shop B, 1-1A Sun Street, Wanchai, Hong Kong (Exit F from Admiralty Mtr Station, behind Pacific Place 3) Call them at tel +852 2606 1918 for inquiries and appointments.





Check Out The RIVINI Spring Collection 2015 At HITCHED! Bridal Hong Kong

Brides-to-be will love the Rivini Spring Collection 2015. Lots of stylish and romantic lace details, lush satins and lovely chiffons. It’s a collection that every bride will love and cherish. It’s a collection that will make any heart beat faster. It’s a collection that even grooms would like!

The Rivini Spring Collection 2015 is composed of lovely, sophisticated, ultra modern wedding gowns. There’s a sweetheart cut with a puffy ball gown skirt that’s truly an eye catcher. It’s perfect for a destination wedding in Macau or in exotic Thailand. There’s also a mermaid cut with chiffon and beaded frilly skirt details. It’s for the laid back bride-to-be who wants to have her moment as she walks down the aisle. Try on your favorite wedding gown from the Rivini Spring Collection 2015 at HITCHED! Bridal Hong Kong. Visit HITCHED! Bridal Hong Kong to see more of the Rivini wedding gowns that exude simple yet distinct luxury.



Topnotch Pilates Training At Iso Fit Hong Kong

SANYO DIGITAL CAMERAPilates is not just exercise. It is an exercise system that strengthens the abdomen, back and buttocks and results in a more stabilized, flexible and strong body. In Hong Kong, there is only one pilates center that offers topnotch pilates training led by highly trained personnel. Established in 1998, Iso Fit Hong Kong offers training in pilates and Gyrotonic exercise methods based on valued clients’ budget, schedules, training goals and level of experience. Iso Fit offers unbeatable prices for group and private lessons and even rewards loyal clients with free sessions as well as additional discounts.

Contact Iso Fit now and see how very well their classes “fit” your lifestyle!


11071501_565835133519417_8654671726192529146_n.jpg-oh=2aff342914d55e9645e715190988016d&oe=55AB100F&__gda__=1438240613_6b3c5f9f0bd3cb6dea2a221aa6877b98Go For European Style Wedding Photography Service In Hong Kong With Mediative


A lot of people can be photographers but it takes special people with ultimate passion, a different kind of initiative and specialized skills to be wedding photographers. Wedding photography is a tricky business and it’s not something that you can just learn overnight. It takes years of practice, lots of experience with various clients, impressive equipment and, yes, passion, to really excel in this field. In Hong Kong, only one wedding photography service champions the European style with journalistic angles – Mediative.


Mediative provides a high level of European style pre-wedding and wedding journalistic style photography in Hong Kong. This means a totally different take on what others may only seem normal or ordinary. The Mediative Hong Kong team, which is composed of both local and from Hong Kong, knows by heart how to showcase even the tiniest detail to present a bigger, more beautiful photo. Mediative Hong Kong knows how to take that emotion-filled photo at the right time and with the perfect framing. Every photo can share a story.


Wellness and Health and Cashback Too Only from TopCashback Hong Kong

June 24, 2014


By now you’ve heard of the most exciting new launch in Hong Kong: TopCashback, a loyalty program where you get cashback on everything you buy online, for free! That’s right, every purchase from every one of thousands of merchants who participate in the TopCashback  program. Among the many great cashback offers we provide, we’re extremely excited to offer our Hong Kong customers prime cashback on purchases from the very top and most trusted nutrition and wellness merchants worldwide.


Imagine, up to 12% cashback on your supplements and nutrition purchases from everyone’s favorite store, GNC. GNC sets the standard in the nutritional supplement industry by demanding truth in labeling, ingredient safety and product potency all for your safety and benefit! You can also take advantage of other wellness options such as up to 10% cashback award from Vitacost.com, an online retailer and direct marketer of health and wellness products including vitamins, minerals, herbs, amino acids and metabolites, along with the best in natural cosmetics, and organic body and personal care!


Imagine, up to 12% cashback on your supplements and nutrition purchases from everyone’s favorite store, GNC. GNC sets the standard in the nutritional supplement industry by demanding truth in labeling, ingredient safety and product potency all for your safety and benefit! You can also take advantage of other wellness options such as up to 10% cashback award from Vitacost.com, an online retailer and direct marketer of health and wellness products including vitamins, minerals, herbs, amino acids and metabolites, along with the best in natural cosmetics, and organic body and personal care!


Savvy Hong Kong customers know that health and wellness are the most vital components in living a successful, productive, fulfilling life. TopCashback’s nutrition and wellness cashback offers give you access to the very best organically sourced, health-giving food and supplements through a site where ease of ordering and best price are the rule, not the exception.  Along with nutrition and supplements, you can access diet and fitness options such as 24 Hour Fitness Weight Watchers, Dukan Diet, and so many more.


We’re thrilled to be able to offer you the best products for health along with the best cashback offers so that your money, and your health, can stretch far into the future! Join TopCashback and start saving toward wellness and wealth!

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Welcome to XYZ’s Grand Debut Mission!

September 2, 2013

There are really three essences of being alive. Your body, mind and soul. Make them work in union and you will find you have great strengths that well from inside you, that you never knew existed. How do you do find this abundance of power? XYZ is here to teach you just that with their promise to help you find out more about your true self.


XYZ is Asia’s new wave in indoor cycling that originated in the cracks of the New York sidewalks and then took the world by storm. Come enter the caves of self discovery and shut your daily, routine life outside. Release recharge regroup and regain control of yourself and your life. When you are at XYZ, fate is in your own hands!

It’s a spinning revolution and you should be a part of it, for health’s sake! To find out more visit the website :www.youarexyz.com

Address: 2/F, New World Tower II, 18 Queen’s Road Central, HK Central District, Hong Kong

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JiaPin Beauty Shares the Benefits of Cold Pressed Oil

January 18, 2013

Ring in the new year with a healthier, new you. Keep your body detoxified with only the best ingredients and JiaPin Beauty’s help! Oil is a commonly used product: we use it in cooking, baking, and even in the products we use in our hair and on our skin. But do you know what types of oil are best for your health?

Cold pressed oils are hands down the healthiest way to go. Cold pressed oils can be made from a variety of fruits, vegetables, and seeds through grinding and heating below 120ºF. Research has shown that applying too much heat to oil reduces the quality of the flavor and degrades the nutritional value.

Why choose cold pressed? Cold pressed oils are less susceptible to toxins and chemicals because of the low amount of heat used. In conventional extraction, raw materials can be heated up to 450ºF, which changes chemical structure. Cold pressed oils are more natural in their use of raw ingredients, while conventional oils are often made with chemicals like hexane- well known for causing health problems. Cold pressed oils also have a much better flavor than regular oils and are especially good for salad dressings.

Cold pressed oil can be made from just about any ingredient. The most common cold pressed oils are made from peanut, sunflower, pumpkin, flax seed, avocado, and olive oils. When buying cold pressed oils for the first time, it’s important to know the brand you are buying from adheres to cold pressed regulations. The term “cold pressed” is subject to different regulations depending on where in the world it was made, so make sure to do your research! Cold pressed oils are not usually recommended for cooking; some can’t handle the high heat and the complex flavor will be ruined.

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Accor Asia-Pacific Planet 21 Shows You Unique Ways to Green Your Business

December 18, 2012

Have you decided to green your business? Excellent decision, but where do you start? While recycling paper, using less electricity, and carpooling may be obvious sustainable options for some, Accor’s Planet 21 program offers more creative options for your business.

Office decor is the last thing people think of when it comes to sustainable business. However, repurposing items to liven up your office is a great way to give back to the environment. Some Accor hotels reuse old tires as pots to hold fresh plants. Old bricks and wood can also be reused for tables, pots, and wall decorations. Looking for something a little more green? Check out Accor Novotel Auckland Airport’s living wall. This wall is adorned with native fauna, creating a beautiful aesthetic and bringing added benefits as well. Living walls are said to clean indoor air quality in the office space, especially of pollution that stems from printers.

Another unique way to green up the workplace is to offer sustainable food options. Does your office have a deli? Build sandwiches with free range meats and locally grown produce. This lowers your carbon footprint and supports your local community. Do you offer vending machines? Keep them stocked with sustainable and healthy choices. Eliminating water bottles from the workplace will greatly reduce your carbon footprint too. Water bottles produce up to 1.5 million tons of plastic waste every year. Instead, stock your office with reusable mugs, cups, and water bottles.

Greening your business is easy with the help of Accor’s Planet 21 sustainability program. Get more tips and advice at our blog: http://accorplanet21.tumblr.com/. Do you have any creative green business ideas to share? Let us know online.

Learn more about Planet 21: http://www.accor.com/en/sustainable-development/the-planet-21-program.html

Visit Accor’s official Website: http://www.accor.com

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JiaPin Beauty Improves Your Health With Kiwi

December 17, 2012

Digestion problems are common with people across the globe. Instead of reaching for harsh chemical medicine, why not treat your ailments the natural and healthy way? JiaPin Beauty can recommend the perfect remedy- kiwi!.

Due to the clever marketing campaign by New Zealand in the last two decades, kiwifruit is thought to have originated from New Zealand, home of the famed flightless bird the Kiwi. However, this delicious fruit originates from China where it is known as yáng táo (sunny peach) or mahout tao.

The fruit is an excellent source of vitamin C, up to two times as much as an orange. It is a good source of vitamin E and contains Vitamin A, which is a great way to combat the aging process, heart problems, and skin problems. Everyone knows that bananas are rich in potassium, but not too many know that kiwifruit contains the same amount as a whole banana! Potassium helps regulate your body’s fluids, natural acids, blood pressure, and electrolytes.

Eating at least two kiwis a day can also thin your blood to prevent blood clots and clogged arteries. Kiwifruit is also one of the best natural sources of lutein and zeaxanthin, both of which protect against degeneration of the eye.

One of the best uses of kiwi is for digestion. Kiwifruit is high in fiber, which can help move along waste and absorb vitamins and minerals. Kiwifruit skin is also a good source of antioxidants and fibre with many vitamins being stored underneath. Many don’t like eating the skin because of the fuzz growing on the outside.  Eliminate kiwi hair by scrubbing the kiwi with a clean sponge. Then, follow this easy recipe for easier digestion: Combine two scrubbed and cut kiwis with one slice of ginger, half a tablespoon of maltose or honey, and one tablespoon of water into a blender. Drink this first thing in the morning on an empty stomach and watch your digestion issues vanish! There are two varieties of kiwifruit that you can use: green kiwi, which is more tart, and the sweeter yellow kiwi. Try one of each in the recipe for a more balanced flavor.

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Jiapin Beauty Shows You How Oil Pulling Maintains Oral Hygiene

December 10, 2012

Have you tried using oil pulling to improve your oral hygiene? Oil pulling is a traditional Ayurvedic natural method from ancient India that is relatively common in the West. More people are trying this method every day and a simple Internet search can show you what kinds of positive effects can be achieved.

Oil pulling is easy. Before eating breakfast and brushing your teeth, gargle a tablespoon of oil in your mouth for 15 to 20 minutes, then spit it out. It’s best to do this first thing in the morning because this method is meant to detoxify your system. Oral bacteria builds up in your mouth while you sleep, making the morning the best time to rinse. Why use the oil pulling method? Bacteria sticks better to oil than water, causing you to have a cleaner mouth in the end. Less bacteria means better breath, and better oral and general health!

What kind of oil should you use? Cold-pressed organic oil is the best. Cold-pressed sunflower oil and sesame oil are two of the most commonly used because they can easily be found in most grocery stores and are affordable. Coconut oil is also recommended by others. This method is safe for anyone older than five years old, and is even safe for pregnant women to use! Western clinical trials have proven that the oil pulling method clears the body naturally of many problems like constipation, insomnia, migraines, bad breath, and discolored teeth.

There are some precautions you should use when trying this method. Don’t practice oil pulling when you have a fever, conjunctivitis, after drinking alcohol, or after you’ve eaten. Don’t swallow any of the oil, or it could stimulate your gag reflex and will be full of bacteria from your mouth. Once you’re done, you can rinse your mouth out with salt water. Of course, don’t forget to brush!

Oil pulling is a safe and easy way for anyone to maintain oral hygiene. For more ideas on how to maintain a healthy body and mind visit JiaPin Beauty online: http://www.jiapin-beauty.com/. Or ‘like’ us on Facebook.

PLANET21 Focuses On Why Sustainability Matters

August 3, 2012

Sustainability is the main focus of Accor New Zealand’s PLANET 21 programme. They have gone to many lengths to reduce their carbon footprint, protect the environment, and encourage other companies to do the same. So why is sustainability so important? The answer is simple: to prolong the life of our planet and its inhabitants. Accor New Zealand is working hard to teach current and future generations how to accomplish this goal more effectively with the help of PLANET 21.

Sustainability isn’t easy. In the past 20 years, global waste has increased 150%, with only 10% of that waste being properly recycled. Pollution stemming from local waste dumps has become an international concern, but many people still ignore the storage problem as well: at the rate of which waste is growing, where will it be stored?

Sustainability goes beyond protecting the earth. Poverty, malnutrition, and lack of education are also huge issues to address. Nearly one billion people suffer from malnutrition while the dietary habits of more prosperous nations has become a major source cardiovascular diseases. The struggle for a healthy life is everywhere. Everyone can benefit from a more sustainable community by educating the illiterate and employing people without jobs. This would raise awareness to both a healthier lifestyle and the growing concerns of the environment in which we live.

With so many serious obstacles, it seems as though sustainability would be a difficult goal to achieve, but it is not so. The Planet 21 Programme outlines every way Accor New Zealand is taking steps to create a more sustainable planet using their 7 pillars and 21 commitments. With support, Accor and other businesses who are taking a step towards sustainability, can reach their goals, and easily go beyond expectations.

Learn more about the PLANET 21 Program here: http://www.accor.com/en/sustainable-development/the-planet-21-program.html
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Edible Arrangements Helps You Stay Healthy!

April 17, 2012

Why do you think it is important to include fruits in your diet? It is a sure way to a healthier body! Edible Arrangements Hong Kong has a great selection of fruit for you to treat yourself with. Not only is fruit healthy, it’s also delectable and can be of great advantage in many different ways. Fruit is a great way to consume a more healthy diet in order to lose weight or to gain more energy. You’ll feel much better the moment you start eating more fruit!

Edible Arrangements Hong Kong knows that the nutrients you get from fruit are important! They handcrafted these fruit bouquets especially for you and your loved ones to get all the nutrients you need! To get the highest number of nutrients possible, Edible Arrangements Hong Kong offers a great variety of different fruits all with different health benefits.

This is one of the newest fruit bouquets from Edible Arrangements Hong Kong. This Accomplishment Bouquet includes daisy-shaped pineapples, cantaloupes and grapes beautifully arranged in a ceramic container. This is just a perfect gift to newly graduate students and also a deliciously healthy treat!

Do you love strawberries? Fresh, juicy strawberries can benefit your health since they are rich in vitamins and minerals that your body needs to help rejuvenate its cells, tissues, and organs. Plus, strawberries contain a combination of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agents that help prevent the cause of cancer. They’re delicious too!

Edible Arrangements Hong Kong brings you this juicy Berry Bouquet! Enjoy this luscious strawberry arrangement delightfully arranged in a gorgeous container. You can get it for yourself or cheer someone up with it as a tasty gift!

Edible Arrangements Hong Kong will satisfy all your fruit and health needs. Browse their large selection of arrangements and start eating healthier today!

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