GlocalMe G2 is the Future of the Telecom Industry.

July 10, 2015


As the creators of the GlocalMe G1; we are now initiating a revolutionary new product; a smart 4G Wi-Fi hotspot perfect for business and leisure world travelers. The GlocalMe G2 Kickstarter will be available shortly; starting July 2015.

Our new hotspot device will turn local 3G and 4G networks into secure Wi-Fi signals in over 100 countries. With GlocalMe G2, you will also find it easier to surf and make online voice calls (VOIP) via the Internet in all these countries.


Similar to our GlocalMe G1 model; users will be able to access the internet at an affordable price and without needing to purchase local SIM cards from the countries you are traveling in. Our technology is all about having easy access to a portable network device- with no worries about high roaming fees from your mobile carrier- as you travel around the globe.



We’ve received rave reviews on Amazon (4.5/5stars) and provide fast, reliable customer service and support. You can choose to pay as you go; paying only for the data you use or select from one of our data packages. Easily check your account balance, see your data usage and purchase data packages from our convenient Mobile App. There are no contracts, monthly fees and our device is fully unlocked.

We plan to improve on our GlocalMe G1’s already impressive battery life of 10 hours; and continue providing the convenient built-in 6000mAh power bank for charging your cell phone on the go. Supporting up to 5 devices at once on a secure, private network ensures peace of mind during your travels with sensitive personal and business information.

With all these amazing features, GlocalMe G2 is without a doubt expected to become the next big thing in the market.

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