Tips on building your own emergency first aid kit for the home

August 23, 2011

Homes should never be without first aid kits. This is because we can never be too sure with life. Accidents are bound to happen and of course, emergencies can always crop up once in a while. Hence, it’s always best to be armed and ready.

This is why every home should ideally have its own emergency first aid kit.

Here are fast and easy tips to remember when building your own emergency first aid kit for the home:

1. A first aid kit must have various types of medicines. Common diseases that occur at home are fever or flu, cough, nausea, allergies and colds. You must make sure that you have medicines that can easily address these illnesses. Get medicines with paracetamol, loperamide or those that are for specific allergies. Your first aid kit must also have medicinal creams and band-aids just in case members of your household contracts burns or cuts.

2. Your first aid kit must also have certain items like knee pads, personal hygiene kits, face masks and even self heating wash cloths. There are instances when you would surely need these items. Like in the case of the self heating wash cloths, these are very handy especially if you need to cleanse your entire body without the use of water. You can find all these items and more at

3. Make sure that when you build your own emergency first aid kit for the home, you will only include quality items in your kit. This is very important. You would not want to risk the lives of your loved ones by buying poor quality first aid materials, would you? Thankfully, you need not worry about this when you buy your first aid kit materials from

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