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November 5, 2008


Dr. David Cosman, HKBBA Team doctor and Hong Kong’s only celebrity chiropractor, shares his stories and expertise on how to stay fit and healthy. Joint the conversation in this new blog to keep you healthy and happy.http://cosman.hk/

Third Junkong Basketball Competition 第三屆「海峽杯」男子籃球賽

July 30, 2008

The top basketball players and teams from China, Taiwan, Macau and Hong Kong will gather in Hong Kong this weekend to find out who is the BEST. SO-U.TV brings you the highlights of “THE” game of the year. You can’t miss it. Please see it all at http://www.so-u.tv/

中, 港, 台, 澳門四地的頂尖籃球隊雲集香港爭奪第三屆海峽杯, 球迷賽千萬別錯過本年最度精彩的一場賽事, 請收看http://www.so-u.tv/

HKBBA Finals 2008 Game 5 Highlight 南華對福建 2008年度甲一聯賽精華 第五場

July 18, 2008

The Hong Kong’s Basketball Championship 2008 comes to an end! http://www.So-U.TV has all the action for you to see. The stadium was packed to full capacity as the two teams battled it out. SCAA and Fukien are long and well matched rivals. Despite Fukien player Leung Kwok Shing high scoring of 24 points, SCAA won 83:69 in the end reclaiming the championship title after two year. Please see it all at http://www.so-u.tv/playVideo.php?contestid=&id=1889

七月十二日南華與福建這對宿敵在旺角麥花臣球場舉行終極一戰, 球賽全場爆滿. 儘管福建的梁國成取得全場最高的24分,但仍無法挽回敗局,南華最終以83:69奪標,重奪失落兩年的聯賽寶座, 想收看精彩的重播片段請到http://www.so-u.tv/playVideo.php?contestid=&id=1889

HKBBA Finals 2008 Game 4 Highlight

July 10, 2008

The Hong Kong’s Basketball Championship is still going and So-U.TV filmed Match 4 in Mongkok, Saturday July 5, 2008. SCAA and Fukien are still fighting for it. The pressure was mounting in the second half but Fukien claimed lead at 45:47. SCAA were able to come back strong and finished at 76:65. Watch how SCAA finally triumphed at so-u.tv

七月五日在旺角麥花臣球場舉行南華對福建第四場, 球賽全場爆滿許多球迷寧願站場邊也要一睹賽事, 今場比賽對南華來說是可勝不敗的一戰. 下半場福建一度以47:45領先, 之後南華全力反撲以76:65勝出, 請收看so-u.tv

HKBBA Silver Shield Finals 2008 Highlight

April 2, 2008

SCAA and Winling, Hong Kong’s top B-ball teams battled it out to a standing room only crowd in Mongkok Saturday March 29, 2008. SCAA took an early lead but Winling quickly picked up spead. The second half saw close game with lots of action but SCAA hung on to the lead and took the Silver Shield 2008. Final Score 65 – 58. See all the action on http://www.SO-U.TV.

Hong Kong Silver Shield Basketball Competition 2008 Highlight

March 27, 2008


The Asia2Extreme team filmed two of the top ranking Hong Kong basketball teams. Sponsored by Nike, Fukien and SCAA played to a packed stadium as more than 3000 fans went wild for the build up to the HKBBA Final scheduled for March 29. Down to the wire, SCAA took the lead 65 – 60 at the final buzzer. See all the action at http://www.so-u.tv/playVideo.php?id=497 and tune in for our coverage of the Final!