Indulge Your Need For Speed At Sideways Driving Club Hong Kong!

March 12, 2014

You fancy yourself as the new Vin Diesel drifting your hot wheels through the streets, but traffic and red lights get in the way of your speed! Indulge your racing skills the safe way at Sideways Driving Club and even have a drink while you do it at the only place in Hong Kong where it’s legal to drink and drive! Our simulators are the best in the world, endorsed by real Formula 1 drivers! Formula 1 teams Red Bull, Force India, Ferrari and more use the Pro-version of the same software we use for their driver training. Our simulators are preferred by the pros, so we know they’ll work for your racing skills! Of course, we make it an enjoyable experience for beginners too!

Sideways Driving Club is for anyone who loves to experience “the real thing” and is the best place to meet other racing fans! You can even join a racing league! Either bring your own group of mates along and setup your own league to be raced when you like, on whatever cars you like on whatever tracks you like. Or, join one of our leagues that are on pre-structured dates with pre-determined cars and tracks. Both are loads of fun and are very addictive!  A variety of motor sport and track simulations are offered. We run the highest graphics and physics race simulations available from Formula 1, GT cars, Formula 3, Rally cars, Sports cars, and even Standard road cars. There’s something for everyone!

So what are you still reading this for? Come on down to Sideways Driving Club! We are pretty popular, so feel free to contact us first! We can be reached in numerous ways. Call our Booking Hotline at (852) 2523 0983 or just send us an e-mail at:


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MegaIce Youth Hockey League – Exhibition game

September 11, 2008

Want to escape the summer heat and be a part of the coolest sport in Hong Kong? Tune in to SO-U.TV for the new season of Ice Hockey games in Megabox. See it all at