Fashionable Hair Accessories Now Available by Kim Robinson

January 9, 2013

Owner and international celebrity stylist Kim Robinson of kimrobinson studio in Hong Kong is known for his ability to bring out the true beauty of his clients. kimrobinson studio creates magic behind their walls, often with stunning, sexy results. With the new hair accessory line from Kim Robinson, you can bring the beauty, style, and confidence synonymous with a great Kim Robinson look into your daily routine.

Achieving a creative and eye-catching style in your daily life can be a snap with these colorful hair clips. Turn a boring, pulled-back look into a head-turner with these dazzling jewel toned clips that will be sure to dress up your daily look. With a wide variety of colors to choose from, you’ll look stylish and fashionable every day.

If a fun, outgoing look is what you seek, then look no further than these bright and cute mini hair clips! It’s an easy way to go from weekend drab to fab in seconds!

Looking for an easy way to transform your office look into an evening look without spending too much time getting ready? Kim Robinson diamond headbands are the perfect solution. Add instant glamour and a flirty sparkle to your look with an array of headbands in different widths and colors so that you can find the perfect one for any occasion.

Kim Robinson understands beauty like no other stylist. With his exclusive line of hair accessories, Kim Robinson is now making his creative and signature looks more accessible for the women in Hong Kong. Visit kimrobinson studio to view the full line of hair accessories.

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Insider the Style Studio with kimrobinson

January 8, 2013

International stylist Kim Robinson is known for creating sexy, beautiful looks for celebrities. Whether the event calls for glamorous starlet to demure bride to sexy photoshoots, Kim Robinson always manages to bring out each individual woman’s unique beauty and confidence. Let’s take a look inside the kimrobinson studio and see where beauty is revealed.


Whenever a client walks in through the front entrance of the kimrobinson studio, they know they are ready to be pampered with the best possible styling experience from Kim or one of kimrobinson studio’s top stylists. The luxurious chandelier and plush red carpet are warm and inviting, ensuring that clients feel like the stars they are.


Clients are invited to browse kimrobinson studio’s lobby for the best hair care products, such as the Sen by Kim Robinson line, and the latest in fashion hair accessories.


A stroll down the calming walkway of the kimrobinson studio will help melt away any worries. The fresh, scented flowers do wonders for a person’s mood and once clients take a seat in the stylist’s chair, they are ready to let their natural beauty shine.


For those extra special clients and events, kimrobinson studio has the opulent VIP private room reserves just for this purpose. Alone with the expert stylists of kimrobinson studio, clients can truly feel like they’re transforming into a more confident, glowing version of themselves.


With so much beauty and style surrounding the kimrobinson studio, it’s no wonder that the work done within these walls consistently produces stunning results. Kim knows exactly how to make a woman beautiful, inside and out. It’s only natural that kimrobinson studio would reflect that same talent.

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Christmas with Kim Robinson

December 18, 2012

Christmas is a special time of year. It’s the season for spending time with friends and family, joy and merriment, holiday parties, and of course, looking good while you do it all. Kim Robinson of kimrobinson studio is busier than ever, especially now when clients are eager to look their best for holiday parties and rely on Kim for his expert styling. Despite it all, Kim Robinson still has the time to take stock of what this Christmas season is really all about. Take a few cues from Kim this holiday and make it merry and bright.

To Kim, Christmas is a time to make the extra effort with friends and family. Ever so passionate about design and aesthetics, and an artist himself, Kim Robinson creates special decorations for his home so it looks both beautiful and welcoming for his guests. Kim also prepares wonderful meals, complete with wine pairings, for those closest to him. Try inviting your loved ones into your home for an intimate and special gathering this season.
For a well-loved celebrity stylist, Kim Robinson has been fortunate enough to receive many generous and extravagant Christmas gifts from his clients over the years, but he reminds us that the most special gifts are the ones which come from the heart. This year, put extra thought into a gift for your loved ones and see if the considerate gift doesn’t make their eyes twinkle brighter with glee.

Winter style is all about ease and confidence. Everyday, kimrobinson studio gifts their clients with the beauty, confidence, and style that they possess and deserve to show off. With the creation of Sen by Kim Robinson, Kim has provided women in Hong Kong with a haircare product which truly works for Asian hair. Sen by Kim Robinson provides women with the professional results at home like what they can enjoy at kimrobinson studio.
Christmas is upon us. Kim Robinson wishes everyone a happy, healthy and peaceful festive season. May you take Kim’s advice and have an even merrier, more stylish holiday than ever before!

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Holiday Style Tips from Kim Robinson

December 18, 2012

The holiday season is one of the busiest times of the year and, for your hair, it’s also one of the most damaging. With parties, New Year’s Eve, gatherings between family and friends, not to mention daily wear and tear, your hair is pulled, teased, washed, coloured, permed, sprayed… It’s easy to see how hair can become frazzled, frizzy, and damaged in no time at all! Here are a few tips from Kim Robinson of kimrobinson studio to help you manage and maintain a stress-free hairstyle this winter.
The most important thing to consider before styling is both the cut and the condition of the hair. The cut is crucial because it gives you the option of “no style” or “minimal style”. Too often women have the wrong cut for their face shape, and the result is that they can’t manage their hair on their own. It is essential that you communicate with your stylist and work to find a cut that is both flattering and manageable.

One of the ways to make sure hair stays hydrated and doesn’t look dry or straw-like is to regularly use products formulated with Vitamin B5, Vitamin E, and milk proteins to add nutrients into your hair. When Kim Robinson developed Sen by Kim Robinson, he added the Traditional Chinese ingredient of Angelica to our Moisture & Repair system to help hydrate the hair and lock in moisture.
Updos are always popular during the holidays, and one look that’s been getting a lot of attention for evening hair is the classic ponytail. What’s great about this look is that it can add height and drama or can be easy and chic – there’s great versatility in such a simple look.

Remember that the holidays are really about spending time with friends and family. To look good and to spend time where it really matters, get your hair cut early in the month and then preserve the style and the condition of your hair with effective daily products. Take a modern approach to styling and keep everything looking effortless and low key – a simple, believable look will keep you chic and stylish with minimal fuss this Christmas.

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Kim Robinson Elchim 5000 Da Vinci for Sleek and Silky Hair

October 19, 2012

Kim Robinson, celebrity hair stylist and owner of kimrobinson Studio in Hong Kong, uses and endorses the Elchim 5000 Da Vinci Ionic hairdryer in his salon. The Elchim 5000 Da Vinci Ionic hairdryer produces high density ions that neutralize unpurified hair to leave it healthier, stronger, and looking smooth and shiny. The Elchim 5000 Da Vinci Ionic hairdryer also reduces drying time by 50% through its negative ion generating system and continuous air flow. The improved design allows for a more contoured sharp to make styling easier and more efficient.

kimrobinson Studio in Hong Kong, an acclaimed one-stop service salon for beauty and glamour, understands that beautiful hair is hair that is healthy, strong, shiny, smooth, and silky to touch. kimrobinson Studio also understands that today’s modern woman is busy with work and social commitments. The Elchim 5000 Da Vinci Ionic hairdryer is the perfect tool to ensure that each client’s hair looks its absolute best in as little time as possible so that clients can get back to their busy lives looking gorgeous and confident.

The kimrobinson Studio stylists work hard with customers to develop a unique hair style that brings out each individual’s inner beauty. With the Elchim 5000 Da Vinci Ionic hairdryer, kimrobinson Studio in Hong Kong continues their tradition of providing women with the very best in beauty.

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kimrobinson’s Texture Restoration System Puts an End to Frizzy Hair

August 23, 2012

The hot season would seem like a difficult time for hair if it were not for Kim Robinson and his team. Along with gorgeous sunshine and endless outdoor opportunities comes the price of humidity, which does not do wonders for hair. Incessant frizz, no control, and loss of shine are just a few examples of what happens when summer arrives. Yet not all hope is lost when it comes to taming out of control strands and kimrobinson has the answer.

Just when nothing seems to work, fabulous hair is still very possible. kimrobinson’s signature patented Texture Restoration System treatment restores hair, giving it a sleek and glamorous shine. The Texture Restoration System is applied to each strand individually which takes around an hour to complete in the kimrobinson studio, but it lasts for up to five months after letting it set for two days which easily gives the person a worry-free, humid summer.

Free of harsh chemicals, the Texture Restoration System treatment from kimrobinson is designed to improve and help lock in the natural moisture of hair rather than damage it. Without the presence of chemicals and formaldehyde, the formula will protect hair instead of making the problem worse. The Texture Restoration System is delivered to the hair in a natural state and it is because of these significant differences that the keratin treatment should not be confused with relaxers.

Offered for the first time in Hong Kong, this Texture Restoration System treatment is very popular in the western continents of Europe and the United States. It is available at kimrobinson for men and women alike so that everyone may enjoy a frizz-free summer season.

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Kim Robinson’s Signature Dry Cut Becomes World-Wide Trend

August 20, 2012

Western Australia native Kim Robinson has gone above and beyond when it comes to hair styling. Yet the renowned maestro of cuts and colour does more than just wow his A-list clientele with his unparalleled skill because working with celebrities such as Kate Moss, Cindy Crawford, Gong Li, Carina Lau Kar-ling and Sandy Lam Yik-ling does not happen over night with just any stylist. So what is Kim Robinson’s signature move behind the chair? Dry cuts.

It seems like a simple alteration from the usual wet hair cut, but it takes much more steel, poise, and experience to earn a name as a great dry cut stylist. Due to the way hair differs when it moves and lies down naturally for everyone, adjusting a technique for each individual is not a task easily mastered by just anyone. Not only is the idea of a dry cut designed to differ from person to person, it is made to be easily styled due to its natural shape.

After opening his self-named studio based in Singapore, Kim Robinson has taken the time to train each of his proteges in the signature technique he is well known for. Since then, clientele have been flocking to kimrobinson studio in order to experience the luxurious comfort of the studio and each has walked away with a beautiful cut and tint that is unique to them.

Finding a stylist who has mastered the dry cut can be a challenge. Visit kimrobinson studio to find a sure match with an expert stylist who will give you the most complimentary style.

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Prestigious Hairstylist Kim Robinson Around the World

July 30, 2012

Native to Western Australia, Kim Robinson began his passionate career over three decades ago and has since become a renowned hair stylist of fashion shows and magazines such as French Vogue. His prestigious clientele have included Princess Diana, Naomi Campbell, and Kate Moss, amongst others, with more lining up.

Upon arriving in Hong Kong, Kim’s love for the fast paced, ever changing fashion world blossomed and took him all over the world. From Asia, he travelled to Europe to hone in on his skills with Vidal Sassoon. In France, he styled for many couture collections such as Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent.

After years of his solo journey, however, Kim Robinson began his self-named studio in Singapore where his proteges and colleagues have found themselves washing, tinting, and cutting the hair of many well known figures. He also began to teach his dry-cut technique for which is has garnered his fame.

With his own A-list full to capacity, Kim looks to pamper those he can all over the world with products ranging from scalp treatments to growth therapy. Yet despite his busy life, Robinson continues to extend a helping hand wherever he can. This last April, Kim found himself and five willing stylists to cut and donate 20-25 centimeters of hair from women while giving them a gorgeous new look. The money raised from this endeavour went to the Children’s Medical Foundation to help programs for newborns in rural China.

Kim Robinson continues to turn heads with his masterful styling and tips, and winning personality that never fails to charm.

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