Streamification — the emerging world we live in: Technology

March 16, 2017



The world we live, augmented by technology, is increasingly becoming more fluid. Not to long past our lives were blocks of time and activity. The morning paper, lunch with friends, the evening news, a movie night out but that has changed dramatically as all things are available to us most all the time and the way that we interact in this technology enabled world I call Streamification.

“History is obsolete in the humanverse – it is only relevant to technology

as a predictor of the future”


I am an observer of human behaviour and technology — it is my fascination. I observe the evolution of human/ tech interaction from a social perspective and it seems clear to me that we are on a quickly evolving path driven by two main forces:


  • Human behaviour change enabled by technology. Our access to most everything is no longer time bound. We communicate with multimedia capability to friends without restrictions on time, geography or even having ever met. Our lives are an open book, a series of snapshots of our likes, dislikes, passions and idiosyncrasies. We seldom have an exclusive online or offline experience as the interconnectedness of the two coalesce into a single experience.
  • Technology changes due to changing human behaviour. This has been long time in the coming as predictive modeling to anticipate desire is the Holy Grail of business, but we have seen it accelerate and morph in recent years largely due to Millennials. Snapchat is revolutionary. This silly app where pictures disappear was based on the premise that we live in the now and history is irrelevant. Our lives are truly a stream of events or periods of “now” being reinforced by the technology we use.


AI and bots are the hot topic of the moment. It may have seemed as if they emerged as some “cool” idea that took hold, but necessity is the mother of invention and bots are emerging because of Streamification and the need to cater to the demand of an almost infinite number of unique moments in time.


“In the most simple of terms, Streamification is “I want what I want and

I want it now” but it is far more complex and subtle”


Whether you talk in terms of customer journey, touchpoints or the uniqueness and spontaneity of the human spirit we each travel a path that is ours but touches so many other. . . everything. It is a stream of moments. Though we do embrace the notion of our own uniqueness, it is with greater precision that AI is able to predict our wants and desires. It is through the power of technology that at anytime we want to reach out, share or buy the expectation that there is a mechanism, whether human or technology, that will provide satisfaction is there and waiting. When you put this in the context of how many of us there are and how unique each of our lives, or Streams, are then it becomes clearer to see that ability to achieve Streamification lies with technology and human input on its design.


Much success,





Getting Ready for the Holiday with your Designer Dress, Perfect Place for Kids Parties and lavish Christmas Dinners All Waiting for You

November 22, 2014


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one2free: It’s time to turn Hong Kong into a live PLAYGROUND.

April 15, 2013


One2free, Hong Kong’s most colorful mobile communications brand, now gives you the power to turn your phone into an explosion of fun, just a press of a button away!

One2free is launching its brainchild, PLAYGROUND, this April with three exciting bite-sized
games that promise to take Hong Kong by storm. One of the most anticipated ones among these seem to be the Fishball Master.

If you think being a true Fishball Master was easy, think again. You’ll need nimble fingers and sharp senses to feed this hungry crowd of Hong Kongers. Master the local art of serving fishballs to a feisty lot that has lined up outside your shop! Flick the correct number of fishballs into the mouths of customers as fast as you can and then move them along as soon as they are full to serve the next customer in line.

You’ve got to hurry too because the clock is ticking away! The more fishballs you serve and the more customers you please, the better you score! But the fun doesn’t stop there. The rewards at PLAYGROUND might just get you your own plateful of fishballs! Real time rewards mean that you can not only brag about your high scores but also redeem discount coupons all around Hong Kong.

If you can’t wait to try your hand at flinging fishballs, and other exciting games, download the app today! You should also head over to the Facebook page to make sure you are in on all the latest updates rewards and badges! With PLAYGROUND in your hands, fun, games and giveaways will never be too far away. Log on to the website to find out more.

To learn more:
one2free offical website:
one2free facebook:
Download Fishball Master:

Planet Yoga April Workshops

March 28, 2010


Posture Correction & Body Alignment

Instructor: Aakash

Duration: 8 hours

Date: Apr 10, 17, 24 & May 1 (Sat)

Time: 10:30 – 12:30

Club: CWB Club

Course fee: HK$1,600


It’s time to re-shape that body. Over time gravity takes its toll and of course those sinfully delicious snacks do as well. This yoga class will show you many effective ways to shift and reduce stubborn fat deposits from your waistline, buttocks and thighs. Many of the killer moves you learn will help tighten, cut and redefine your body for even greater sex appeal.

Tightening your body and tweaking weight distribution will also give you better posture and overall health.

This class is perfect for women who are looking to get their pre-pregnancy bodies back!



Yoga for Inner Peace

Instructor: Sumit

Duration: 3 hours

Date: April 17 (Sat)

Time: 16:00 – 19:00

Club: TST Club

Course fee: HK$750


With just six simple steps, this yoga class will help you reach complete and deep relaxation. A relaxed mind and body leads to stress release, better concentration and an overall peaceful mind. And a mind at peace can help decrease tension, insomnia, anger and frustration.

Take on your world feeling relaxed and at one with yourself, able to solve the problems of your daily life.



Yoga and Living Foods

Instructor: Moises

Duration: 3 hours

Date: April 25 (Sun)

Time: 11:00 14:00

Club: CWB Club

Course fee: HK$450


In yoga philosophy, food is an important part of our holistic being. It is called, “AnnamayaKosha”.

According to Kosha philosophy, different aspects of our person (emotions, mind, spirit, etc.) make up the layers of our being. To complete our being, our Annamaya Kosha must also be made strong as well.

In this workshop you will learn the approach of using veganism and raw food as a way to detox your body and become more healthy. The workshop consists of 3 consecutive hoursof asana, pranayama, meditation and “living foods” demonstration.

This workshop will improve your flexibility, recovery time, yoga practice, health and overall life one meal at a time.

This class is not suitable for pregnant women.



Yoga for Two

Instructor: Vanessa

Duration: 4 hours

Date: April 10 (Sat)

Time: 14:00 18:00

Club: CTL Club

Course fee: HK$600


When you’re pregnant you’re eating for two and living for two, so why not exercise for two?

In this workshop, you will learn about the cardiovascular and respiratory changes that affect exercise during pregnancy. We will also teach you the 7 common problems related to prenatal exercise, posture awareness, nutrition / weight issues, post labor information, a pre and postnatal exercise regimen, as well as practical yoga moves using props such as yoga block, fitball and thera band.

Stay fit during your pregnancy without putting you and your baby in harms way.



The Art of Meditation

Instructor: Kapil

Duration: 6 hours

Date: April 24 & May 1 (Sat)

Time: 10:00 13:00

Club: CTL club

Course fee: HK$1,500


Unfortunately, meditation is not a one size fits all kind of thing. Certain techniques work better for certain people, making choosing the right technique very important.

In this 6 hour workshop, split into two 3 hours sessions teaching 9 meditation techniques each, you’ll discover the different benefits and science behind the various techniques so you can find the one that’s just right for you.

This is a guided class with instruction from a master yogi with short break periods between each 20 minute meditation sessions. A takeaway booklet will be given to help you practice meditation on your own.

It’s time to clear your mind and your schedule to learn the art of meditation.

yoga,Hong Kong,Planet Yoga

From Member to Teacher: Alvin of Planet Yoga gets Hong Kong flexible

March 26, 2010

One of our favourite teachers at Planet Yoga,Alvin teachers a special workshop titled “Yoga for the Inflexible” this March. With many dedicated members practicing with Alvin, this workshop is a guaranteed success. We speak to Alvin about why he wanted to host a workshop and how he won over such a following at Planet Yoga.

So Alvin, are you from Hong Kong?

No but it definitely feels like I am! I’ve been living in this city for 30 years now. I came here 30 years ago with a Hong Kong based-airline company.

Was your schedule quite flexible then? That must have given you a bit of free time to explore the city.
Yes definitely. We would get days off at a time when we were not flying and so I was able to try out lots of different sports. I love swimming, biking, scuba diving and rock climbing! Funny thing is,, I was always interested in yoga about but I never got around to it until much later!

Wow, you are very athletic! When did you start practicing yoga then?
Actually I started practicing about 5 or 6 years ago. I started as a member at Planet Yoga and after a couple of classes I was completely hooked. I started coming here everyday, going to classes and just talking to the other teachers. I would catch Master Kapil after class and just discuss about specific techniques and how I can improve my postures. I learnt very quickly at Planet Yoga because the instructors are so willing to help me after class or in their free time.

From member to instructor at Planet Yoga? No wonder it seems like you know everybody in this club!
Definitely, I made a lot of friends here in Planet Yoga as a member. I understand their point of view, what they like and how they wish to improve. That is the main reason why I wanted to host this workshop. I found that a lot of members were getting frustrated because they could not do a certain pose even after years of practice.

What are some common poses people had difficulty with?

Every body is built differently so our limits vary but backbends, splits and the butterfly is generally a bit more challenging for most people to practice.

Can you give us a little sneak preview of what the workshop would be like?

I wanted to include a mix of discussion, theory and practice into the workshop. Members at Planet Yoga can attend class any day of the week but not a lot of people have the chance to sit down and study or discuss specific problems they encountered in their practice. Also, it is a great introductory class for someone curious and new to yoga to gain some insight before jumping into a regular class. I will be teaching some very practical yoga poses that anyone can do just at their office or when they are sitting around at home.

Thank you so much Alvin for giving us an exclusive look into your workshop. So finally, can you tell us what Real Yoga means to you?

Real Yoga gives us the awareness to be present and in the moment.


Yoga for the Inflexible Workshop at Planet Yoga

Most people practice yoga to become more flexible,
but everyone’s body is unique. This workshop will
teach you the science of flexibility, helping you
understand your current level of flexibility and how
you can quickly improve on it. Asana Practice and
use of Yoga props (e.g. blocks, bricks, straps,
bolsters) will help you achieve.

This is a detailed class with a lot of personal attention.

What to expect during class


Date&Time: March 27 (Sat) 15:00-18:00
Club: Central Club
Instructor: Alvin
Level: All levels
Course Fee: HK $500

-Asana practice
-Postures for stretching the whole body

Guinness World Record Holder teaches Yoga at Planet Yoga Hong Kong

March 16, 2010

If you haven’t attended a class with Yogaraj C.P of Planet Yoga yet, other members will gladly tell you what you have been missing! Just try to walk in to his Hot Yoga class on a weeknight and you will see about 50 people lining up to go into the steamy room.  Yes he is that good, and here is a glimpse why.

Hello Yogaraj! What is this we hear about you being in the Guinness World Records?

Yes, I am very honored to have represented my country and achieved the longest yoga marathon in the Guinness World Records.  Essentially, it was a yoga marathon that lasted for 28 hours.  I performed a total of 1,019 asanas positions!!

WOW, and here we thought your 90 minute Hot Yoga class was LONG. We were also told that you just came back form a Yoga Competition not too long ago?

Yes.  I just came back from the 17th International Yoga Festival actually.   I represented Planet Yoga in the competition. (see photos below).  I performed Agro Yoga, participated in a Group demonstration and won 1st place in the competition!  I am so honoured and humbled to be featured in top newspapers including Dinamani,  Dinamalar and Tamil Murusu and Daily Thanthi in Puducherry, India.

How long have you been participating in competitions?
Well, I started to practice Yoga at a very young age.  It started with my father demonstrating the walking Lotus to me–it is a very fun and entertaining pose and I do this with my students a lot now as a warm up. But then my father passed away when I was still young and I stopped practicing for a while. As I got older , i remembered that my father practiced  Yoga a lot in order to stay fit during his service in the Army.  He was stationed in a very cold part of India, up by the Himalayas. I picked up the practice of Yoga again when I was about 12 years old.  I won my first award— Best Demonstrator Award at the 5th International Yoga festival when I was 14.

It must be so exciting to travel around the world to participate in yoga competitions!

I truly love traveling the world and seeing how different people can embrace Yoga into their lives.  I loved teaching yoga in China and Taiwan because for a yoga teacher, it is so rewarding to introduce the practice to places where people don’t know as much about it and where it is still quite a new hobby and sport.

There is no question that you are a very experienced Yogi.  What are you looking to accomplish in the upcoming future?
I think I am most interested in teaching yoga to kids and youth.  I received my first yoga lesson (apart from demonstrations by my father) when I was about 12 years old.  I still remember very clearly how great I felt when I was able to do the walking handstand my teacher taught me.  I think that Yoga is an excellent way to inspire confidence and built postive self esteem. There is a great sense of pride and accomplishment that comes with being able to perform different Yoga poses and I think that it is something very important and valuable to instill in youth today.

Finally, What does Real Yoga mean to you?
Real Yoga, to me, means introducing traditional yoga to people. Whether it is the postures and practice itself or the philosophy behind it.

Thank you so much Master Yogaraj C.P for speaking to us. Namaste.

Exclusive Launch! Yoga and Dance Workshop at Planet Yoga Hong Kong! No membership required!

February 2, 2010

The Art of Being Beautiful

Date & Time:
Feb 19 (Fri) 15:00 – 16:30
Feb 20 (Sat) 12:00 – 13:30

Club: Causeway Bay Club
Instructor: Sumit

Level: All levels
Course Fee: HK$ 1,000


Inner health makes you smile from inside an inner smile makes your body beautiful outside. Come, explore, learn and discover the art of being beautiful through special techniques chosen for you from the ancient science of Hatha Yoga specially by our Master Yogi Saadhak Sumit.

Yoga Workshop: Feb 6 and 7–Yoga for the Inflexible

Yoga for the InflexibleDate & Time: Feb 6 (Sat) 15:00 – 16:30 and Feb 7 (Sun) 12:00 – 13:30
Club: Causeway Bay Club
Instructor: Alvin
Level: All levels
Course Fee: HK$ 500


Everyone’s body is unique, come to the workshop and learn the basic anatomy you need to fully understand your level of flexibility and how to improve it through Asana Practice and the use of Yoga props including blocks, bricks, straps and bolsters to achieve proper alignment, postures and whole body stretching.

Most people practice yoga to become more flexible, this workshop takes you into the science of flexibility so that you are able to understand your current level and the fastest route to become flexible. In the practical modular you will use props to achieve postures which you may otherwise not have believed you could achieve.

This is a detailed class with adjustments and personal care.
What to expect during class

– understanding why you are inflexible
– Basic anatomy
-The roles of muscles, tendons and ligaments

– Asana practice
-Postures for stretching the whole body

New! Yoga Workshop: Achieve inner strength through Deep Stretching

Achieve inner strength through Deep StretchingDate & Time: Feb 6 (Sat) 11:00 – 14:00 and Feb 7 (Sun) 16:00 – 19:00

Club: Tsim Sha Tsui
Instructor: Yogaraj C.P.
Level: All levels
Course Fee: HK$ 1,000

A two part workshop

Join this creative, innovative and fun filled workshop to achieve the inner strength you need to be strong and flexible in all areas of your life.

Part I: Concentrates on Yang Yoga teaching you techniques and postures that energizes you, vitalizes you and makes you powerful. This is a power class focusing on developing core strength, muscle tone, balance, stamina and proper alignment.

Part II: Focuses on Yin Yoga postures which bring to a state of relaxation and rejuvenation through safe, deep stretches and careful adjustments.

Upcoming Workshop

Planet Yoga Guest Instructor Series Guest Instuctor Master Jack (Dec-Jan)

January 18, 2010

Guest Instuctor Master Jack (Dec-Jan)

Jack is a true inspired Indian dance Instructor, who also is a Master of Martial arts.

He has concurred Black belt 2nd don, “Tae-Kwon-Do”, 7-Gold, 2- Silver and 3 Bronze medals in National level tournaments in INDIA among a billion people.

He was selected and represented by the Indian Tae-Kwon-Do Federation for international level several times.

Currently he is the honorary secretary & Chief Technical Director Of jury in National tournaments in India.

Recently, under his direction Orissa state Tae-Kwon-Do program for “schools & Clubs” is a big success in India.

Professionally dancing and choreographed in Bollywood (the Indian movie industry) more than 15 years, conducting events with Bolly-Wood stars throughout INDIA, working in movies as director for 10 years, working experience for 4 years in BKK under CaliforniaWOW, making every show a success with new effects… Presently posted as dance coordinator BKK…

My moto is to make every single person HAPPY and HEALTHY.

“Enjoy each and every moment…. ”

Master Jack showing off a signature dance move at Planet Yoga Hong Kong

Special Guest Instructor Rahul visits Planet Yoga Hong Kong

January 18, 2010

Planet Yoga Special Appearance: Rahul

8-time winner of National Yoga Championship.

Rahul graduated in Yoga Praveen from Yoga Vidhya Dham Nasik Institute in 2005.

He has learned the Patanjali yoga sutras and worked as yoga instructor in several different institutions and schools .He has been teaching yoga since the past 7 years.

In 2003, he has been selected for inter-university yoga competition from Pune University state. He has experienced in various types of yoga (Rhythmic Yoga, Artistic Yoga and Rope yoga) and he was also selected for International Yoga Competition to perform yoga in Italy.

Rahul was kind enough to take time from his busy schedule and visit us at Planet Yoga Hong Kong for a special guest instructor class for Patanjali Yoga.

For photos of Rahul and our members trying out an exciting class, check our facebook photo album.

Special guest instructor Rahul visiting Planet Yoga Hong Kong from Thailand

Planet Yoga’s Master Naveen shares his experience in Hong Kong.

January 7, 2010

Master Naveen is the leading instructor at Planet Yoga central, Hong Kong. With seven years of practice and experience and a solid knowledge of yoga concepts, Naveen has a huge, loyal following at the centre.

How did you decide to come to Hong Kong and teach Yoga?

A couple of years ago, before all the other centres opened in Hong Kong, Planet Yoga was the only big studio. It is renowned in India that, all the experienced Yoga instructors would come here, if they wanted to be in Hong Kong. In fact, most of the directors of big yoga centres in Hong Kong now started at Planet Yoga.

That’s very interesting. Not a lot of people would know that. What lead you to become a yoga instructor?

Yoga is intricately tied into religious practices in India. As a child I was always involved in praying, performing rituals and meditation.

In my senior year in high school, my sister suddenly passed away. My whole family was devastated. Our family doctor saw how the tragedy had affected my father’s health and suggested a yoga retreat for him to go to. After my dad came back from the retreat he was a renewed man.

I watched him practice at home and I started doing yoga with him. It was our way to bond as father and son. Through yoga we healed from the sadness together. After that, I started studying yoga in University and have not stopped practicing ever since.

We are sorry to hear that, but it seems that you now practice what you preach because yoga has actually been life changing for you. You have worked in Planet Yoga for a while, do you see a change in the clientele or what their needs are?

A couple of years ago, most people came to Planet Yoga to exercise and have a good workout. Now I think that the focus has shifted and there is a new interest in meditation, detox, and yoga as a lifestyle. Kapil and I host information sessions (offered nowhere else in Hong Kong) every week and many of our members come in to listen and talk about the concepts of yoga.

Finally, what does Real Yoga mean to you?

Real yoga is internalizing and engaging all five aspects of yoga, the physical, mental, emotional, social and the spiritual.


To see the full list of classes taught by Master Naveen, visit