HITCHED! Bridal Hong Kong to Feature New Collections by Dessy and Lela Rose

April 16, 2012

HITCHED! Bridal Hong Kong offers many resources for brides-to-be who are busy planning their big days. In addition to a broad collection of bridal gowns, bridesmaids dresses, evening wear, and accessories, HITCHED! Bridal Hong Kong will now be offering special occasion dresses by Dessy and a new bridesmaid collection by Lela Rose!

Dessy has the perfect gowns for any occasion! Whether you’re preparing for a cocktail party, are planning on attending a special friend’s wedding, or are looking for something fabulous for prom, Dessy has just the right thing for you! Dessy offers a variety of styles and colors, too! Long, luxurious gowns are perfect for taller women, while sassy knee length gowns are perfect for those who are more petite. If you’re searching for something more extravagant, Dessy has some excellent adorned evening wear for you to choose from. They have simpler, elegant dresses too. And you can always pick up accessories from HITCHED! Bridal Hong Kong

Lela Rose is widely known for her stunningly sophisticated wedding gowns. After much anticipation, Lela Rose has now released her new bridesmaid collection and HITCHED! Bridal Hong Kong has it for you! Sticking with many of the elements from her signature collection that made her famous, this bridesmaid collection has all of Lela Rose’s finest qualities and touches. Keep your wedding party happy with these detailed, hand finished gowns. Whatever your style, Lela Rose has something to suit your and your bridesmaids’ needs!

HITCHED! Bridal Hong Kong is not just a wedding dress store. With the addition of Dessy evening wear and Lela Rose bridesmaid collection, HITCHED! Bridal Hong Kong can suit all of your dress needs. Check out HITCHED! Bridal Hong Kong in person after their grand re-opening, or email HITCHED! at info@hitchedbridal.com. They can also be reached over the phone at 852 2815 8330.

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Edible Arrangements Hong Kong Adds the Perfect Touch to Your Easter Celebration

March 23, 2012

Add a perfect splash of color to your Easter celebration with a bouquet of fresh fruit from Edible Arrangements Hong Kong! These beautiful fruitquets are hand-sculpted using only the juciest, ripest fruit and are sure to impress your guests.

For a small dinner with your closest family, try Edible Arrangements Hong Kong’s Everybunny Loves Fruit. Delicious cantaloupe, honeydew, and grapes are arranged nicely with fresh pineapple daisies, chocolate dipped strawberries, and chocolate dipped bunnies made out of pineapple. Better yet, this bouquet is placed in a ceramic keepsake container that can be reused, and also comes with a keepsake bear and balloon! This arrangement would be great for a small dinner, or even as a gift to a loved one!

If you’re looking for something a little more grandeur, try the featured Berry Bunny Surprise arrangement by Edible Arrangements Hong Kong. This fruitquet is perfect as a centerpiece or eye-catching appetizer for a larger celebration. Orange wedges, honeydew, grapes, cantaloupe, and strawberries are arranged alongside chocolate dipped strawberries and eight chocolate dipped pineapple bunnies. All of this delicious fruit is arranged beautifully in a keepsake container and comes with two custom teddy bears- the Daisy bear and the Berry bear! Perfect for the little ones in your family.

Edible Arrangements Hong Kong has hundreds of stores open seven days a week. Come in for a free sample! You can also order by phone at 852-2385-0158 for or online athttp://www.ediblearrangements.hk.

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Meet Master Ram: Martial Arts influenced Dance hits Planet Yoga Hong Kong

December 31, 2009

Dance as exercise is becoming hugely popular and Master Ram sets the pace. A lifetime of dance and martial arts has made him fast and flexible. He uses his talents to design a range of classes from Bollywood to Freestyle. Having started teaching at 15 he is recognized as one of the youngest certified dance instructors.

yoga,planet yoga,hong kong

RY: As the Dance Director, you customize a wide range of classes–Bollywood, Freestyle, bellydancing specifically for Planet Yoga. What are you working on at the moment?

Ram: Right now, I am preparing for the new Master Classes at Planet Yoga. We are very lucky to have a lot of dedicated and eager dancers at Planet Yoga so these sessions are designed with them in mind. The choreography is meant for intermediate and advanced dancers who are looking for something a little more challenging.

RY: You are one of the youngest certified dance instructors in India. How did you become a dance instructor? Were you always a good dancer?

Ram: I was always very athletic as a kid–I studied Martial Arts for 7 years and became a Black Belt. I began training in dance at a very young age and started teaching classes when I was 15.

yoga,planet yoga,hong kong

RY: Who has inspired you most as a dancer?

Ram: My biggest idol, without a doubt, is Michael Jackson. Not just for his techniques but his innovation, his star quality and charisma. In my profession, it is easy to imitate others’ styles and techniques. It is important for me to create original choreography so that my students are learning something new and exciting, not something they have already seen somewhere else.
yoga,planet yoga,hong kong

RY: Some of these classes may sound a little intimidating –Bhangra Funk, Modern Belly Dancing. For someone who has little or no experience dancing how would you encourage them?

Ram: I always teach each of my classes with one goal in mind, and that is to help my students build self-confidence, have fun and raise their energy level. Some of the classes are more challenging than others, but ultimately, it is not about learning specific techniques or fancy moves, I want them to feel good about their bodies and health.

RY: Planet Yoga is known for having instructors that have real talent and great experience. What does real yoga mean to you?

Ram: For each of my classes, I try to create a unique experience. I listen to my students and give them lots of feedback. It is important for me that anyone who comes into my class feels that they are able to take with them something that is worthwhile. Real yoga for me is creating a personal experience for each of my students.

To join a class taught by Master Ram: Please call us at (CWB): 2525 8277, (CTL): 2525 8288 or (TST): 3165 8080

King of the Hills – Summer Time Trial 08

September 4, 2008

Mountain Marathon Madness. As a run up to Asia’s longest running high altitude marathon. King of the Hills held time trials to seperate the weak from the strong. Koji Miyazaki took first place with time of 44:23. Ping Leung came in 2nd just 10 seconds behind. The 5 race KOTH series starts November 23 in Sai Kung. Find more information at http://www.seyonasia.com/index.html

新一季的山野之王在愉景灣開跑了。參賽者要在炎熱的天氣下進行2.8公里長的繞圈賽,在一小時內跳以最快時間跑出最多圈的選手勝出。日本藉的選手宮崎最後以44分23秒完成兩圈成為優勝者。下一場的山野之王將在11月23日在西貢舉行,欲知詳情請到 http://www.so-u.tv/