September Celebrations! Have your Kids Party and your Birthdays at Bamboa Home, Isofit and Sideways Driving Club Hong Kong. Great Gift Ideas at Le Luxury

September 23, 2015



Bamboa Home for your Birthday Party Needs

Bamboa Home hosts what is known as the “Paint Bamboo” Workshop. Not only will the friendly team at Bamboa Home be teaching your little ones about trees and flower names in English, but they will also educate them, using a “learning by play” technique on some general knowledge on ecology and its role in everyday life.

So what are you waiting for? Contact Bamboa Home and book a Birthday Party where you have an opportunity to instil in your child the knowledge to contribute to environmental sustainability in everyday life. Make it your mission, as a family, to GO GREEN by choosing Bamboa Home.

11144470_962976893724620_2379411502459819575_n.jpg-oh=b9aece6f02ab92d620ed2a1ea8ec4e56&oe=56812A72Experience the Thrill of Racing on Virtual Tracks at Sideways Driving Club


Addicted to your Xbox or Play station? If you ever wanted to experience the thrill of a real racing event through a virtual world then here is your chance. It is time to experience the world of racing for real on the best simulators of the world giving you a far better experience than your Xbox or Play station! Sideways Driving Club Hong Kong, a virtual racing centre in Hong Kong gives you the opportunity to live your dreams and enter the track of virtual racing with both amateur and experienced racers. Open events for everyone are organised at Sideways Driving Club Hong Kong all year long.

11745952_10154041435094867_8783531840859037748_n.jpg-oh=7ebd3b27b3b091afc5c1aaa3cedb1fc6&oe=56752BCEFive Reasons Why You Should Get a Pandora from Le Luxury


You now have a chance to sweep her off her feet with Pandora. It is your ultimate solution to all her needs; you do not have to look any further. If you have a bad record of choosing awful gifts, Pandora now offers you a chance to redeem yourself. You will have a chance to present to her a perfect gift that will make her forgive you for all the times you got it wrong. Moreover, if you are trying to make it up for something you did wrong, like forgetting your anniversary or forgetting her birthday, go the Pandora way. Here are five reasons why should choose to get Pandora jewellery from Le Luxury.




Meet the Team – Isofit Hong Kong

Physio Fit believes in the concept of healing through movement, this is something that sets them apart from the want to be competitors.

The team at Iso Fit has one aim which is for you to be able to identify the root of the problem which caused your injury, then after several sessions of treatment, finally this root area will become an area of strength, yet again. Once again you will be integrated into your fitness environment by feeling that you have regained the freedom of being fully functional and physically fit.

The high quality of instruction and treatment is guaranteed by the calibre of the teachers. Iso Fit is a leading Pilates and Gyrotronic® Instructor Training Centre. The instructors here are constantly involved in revisiting and updating their skills.

The Iso Fit Team comprises of individuals from everywhere, this versatile team will overcome any barrier, cultural or language, they are able to communicate to their clients in English, Chinese, Japanese as well as Italian.



Sandy Sydney, XYZ Chief Instructor, NASM, ACE, TRX, PTAC

November 23, 2013

Veteran instructor Sandy Sydney likes to joke that the part of his body that needs the most work is his brain! Certainly, your first sight of Sandy will inspire you to want to turn your own physique into the lean mean fighting machine that his is.

But all it takes is a few minutes spinning on the bike in his class in Hong Kong’s first theatre of power, to realize that the push to become the best of who you are is 80% mental, 20% physical. Sandy’s classes will exhaust you but they’ll also teach you all about how amazing the mind body connection really is. He knows that we each have right amount of cells, DNA and thought composite to become our own superheroes.

As a 15 year veteran in this fitness industry, Sandy Sydney has seen his fair share of theatre. He’s teared up a couple of times watching his team members work so hard to pass their own barriers and enter into accomplishment and joy. Once he was even reduced to tears of laughter by a man who took an XYZ class in his underwear! Like all of XYZ’s energizing instructors, Sandy believes in the power of adrenaline to decelerate time and create the conditions in which we can release, recharge, regroup and regain control.

For Sandy, it’s simply a privilege to spend his days with some of the most passionate, creative people alive. After all, passion inspires people. It all boils down to living life to the full.

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Rachel Moon, XYZ Instructor, Dancer, Artistic Director & Producer

November 21, 2013

From the moment Rachel Moon’s mother took her to her first dance class at the age of 6, she knew she was born to move.

Rachel commits to everything in life 100%. She’s been a globe-leaping professional dancer, who has not only performed the splits on the heads of two elephants in a circus in Germany but also produced shows for the casinos of Macau. Now, she brings that passion and enthusiasm to the XYZ cave, in our secret home in Central, Hong Kong.

What matters most to Rachel is the energy in the room. Her ideal class is one full of highly energized people, spinning with enthusiasm, ready to try to take it to the next level. Her mission is to have you step down from your bike and leave the cave feeling even more vibrant than when you came in. She does everything in her power to energize you and inspire you to believe in yourself, because that’s the best advice she was ever given.

Rachel brought her advanced talents to Hong Kong because XYZ is the future of the private health club, set up to change the culture of wellbeing by adding fine measures of creativity and entertainment in order to challenge our perceived limits of energy and intelligence. “Don’t sweat the small things and stop worrying what other people think. It’s your life, so live it well.”

It’s Rachel’s dream is to combine her experience in dance with fitness to create the most kick-ass spinning class in Hong Kong. In fact, she’s already doing that! Come to XYZ and let Rachel Moon inspire you to be your next best self.

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